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A Sweet Tooth and Some Fireworks – Magic Wishes Dessert Party

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Magic Wishes Dessert Party When Dan forwarded the information about the New Magic Wishes Dessert Party (from The Disney Food Blog) to me, I knew it would be the perfect ending to the Vegetarian Offspring’s birthday in the Magic Kingdom. The announcement said that it was a temporary program which allowed you to view the Magic Wishes fireworks show while enjoying an all-you-can-eat dessert bar. You prepay for the event and it is not really cheap. Adults are $17.99 and kids $9.99.   But, unlike some of our Disney dining experiences, I feel like we got every penny’s worth. We arrived at the Tomorrowland Terrace after a long hot day in the crowded park. As the masses crammed together at the foot of the castle, we happily settled in to our comfy spot at a bistro table with the beautiful castle in the distance. Continue reading

Cheap Family Eats – Giovanni’s

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I want to say a few kind words about a little pizza joint down the street.  No, it’s not quaint little Lola’s. It’s not one of the master chains, like Papa John ‘s or Pizza Hut.  It’s Giovanni’s on Spring St.  We have been ordering the Tuesday carry-out special more Tuesdays than not since Veggie Offspring #2 was born almost five years ago.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I will say that they have NEVER gotten our order wrong, though we occasionally mix it up by ordering half of this and half of that on our one-topping large pizza for 6.99. Continue reading

Spanish word of the day “Apestoso” – La Carreta

La Carreta Mexican Restaurant – Kanawha City, Charleston, WV

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If you don’t have time to look it up, I’ll tell you. It means SMELLY! When we arrived at La Carreta, business was booming and one of the few spots left was beside the dumpster. WHEW. It was so bad that I went back to move the car when I saw someone leaving on the other side of the lot. I was afraid we’d end up with one of those issues that George Costanza had if the stench got into the car fabric. The inside wasn’t stinky, but it did seem very dirty. Those (somewhat) new tables are so silly. A million chip crumbs were trapped between the carved wood tabletop and the glass at my spot. Another table was cracked and repaired with duct tape. I’m sure there was no bacteria hiding in that smooth surface. Continue reading

Same sh…andwich, different day at the Power Alley Grill (Update)

Power Alley Grill (Update) – Appalachian Power Park, Charleston, WV

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"WV POwer" in HDR by Shane Rich of HatchCraft Creative

"WV Power" in HDR by Shane Rich of HatchCraft Creative

The one positive thing about Power Alley Grill that everyone seems to agree on is that it is convenient if you are in walking distance. In need of a place to walk to from General Hospital where we would not be hassled to give up our table (we wanted to have a long working lunch), a group of work friends and I headed to PAG. I was not really excited on spending my one lunch “off campus” in a month there, having read the reviews of The Five. BUT- who wants to be the one that can’t agree on a restaurant choice when everyone else can? Not me! Plus, when I’ve been before, I have kind of enjoyed the Veggie Wrap. Hearing that I was headed there, Dan said, “OH! See if they put the Fish sandwich back on the menu!” Continue reading

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Blossom Deli (Dinner)

NOTE: Blossom Deli is no longer serving dinner.

Blossom Deli – Downtown, Charleston, WV

Blossom Deli Charleston WV

“Respectable citizen by day . . . killer by night” describes both the main character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the Blossom Deli! Why, you ask? The Blossom is a very busy New York Style Deli for lunch. Once the sun sets, the Blossom’s personality turns. The white tablecloths drape the tables, chefs don their toques and flames leap from the grill. The servers memorize the specials and know the preparation of every dish. The Blossom Deli is one of Charleston’s few fine dining establishments. Continue reading