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Vindication is Sweet, Crow is Hard to Swallow – China Buffet

Susan says…

My favorite Chinese buffet, aptly named THE China Buffet, has now been reopened for one week.  And I have eaten there twice.  Phil said resistance was a futile concept so he braced himself, knowing that’s where I would want to go today.

We arrived a little later than usual, around 12:30.  Boy was I hungry.  We received prompt and friendly service, obtaining a table and placing drink orders.  We eat here once a week on average and the staff always recognize us.  That’s a nice feeling.  Many times at Chinese and Mexican places there exists a language barrier when communicating with the staff so it’s usually best to avoid special orders.  Daniel, momentarily allowing his obsession with his newfound beverage of choice to cloud his mind, orders a non-standard drink: half lemonade and half sweet tea, the formula for an Arnold Palmer.  Our server smiled and nodded and we thought there is no way he is getting what he thinks he ordered.

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