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Beautiful Atmosphere but Disappointing Entrees – Aubrey’s Yorkshire Pub and Eatery

Aubrey's table setting - nice napkin folding!

Tracey says…

This was my first trip to Aubrey’s.  My first impression, as we circled the block for the 4th time all the while hearing “DESTINATION” from the GPS voice, was that it is difficult to find.  It really is tucked away in a little corner.  When we (finally) arrived and went in, I was impressed with the interior.  It is so cozy.  And I mean cozy.  It’s a tiny little place.  The dining room was very pretty, with upholstered blue 1940’s-ish booths all along the walls and a large S-shaped booth configuration in the middle with round tables.  I don’t know if it was decorated for the holidays or if it is their normal decor, but there were pretty white lighted tree branches everywhere too.  The atmosphere was, as I may have mentioned, very cozy.

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A Boomerang to the Gut-Boomerang’s

Boomerang’s – Newpointe Shopping Center, Clarksburg, WV

Tracey says…

Wow. We just had a meal experience so thoroughly bad that I ran out to the car to write this before Dan even finished paying the bill. Well, actually, paying the bill did take a very long time. When our server disappeared (again) and we tried to pay the cashier at the front, she said she would not be able to take our money because it was “too complicated.” The cashier. Said she couldn’t. Take our money. I mean, this experience was so bad that it hurt our feelings.

What we’re talking about here is Boomerang’s. Just imagine what it would be like if you combined Shoney’s, Bennigan’s, Outback, Hibachi, and Bob Evans…. Yeah, imagine that. Why would you do that, you say? We don’t know either! But, it makes for a good story. Continue reading

The Town’s Inn, Pub and Eatery ~ Harpers Ferry

The Town's Inn11.07.08

Ron Says ~

Ok, this was the last place I ate while here in Harper’s Ferry.

The event, as I shall call it, began about an hour after Susan finished up her business affairs, and we had been here since taking pictures of the Scenic Historic Section of Harper’s Ferry.

Susan realized that she had not been deleting photos from her memory card and that it was now full and wouldn’t save any more pictures.  We decided that it would be best to go eat as we both were also beginning to get a bit hungry.  Plus sitting down would better allow Susan to perform her Carpel Tunnel Olympics (aka deleting over 150 photos one by one).

I chose this place, much to my dismay, as it will remain on my permanent record card of miserable picks.   But look at the picture… historic nature of the building, it’s an Inn also (B&B), serves food.  I’m thinking I’ve had great food at nearly every Bed & Breakfast I stayed at.  (but this was lunch and those were breakfasts, I should have reminded myself).  Plus they had some beer.

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Disaster in Tucker County – Canaan Valley Resort

Pazzo’s Pizza – Canaan Valley Resort, Tucker County, WV

Susan says:

The term “resort” really should not be applied to this place.   The Resort Police should smack that down hard and fast.  I just had the worst lunch since the Power Alley Grill debacle at Pazzo’s Pizza, the quick-order place at the Canaan Valley “Resort” lodge.

I was attending and presenting at a conference, which put me in the building all day, therefore forcing me to eat lunch on the premises.  In hindsight, I should have brought a bag lunch.   Most of the conference attendees ate lunch in the Hickory dining room.  I was not falling into that trap again.  You know, where you unwittingly follow the masses, like lemmings…to their death.  We have been holding this particular conference in this location for years.  For the past several, the Wednesday lunch has ALWAYS been a pathetic soup/salad/sandwich buffet where my bill always totals around $10.  What makes it pathetic, you ask?  I am pleased to explain:  the bread for the sandwiches came right out of the Heiner’s bag – not toasted, not warm, not nothin’.  Regular ol’ cheap ass deli meat and American cheese.  Iceberg lettuce, of course.  And we all know by now that sandwich lettuce is very important to me.  The salad is iceberg lettuce, again, and you know there’s gonna be Ranch dressing.  I never even walked over to the soup.  Figured it wasn’t worth the trouble.  To beat it all, you can’t even order off the regular dining room menu if you don’t want that inferior sandwich stuff.  As I said, I was not going to pay $10 for that again this year so I went to the quick-order place called Pazzo’s Pizza.

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Filling the Void – Can It Be Done?

Susan says:

Crab RangoonWhen I returned from my trip to Buckhannon recently, my friends knew I would suggest the China Buffet at Kanawha Mall. After all, I did give it FIVE FORKS even though there are potholes in the parking lot big enough to swallow an Expedition, but that’s not their fault, I said.  Anyway, I did suggest we go there Monday morning because I had really missed my favorite Chinese place while out of town and that’s when I got the horrific news: it was closed due to fire damage. And the news didn’t get any better when a few days turned into “who knows how long”.

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Unforced Error – Power Alley Grill

NOTE: This restaurant is closed.
Ron Says……

Talk about a waste ~ 20 minutes +/- at this so called fine establishment.

I was really looking forward to one of their many burgers (even if they are overly priced but that didn’t matter as I think I had Susan paying), and of course a fish craving of one of the other WeeMees – Susan.

Well the menu is totally revamped… downsizing , outsourcing, whatever it was pretty bare boned with one side totally devoted to breakfast – AT A SPORTS BAR… Continue reading

We Were Tricked by the Fish-Tricky Fish

The Tricky Fish – Washington Street, Charleston, WV

After reading the interesting write-up in the Daily Mail and receiving a favorable report from a colleague, the Five walk down Capitol Street to try out the latest addition to East End eating.

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