Definitely Not a Smoke-Free Zone: Barnyard BBQ

Ashley says…


A few months ago driving through Teays Valley on a Friday evening just hoping something different would jump out at us for dinner, my husband and I discovered this little gem.  Nestled  in a small building on Hospital Drive just off of Rt. 34, you really wouldn’t notice this place if not for the huge smoker out front and with the smoke rolling out of it.  Then there’s the smell. ..I love the smell of dead animal cooking on a wood fire.  Barnyard smokes all the meat right there in the front of the building.

We walked in to a surprisingly-crowded place with the décor to match its name.  Rough wood floors and walls are throughout making it appear barn-like.  We were seated immediately in the main dining area at the only empty table left.  Barnyard BBQ has a bar in the main dining room with a couple of TVs and sells a large selection of beers, but no other alcohol. 

We ordered the fried pickles for an appetizer.  Unlike Susan, I love pickles,  all shapes, sizes and flavors.  Barnyard makes theirs from scratch.  They were very good. 

One of that night’s specials was fried chicken livers, cooked to order, with two sides.  My husband ordered them because he is a sucker for liver. Blech!!!  I’m like Fonzie when it comes to liver.  (Anyone remember that about him on Happy Days?)   I’m here for barbeque so bring on the meat!  I ordered the combo plate with pulled pork, pulled beef brisket and smoked chicken.  I chose onion rings and sautéed green beans as my sides.  All meals also come with a corn fritter. 

Portions are huge.  I got a good amount of the pork and beef and  ¼ (leg and thigh) of a chicken.  The pork and beef had some of Barnyard’s homemade BBQ sauce drizzled over them.  All three meats had a great smoky flavor, were very tender and very good.  On the table were three sauces, all made in-house, sweet tangy heat Memphis-style, vinegar-based North Carolina-style and a mustard-based sauce.  I love NC-style sauce so I used some of it combined with the Memphis-style.  Yum!  My onion rings were the frozen kind, but still good, and the green beans weren’t your typical southern style beans.  They were sautéed and flavored nicely.  Husband liked his chicken livers, mashed potatoes and green beans.

I recently had a craving for BBQ so we made a second visit.  This time I got the two-meat combo of pulled pork and beef with cole slaw, macaroni and cheese and a fritter.   One thing to note also is that all of Barnyards sides are homemade except for the onion rings and French fries.  Other sides include red skin potato salad, macaroni salad and baked beans.  This time Husband ordered ½ rack of baby back ribs with baked beans and potato salad.

My pork and beef were just as good as the first time and the mac and cheese was to die for.  The cole slaw, however, wasn’t so much.  It was super finely shredded, too watery and without much flavor.  The ½ rack of ribs was a good size and very meaty.  The smoky flavor was really evident too, which I love.  I also tried the beans and potato salad.  Both were really good.  I don’t even like potato salad, but I would consider ordering it here. 

This time, against my full belly’s recommendation to pass, we ordered dessert.  Desserts are also homemade.  On our first visit we heard other diners talk about how good the bread pudding was, but they were out of it that night so we didn’t get an opportunity to try it. This time we were in luck.  “WOW!” is all I can say about it.   It was warm and gooey and tasted like a cinnamon roll right out of the oven.  Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this dessert was heavenly.

Barnyard BBQ opened as a full-service restaurant late last year.  They’d done only catering before and now do both.  It is the only place of its kind in the area that I know of since Smokey’s and Smokey Bones closed.   It ranks right up there with all the other BBQ joints I’ve tried here and in other states.  I give it FOUR FORKS.

Barnyard BBQ
1101 Hospital Drive
Teays Valley, WV 25526
Tel: (304) 964-3322
Barnyard BBQ on Urbanspoon

7 responses to “Definitely Not a Smoke-Free Zone: Barnyard BBQ

  1. I need to correct myself. I found my pictures from my first visit and realized that the chicken was pulled off the bone, not a 1/4 piece. I do remember for sure that it was good, not matter how it was served. And it looks like the green beans are cooked southern-style, not sauteed. With that revelation, I don’t remember if they were anything special or not. Maybe I’m wishful thinking-who knows. Doesn’t matter, the star of this show is the meat.

  2. demosthenes.or.locke

    Nice review. Anyone tried the new barbeque place on the west side? I’m always surprised at the lack of decent BBQ in Charleston, since the food is pretty popular as a make at home item.

  3. I’ve been back twice since this review. I’ve decided two things: 1) the pulled pork is my favorite of the meats (pork, chicken and beef) and 2) one meat serving is plenty! Also, the coleslaw had improved significantly since my second visit. It wasn’t chopped as finely and was much creamier. It pairs really well with the pork.

  4. Barnyard BBQ is good, but Ridgeview BBQ in Institute is really excellent Q. I’d put it up against the best places in Georgia. It’s really nice that WV is finally getting some decent BBQ! I hope they are successful.

  5. Hadn’t been to Barnyard for a while until last week. Food is still excellent. They have since expanded and now have another bar area with a full bar and live music. It’s a separate room off to the right of the front door so the live music isn’t blaring out into the rest of the dining room. Nice addition!

  6. actually the pickles are not made from scratch they are just bought at sams club and deep fried for about two minutes. You didn’t mention the sanitaion though or the lack of it, the next time you eat there, run your finger along the bottom of the plate becase i can guarentee that it isn’t clean in any way shape or form. The food is usually cold, but that is understandable due to the onwer being very cheap and rushing me and my wife right out the door. The service was poor at best and if you want to waist about $50 for two people you chose the right spot. All in all this place gets a half star out of 5 and thats just because it serves alcohol!

  7. I really don’t see what all of the fuss is about this place, I’ve tried it twice and absolutely hated my food both times. I and my fiance both felt the Chicken was microwaved pulled chicken out of a tin at Walmart. My pulled pork was just ok, I can make the same thing at home. The “beef brisket” isn’t brisket at all, it’s just pot roast with some bbq sauce on it.

    Ridgeview BBQ in Institute is MUCH better, I would put it up against anything I’ve had in Texas or Memphis.

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