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The Pita Pit Left an Empty Feeling in the Pit of My Stomach

Susan says…

Daniel talked me into trying the brand new Pita Pit in Kanawha City today for lunch. I really wanted to eat at Aladdin but we think they are closed on Mondays. (Side note: I will get my Aladdin fix sometime this week. We tried to go one day last week and the parking lot was filled almost to capacity. Knowing that it would be a very long lunch with such a big crowd, we passed.) I am not a fan of the wrap and I was worried that these pita sammies would be a lot like a wrap. As you may be guessing, I whined about his choice. Continue reading

Canyon Vista Restaurant at Hawk’s Nest

Ashley says…

My husband recently bought a new Jeep Wrangler rag top and we were heading to Lewisburg for the Greenbrier Classic golf tournament for the weekend.  We decided to put the top down and take the scenic route through Gauley Bridge, Ansted, Rainelle, Rupert, etc.  It was around dinner time as we were approaching Gauley Bridge and we were debating whether to stop for dinner at the Glen Ferris Inn or drive a little further to Hawk’s Nest.  A coin flip later, we were headed to Hawk’s Nest

I’d only eaten at the restaurant at Hawk’s Nest once before and didn’t remember much about the food.  All I could think of was the amazing view of the New River from the dining room.  It was a beautiful evening this visit and we were hoping for a table by the window to take in the view.   But, understandably, all of those tables were full.  There are so many windows in the dining room and our table was close enough that we could enjoy the wonderful view without being right next to the window.

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The Charm City Food Tour – The Dogwood

Susan says…

Located in the art-rich northwestern Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden, The Dogwood’s décor and creative menu are right at home.   Executive Chef Galen Sampson and Maitre’d Bridget Sampson, a husband-wife team, began with a take-out business.  Their use of sustainable foods combined with an admirable social mission has made them a local favorite.  Their mission:  to provide training and employment to folks overcoming addiction, incarceration, homelessness and/or underemployment.

Altruistic notions aside, how’s the food?  Continue reading

Open Letter to Aladdin Restaurant

Dear Owner/Operator(s) of Aladdin Restaurant,

Given the many restaurant meals I have consumed during my lunch hour all over this fair city of ours, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience which can help your restaurant become one of the very best.  Because, you see, right now you have a problem.

Do you have delicious food crafted from fresh ingredients, served hot?  Yep.

Do you serve that delicious, hot food at reasonable prices?  I think so.     

And do you serve that delicious, hot, reasonably-priced food in a timely and efficient manner?  Ummmmmm……..No. 

Some days all I can think about is the tender, delicately spiced lamb mixture sliced and layered with fresh, crisp lettuce inside a warm pita cleverly wrapped in white paper so the filling doesn’t fall out as I devour it.  And those thoughts are immediately followed by feelings of nervousness and distress that I experience every single time I go to Aladdin at the hand of the completely inadequate service.

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Breaking News Nugget – Blossom Deli to Close

Susan says…

As I was driving to work this morning constantly switching radio stations to find music instead of talking and failing miserably, I paused at V100 for the local news.  I heard that Blossom Deli will be closing their doors this weekend.

Closed for dinner.  Closed for lunch.  Closed.

This is the second Sohovich restaurant to close.  First Billy’s, which was open and then closed and the open and then closed.  Now the nostalgic Blossom Deli that reopened under Bill Sohovich’s reign 16 years ago.  You’ll recall that recently the Blossom closed for dinner and then again offered dinner on a limited basis with a revamped menu.  Is this a sign that Soho’s could be next on the chopping block?  I hope not. 

This is indeed sad news for Charleston diners.

Reviews From the Redneck Riviera – The Flamingo Grill

Susan says…

The Flamingo Grill is Miami Vice meets 50’s diner meets seafood.  It has a decidedly retro interior that is fun and flashy.  I could have been sitting on an aqua blue vinyl bench seat out of a ’57 Chevy instead of a generous booth in a restaurant. 

Surprisingly, we didn’t need to wait for a table and, at first, that concerned me.  All the great places are crowded at Myrtle Beach, right?  Bimini’s didn’t have a wait but I really enjoyed their food.  Maybe I am simply smarter than the average tourist who is waiting in a line at a subpar all-you-can-eat trough or at one of the national chain restaurants on the Grand Strand.  The food, and the large numbers of people arriving after us, allayed my concerns that I had chosen poorly.

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Reviews From the Redneck Riviera – Bimini’s Oyster Bar

Susan says…

Ahhh…..the sand, the surf, the seafood restaurants.   I love going to the beach.  On my recent weekend trip to Myrtle Beach, I consulted with Ashley about places to eat.  Of course I had read all her Redneck Riviera reviews with great interest, but I also found some intriguing possibilities during my own internet research.  I think she’s eaten EVERYWHERE in Myrtle Beach at least once, so that allowed us an opportunity to do a couple joint reviews from the area.

I stayed at Sands Ocean Club, home of Ocean Annie’s beach bar.  I’ll write more about Ocean Annie’s as part of my review of the River City Cafe – an eatery inside Sands Ocean Club.  My travel companion had one dining wish for the weekend: oysters on the half shell paired with a Bloody Mary.  Lucky for us, one of the top-rated seafood places, according to Urban Spoon, was only a mile from our hotel: Bimini’s Oyster Bar

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