News Nugget: Blossom Deli to Reopen?

Susan says…

I received a friend suggestion on Facebook last night: Blossom Deli. 

I took the bait and accepted.  There were a few wall posts.  One, posted by “Blossom Deli” on October 9 said “November 2010… A Charleston Landmark Returns!”.  A friend asked for the identity of the new owners, to which Blossom Deli replied: “I can’t be that easy; where’s the suspense in that?”

If you are interested, send Blossom Deli a friend request on Facebook.  Friend count is at 274 and climbing.  Let’s see what transpires!

10 responses to “News Nugget: Blossom Deli to Reopen?

  1. There’s an article in the Gazette this morning stating that there are new owners and they hope to open back up in November. The restaurant will be open for lunch only at first, keeping the menu as similar to the old Blossom Deli’s as they can.

  2. That article also said that the new owners have never been in the restaurant business. I wish them well, but won’t be surprised if it doesn’t make it.

  3. Big question: does similar menu also mean similar-to-same recipes?

    Somewhat smaller question: Will prep staff that knows the menu and recipes be brought in?

    Paramount question: Will they step up and get a real beer selection?

  4. It says lunch only and the lunch menu wasn’t really all that complex and with maybe 1 or 2 exceptions wouldn’t require any insider knowledge to duplicate, and things like the soups could surely be closely approximated by anyone ate them and who knows how to cook.

    I’d like to see better beer, but, again, if it’s lunch only that might not be an issue.

    i agree that people who don’t have a background in the restaurant business often grossly underestimate the challneges but I wish them well.

  5. Certain recipes were spot-on, to-wit: the hot dog chili. Knowing how to do that right, or the tomato bisque, or the Dinsmore, are vital to my and others’ appreciation.

    And beer matters, lunch only or no, if only because it shows dedication to the enterprise as a whole.

  6. I’d have to agree with the sentiments that the reopened Blossom is looking at a relatively short life span (even for restaurants in Charleston) as a result of having the same logistical issues compounded by inexperienced management. Best of luck to them though. If they watch their food costs and plan their menu carefully they might be ok, but its going to take more work than they probably realize just to break even. Sticking with lunch for the foreseeable future is probably the way to go until people in the area decide that they want to support the quality associated with local restaurants over the chains.


    Lunch is a guaranteed thing for them if they get close to the old menu. Can they pay their rent based on being open for four hours a day? If not I wouldn’t mind seeing the lunch menu stay open (with some more dinner oriented specials) and a nice beer and wine selection to get people there on weekends or weeknights.

  8. I wouldn’t say lunch is a guarantee beyond the short term.
    The menu is not the sole factor. Successfully running a restaurant involves a lot more than the food. Maybe especially at lunch when most people are pressed for time the service is as imprtant as the food.

    Can they handle the type of crowds they will need to succeed? Sohovich could handle the crowds but he had years of experience and the place had developed an “institutional memory” which enabled it to prepare and serve the food promptly while maintaining the quality. With a new staff and inexperienced management that will be a major challenge and one more likely to be understimated than serving very similar food.

    It only takes a time or two of slow serevice or too long a wait to be seated before a sizeable number of people stop coming.

  9. Phil I. Stein

    I have eaten lunch here a few times and actually believe it is better than it was before. The service has always been quick and friendly, and i don’t see any decline in quality of the sandwiches.

  10. Haven’t been in yet, hope they still have a the Lord Baron’s Tuna. Nobody else in town knows how to make a !^%$#!! tuna melt.

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