Big News Confirmed With Photo Evidence…

…of the Town Center location, specifically.  In August, the Daily Mail reported that both Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Qdoba Mexican Grill were opening new locations at the Charleston Town Center and at Southridge in the Dudley Farms plaza.

Both restaurants will share the former Gratzi location at the Town Center and are scheduled to open before the holidays.   Five Guys will occupy the space that was formerly All Care Dental at Dudley Farms and Qdoba will occupy part of the space where Shoe Carnival used to be. 

Town Center location from accross the street

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is hugely popular and has 750 locations in 40 other states.  I’d heard about it a few years back and ate at one in Myrtle Beach.  I’ve yet to eat at the Huntington location in Pullman Square.  Five Guys is known for its gigantic burgers and fresh-cut fries.  I thought it was good, but nothing all that special. 

Qdoba is a “fast casual” chain that serves “fresh Mex” food.  There are over 700 locations throughout the U.S., including at the Huntington Mall in Barboursville.  It sounds a lot like Cilantro’s, which I loved, so maybe I’ll give it a try soon.

I predict both restaurants at both of their new locations will do well.

8 responses to “Big News Confirmed With Photo Evidence…

  1. I anxiously await the article about this in one of the local papers, were we’ll get to read a dozen comments from people who are afraid they’ll get mugged and / or complain about the fact that they can’t park within 6 feet of the door.

  2. I have patroned both Five Guys and Qdoba – I believe the downtown locations will do well and will be nice additions for downtown lunch folks. Qdoba is very good; not fantastic – but consistently above-average and reasonably priced. The same is true for Five Guys – given a choice b/w a burger and fries at Chili’s or a burger and fries at Five Guys, I will choose Five Guys.

  3. The reason I am waiting for Five Guys is that the chain recently announced that all locations will be getting the Coca Cola Freestyle fountain dispensers, the ones that have 125 varieties. I used to mix my drinks at places like Bonanza and a friend looked at me as if I was weird. Now the machine does it for you. Firehouse Subs are supposed to get them, too. But since they are in 37 states, we will probably be the last to see them.

  4. Five Guys is amazing, congrats! But those Coca Cola machines are kind of lame. It’s cool the first time you go in and get some crazy flavor, but I warn you their “normal” flavors taste like crap! I’m pretty disappointed to hear that five guys is getting them!

  5. Yea, Five guys is ok but nothing great. Beats McDonalds.
    Never been to the other, but my experience with chain Mexican joints is not all the great. Usually bland and huge piles of very average Mex-Amer. To bad the general population/demographics doesn’t support a nice burger joint/grill in Charleston.

  6. I can’t believe this but I am going to agree with Hillbilly, “To bad the general population/demographics doesn’t support a nice burger joint/grill in Charleston.”. And also add too bad the genpop of the valley won’t just try giving up the chains at least for one day, how about 11/26 that is Small Business Saturday across the country, go out buy from local businesses and support LOCAL, not chains, restaurants.

  7. Ruth, this is a dead horse that’s been beaten to a pulp around here. The Charleston “genpop” (love that term, by the way), loves its mediocre, mass-produced, preservative-laden chain restaurants. No matter how much preaching is done, they just don’t seem to listen.

    On 11/26, I will celebrate Small Business Saturday and will spread the word to others to do so. My family and I have decided that this year for our Christmas gift exchange, we will be doing the same-gifts will be all from local establishments.

  8. I have been to Five Guys and found it to be the best FAST FOOD burger and fries I have ever had. I can’t go there often, though, because I feel so naughty eating all those fat grams and carbohydrates.
    I hit the Qdoba in Louisville at least twice a month. I have grown almost addicted to it. The fajita ranchero burrito is awesome, the nachos are awesome, the queso and chips are awesome, the pulled pork burrito is awesome… The ingredients seem really fresh, there’s a lot of variety and I like that I can get it just the way I want it. The ordering process made me nervous until I became a veteran. I know now to ask for fresh jalapenos and cilantro, too – usually available but not on the “bar”. I have already given my workmates fair warning that once Qdoba opens, I will be asking to go there once a week just like I do with the Kanawha City China Buffet.

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