Not To Be Confused With Another Local Place of a Similar Name…

The Vandalian-Fayetteville, WV 

Ashley says…

A fall cruise through our beautiful state leaf peeping and such brought my husband and me to Fayetteville for dinner.  We made a day of it by visiting the river bank below the New River Gorge Bridge and other spots along the river and had planned  to stop at one of the many interesting eateries in Fayetteville.  It had been about a year since we’d dined in the charming little town and were surprised by a couple of modest changes.  One in particular was a new restaurant on the corner of Court and Maple, The Vandalian, as stated in the title of this post, not to be confused with the Charleston restaurant, Vandalia Grille.  The walls of windows on both sides with the lights make the exterior of the restaurant very eclectic-looking and inviting. 

It was around 4:30 pm and we were meeting some friends so we got a table and ordered a couple of Blue Moons.  We were informed by the server that the menu was limited to a few appetizers, a couple of salads and a few sandwiches until they started serving dinner at 5:00.  It wasn’t a problem for us.  We enjoyed a second beer and conversation with our friends until 5:00, and then ordered our dinners.

We started with the Chorizo-Stuffed Hungarian Peppers as an appetizer.  The order was six peppers that were pretty scrawny in size.  They were filled with spicy sausage, topped with marinara and parmesan cheese.  Besides being small, they were a bit on the greasy side.  The flavor was good, but nothing to write home about.  “Dear Mom…nah, forget it.” 

When trying a new place, my husband, the more adventurous one, usually asks the server what is the best or most unique dish.  If it’s at all appealing, he orders it.  This particular time it was the Currey-Seared Tiger Shrimp which is served with a grit cake, sautéed squash and a honey-brandy reduction.  I was in a steak kind of mood. Two particular cuts caught my eye, the hangar steak, which I’d never heard of before, and the flat iron steak. The server recommended the hangar steak.  It was served with rosemary potatoes and sautéed carrots along side.

Our friends both got burgers.  One got the LaFayette Burger (Angus beef, muenster cheese, ancho mayo) and the other got the RX burger (Angus beef, pepper jack cheese, jalepenos, ancho mayo.)   Both burgers were served with skillet potatoes.

The shrimp and steak entrees were pretty!  And they tasted as good as they looked.  The shrimp were huge, with good spice and great flavor.  I was smart to grab one early.  He really loved them and the grit cake and squash.  He devoured every last morsel. 

I asked for my steak to be cooked to medium rare, but it was overcooked to medium/medium well, a bit too done for what I like.  But the flavor and tenderness of the meat made up for it. 

The potatoes were pan-fried and the carrots were left slightly crisp.  It was also served with a shiitake mushroom cream sauce.  Mmmmm.

The burgers looked fantastic.  They were a huge patty served on a challah bun.  In a burger mood, I would have chosen either of them.  Our friends both loved theirs and raved at how good they were. 

Also on the dinner menu are a couple of pasta dishes as well as unique salmon and chicken dishes.  They also have typical sandwiches such as a reuben, hot ham and cheese, club and BLTs.  The menu contains a few unique salads, however, such as Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) which is a Peruvian whole grain, with pico de gallo and tomato, a Caprese Salad of tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and a Pear and Parmesan Salad which is sliced pears and parmesan cheese on greens with Caesar-dijon dressing. 

Vandalian has daily specials and sushi nights during the week.  They also serve breakfast.  And like the rest of the menu, there are some unique breakfast options as well as typical items.   A couple of dishes that caught my eye were The Sweet & Savory, a Belgian waffle infused with brandied pecans and bacon, and the Breakfast Burrito stuffed with eggs, chorizo, black beans and pepper jack cheese.

Service at Vandalian was friendly, the atmosphere and decor is cool (as in Fonzie-cool) and the food was good.  Add the fact that Vandalian is another restaurant that supports local agriculture, buying from local farmers as much as possible (you can’t help but appreciate that.  Buy local!!!), and it makes for a dining experience everyone should try.  “Like” them on Facebook and check out other pictures of their dishes and examples of their daily specials.  THREE FORKS.

The Vandalian

101 S. Court St.

Fayetteville, WV 25840

2 responses to “Not To Be Confused With Another Local Place of a Similar Name…

  1. I really enjoy all of your posts. How do you make it so each review is fresh and doesn’t start to sound like all the other reviews you’ve posted? I sometimes feel like I fall into that rut of saying the same things. I have checked out your blog when looking to dine at places in the area, and it has been extremely helpful.

    I put you on my blogroll, and I hope we can continue to chat. I am trying to branch out more and talk about the food culture in Morgantown as a whole, and your blog is an inspiration to me. Keeps me motivated! I travel through Fayetteville often – I might have to check this place out soon!

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