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Quick Bites – La Mezzaluna Cafe

La Mezzaluna Cafe, Charles Town, WV

Overview: A quaint Italian restaurant slipped into a strip mall near the Hollywood Casino.

Menu: A selection of pasta and grilled specialties. Fresh salads serve family style with homemade dressings.

Standout item: Garlic knot rolls.

Issues: My friend’s meatballs were overcooked on the bottom and a little tough.

Price: Moderate ($5.95 – $14.95 at lunch and maybe dinner)

Forks: 4

90 Somerset Boulevard, Charles Town, WV
(304) 728-0700 ‎

News Nugget – Dinner with Drinks at South Hills

Dan says…

Do you like a cocktail with dinner? How about a martini with some unique appetizers? South Hills Market & Cafe now has a liquor license.  They start serving drinks today at their new bar.  Enjoy a whiskey ginger with some truffle oiled popcorn.

The roasted wild bass with cauliflower purée, roasted oyster mushroom, baby carrots and asparagus looks like a winner to me.

Arnold’s the Man!

Day Five – Paris Paris Deux – Paris, France

Dan says…

After getting a daily dose of art history at the Louvre we decided it be best if we tried to find our hotel before it got too late. Easier said than done, because the Louvre is hard to escape. You keep noticing things you didn’t know where there in top of it being a big maze. We wanted to see the Rubens in the second floor, because like Sir Mix Alot “I like em big and juicy”, but that section was closed.

We started our trek along the Seine passed the Musée d’Orsay, the national assembly and the Hôtel National des Invalides towards the Eifel Tower. Our hotel was off of Rue Cler, which is a pedestrian street full of market stalls. It was full of activity as we passed through and I wanted so bad just to take it all in, but we were wet, cold and needed to find the hotel.  We found Hôtel du Champ de Mars not a minute too soon. Continue reading

Day 4 – The most visited city in the world – Paris, France – Part 1

Dan says…

Today started early we woke around 5am so we could board the 7:22a train in Kiaserslutern (Germany) bound for Paris (France). We took the Inter City Express or ICE train, which you could call a bullet train. Once in France it speed along the tracks at 319 kilometers per hour or 198 mph. Once we made it to Paris we took the subway to the heart of Paris, the Ile de la Cite (City island in English). The island completely surrounded by the Seine river is the home of several famous landmarks including our focus, Notre Dame. We made our way around the inside looking a stain glass and little chapels dedicated to religous martyrs. Then we walked around the outside to take in the gargolyes and flying buttresses.
Continue reading

Day 3 – sprechen Sie Englisch, Holzwurm – Ramstein, Germany

Dan says…

What happened to Day 2? In two words, jet lag. After we got to my sisters we got settled and she went to work for a few hours. I promptly fell asleep for a few hours. We ate in and then headed to the PX/BX to return a GPS unit. We shopped around for a few minutes and I came to this conclusion – the PX/BX is designed to separate young service personnel from their limited disposable income on overpriced crap. Continue reading

Day 1 – Guten Appetit, Lufthansa Flight 419

Dan says…

Dinner at 37000 feet. You should know that this review might be written by Misty, Phil, Tracey and maybe by Ron, but it will never be written by Susan. She doesn’t like flying. Period. There are a few things she would like about Lufftansa, more on that in a moment.

Food on domestic flight with a coach ticket is long gone. Sure you can fork over eight bucks for a cold sandwich or salad, but it’s a good chance that they’ll be out of the southwest chicken salad by the time they get back to the unwashed masses behind the wing. It is a whole another story on an international flight. Continue reading