Gourmet Pizza With Some Elbow Room – Pies and Pints

 Susan says…

I have heard a lot about the Fayetteville incarnation of Pies & Pints but since girls who can’t swim shouldn’t be whitewater rafting, I never had an occasion to sample their fare.  All the comments I heard were positive so I was excited to try the Charleston location.  Crowds and busy schedules delayed the experience but a birthday celebration with my two BFFs finally got me there. 

Here’s a sampling of the banter at our table:

Server: Can I start you ladies off with a beer or cocktail tonight?  We are featuring blah blah blah on tap.

Friend #1:  I’m pregnant so I’ll have water.

Server:  Congratulations!  Would you like lemon with that?

Friend #1: No thank you.

Me:  I’m not pregnant so I’ll have a Michelob Ultra.  And you can congratulate me for that.

Server:  Congratulations!  (laughter all around at my funny joke)

There were several mouth-watering menu items that caught my eye but I kept going back to the Thai Pie – shrimp, curry, toasted coconut, and basil.  I’m a sucker for that sort of stuff.  My friends ordered the eggplant pizza and the plain ol’ pepperoni.  Our server was friendly, funny and kind enough to suggest we order a large and do the “half and half” for two of our choices which would result in a bigger pizza for less dough.  So we did.  The 10” small pizzas are still too large for me to eat at one sitting (heck, who am I kidding?  I could eat it all at one sitting, I just shouldn’t!) and are priced around $12.  The 16” large pizzas yield 8 large slices for around $22. 

One friend ordered the small spinach salad for $7 which was definitely large enough to share.  The ingredients appeared to be very fresh and the add-ons were plentiful.  Pies & Pints also offers appetizers, sandwiches and a nice beer selection.

My pizza was De. Lish. Us.  The crust was fabulous – on the thin side and crispy.  The shrimp had a great flavor and the mild curry and coconut notes came through nicely.  I ate two slices at the restaurant and took two home with me which, paired with a salad, was enough for two meals.  Reportedly, the eggplant and roasted red pepper pie was also delicious but I didn’t put on a pouty face to try to snag a bite.  The texture of eggplant is a turn-off to me.

We ended the meal with house-made tiramisu for $4.50.  It was made in individual serving dishes and was a nice portion size for the price.  It was good, but the texture was a bit grainy.  Honestly, I like Olive Garden’s better even though I know they probably get that from US Foodservice.  It’s not a problem for me, though…I’ll just fill up more on that delicious pizza!

I’m gonna do that thing that some of you may not like: I’m gonna compare.  I just can’t help it.  I felt the creativity of the pizzas at Pies & Pints was comparable to that at Lola’s but the menu was more extensive.  Lola’s cramped quarters could be labeled “intimate” but I felt a crowded and was very aware of the conversations around me.  I really enjoyed the extra elbow room at Pies & Pints.  Pricewise, they are about the same.  I liked the crust at Pies & Pints better – it was thinner and didn’t have the cornmeal dusting.

In the future I’d like to try the Grape Pie (grapes, gorgonzola and rosemary), the Black Bean Pie (black beans, jalapeno, salsa, and cilantro) and the Mozzarella Caprese Pie (fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil & balsamic reduction). 

Everything about this experience was positive and I highly recommend Pies & Pints.  In fact, I tried to go there for lunch today but there was a 20 minute wait.  Shucks!  FOUR FORKS

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18 responses to “Gourmet Pizza With Some Elbow Room – Pies and Pints

  1. I’m a girl who swims so I’ve been whitewater rafting several times, but I’ve never been to the Fayetteville location after a rafting trip. I have, however, been after a golfing trip. I’ve tried the black bean pie and the pork and pepper pie. Both were, as Susan said, “De. Lish. Us.” The grape pie is on my list of others to try too. My only attempt so far to try out the new Charleston location was on a Saturday evening. We arrived shortly after 6:00 pm and were told it would be about a 40 minute wait. After an hour and still no table in sight for us (and just an hour before the tip-off of a UC men’s basketball game), we decided we’d have to try again another time. Still craving pizza, we ducked across the street to Graziano’s for a slice and were not disappointed. It too was “De.Lish.Us.”

  2. New to the Charleston area, my fiance and I heard about this new little place and decided to give it a try! We were impressed. The appetizer pizza/loaded potato pizza was amazing (and so unhealthy…but ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes). We were so impressed that we’ll definitely be making this our go-to place in the city!

  3. You ordered a Michelob Ultra? Come on, man.

  4. Jeff-

    I knew someone would criticize my beer choice. But I like what I like. And it’s low-cal and low-carb. I guess I just don’t really like beer, so I drink the one that tastes the least like beer. 😉

  5. I think the tomato sauce is too salty. The first time I thought maybe it was the type of pepperoni they use, but the second time I had no toppings that should be salty and it was still too salty for my taste. I like Lola’s better in the “gourmet” pizza class, but for just a good slice of pizza Graziano’s on Capitol Street is still my favorite.

  6. I’ve heard mostly wonderful things about Pies & Pints. But some of the pizza ingredients beg the question: When is a pizza NOT a pizza?

    Pepperoni and mozzarella cheese? Oh mai oui!
    The “Mozzarella Caprese Pie?” Sure.
    Shrimp, curry, and toasted coconut? Sounds tasty, but it’s not a pizza, nor does it seem to be a “pie.”

  7. Sproston Green

    There’s a new pizza place over by Sitar. Anyone tried it yet?

  8. Picky eaters.

    You write more about what you don’t like than about what you like.

    With all your picky eating habits, I can’t understand why you would ever try your hand at reviewing anything food-related.

    You (collectively) don’t like “mayonnaise, eggs, soup, cabbage, country food… veggie burgers, hummus, lamb, game meats, and sandwiches with a lot of stuff on them” and you don’t like eggplant (?) and beer (??!!??).

    You review strip-mall dives and give them better ratings than authentic locally-owned establishments.

    You suck.

    I check back every once in a while to see if you’re still here, kind of like you might check a scab or something.

    Picky, weird tastes, followed by a super-sensitivity to criticism. Hyper-sensitivity to criticism. (“I knew someone would criticize my beer choice… I guess I just don’t really like beer….”).

    Ugh. How you suck, how you suck.

  9. Hi Big-
    We don’t mind that you think we suck. Differing opinions make the world go ’round. We do state upfront that we are “regular people” and most regular people have some dislikes, ya know.
    I gave Pies & Pints 4 forks, a mighty good rating, and had very little to say on the negative side. Perhaps a different review got your shorts in a wad.
    We would love for you to post your own thoughts about the restaurants we’ve reviewed in the comment section of each.

  10. I still miss Ron.

  11. I’ve been to the Charleston P&P on 4 separate occasions since they opened here and, honestly, the pizza has been different each time…although I ordered the same exact pie. I’m pretty basic when it comes to pizza (pepperoni, cheese, hot peppers…I know…boring), so it suprised me that on all 4 occasions, the pie came out tasting different than the time before. The crusts were a different thickness, the topping quantity was different, and the amount of sauce was different. I would imagine that they have a set standard for how to make each of their pies, so it makes me wonder if some of their cooks can’t read….or do they just encourage experimentation in the kitchen? All of the pies were edible and none were bad….although I still prefer a pie from Graziano’s down the street. The service has been very good on each occasion and beer selection is wonderful, so I won’t write off P&P, but I may try something different than my standard pizza on my next trip.

    • I think it’s a positive thing that your pizzas were different every time. It just shows that they are made fresh with fresh ingredients. And for that reason, it is probably a good idea that you venture away from your standard.

  12. Oh, one last thing that I almost forgot….why only a “one-hole” mens room in a place that serves as much beer as they do? The bathroom is pretty big, but you couldn’t put in a 2nd “outlet?”

  13. My wife and I went to the Fayetteville location a few days ago and we loved it. My wife is not a drinker so she got tea and I got a pint of PBR (which I generally do when I find it on tap). Since this was our mini vacation we splurged and got an appetizer. The rosemary and roasted garlic flatbread with goat cheese and balsamic reduction was delicious but I would have liked it more if the rosemary was more pronounced. She got the small chicken and gouda pie while I opted for the Thai pie. I tried both and while the wife’s pie was delicious in it’s own right, it did not compare to the Thai pie. That wonderful combo of flavors made me wish I had gotten a large. The couple at the next table got the classic pie which looked wonderful. I will try it the next time we are wanting classic pizza. Was it pricey? No more so than your dinner for two at any cookie cutter sit down chain. Using your rating system I would have given it four forks as the waitress could have been a little friendlier.

  14. Fayetteville- Best pizza anywhere, hands down. And I lived in NY, so I’ve seen the “good stuff” Actually, Pies and Pints is almost a religious experience- the pies are so good (especially the cuban pork), you’ll wonder if you’re in heaven. One of West Virginia’s best restaurants.

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