The Pita Pit Left an Empty Feeling in the Pit of My Stomach

Susan says…

Daniel talked me into trying the brand new Pita Pit in Kanawha City today for lunch. I really wanted to eat at Aladdin but we think they are closed on Mondays. (Side note: I will get my Aladdin fix sometime this week. We tried to go one day last week and the parking lot was filled almost to capacity. Knowing that it would be a very long lunch with such a big crowd, we passed.) I am not a fan of the wrap and I was worried that these pita sammies would be a lot like a wrap. As you may be guessing, I whined about his choice.

The place has only been open about a week and still has the strange “new furnishings” smell. There are lots of tables inside but the line to order your pita stretched all the way to the door and didn’t let up during the time we were present. As a result, you probably don’t want to sit at the row of tables on the right side of the restaurant past the door. Not unless you want a view of a stranger’s butt while you try to eat. I know what you are thinking: it depends on the stranger.

The menu has a Mediterranean slant: gyro, hummus, baba ganoush, falafel, feta, etc. But there are some good ol’ American choices, too like turkey, ham & swiss and buffalo chicken. I went with the chicken souvlaki – a sort of chicken gyro – since I have had the Aladdin craving so badly lately. I knew it would fall short of the delicious Aladdin gyro but nothing else was appealing to me.

It is pretty loud in there and I had trouble hearing all the questions I had to answer: what is your order? what type of pita? what toppings? now or later? I chose a wheat pita with the chicken cooked on the grilltop with the “secret sauce”, lettuce, spinach, green peppers and tomatoes. By utilizing the nutrition calculator on the Pita Pit website, I determined (after the fact) that my pita contained 377 calories.

I answered the “now or later” question with “now” and won’t do that again. They handed me a pita wrapped in paper with the top part torn off so it was ready for eating, but I didn’t know quite how to juggle it while I was trying to get my fountain drink filled and grab a lid, straw and extra napkins. If you get it for “later”, they put your completely wrapped pita in a plastic bag with a napkin. There are no plates and no utensils. I would have liked something to put my sandwich on so I didn’t have to constantly hold it upright. Something better than a napkin. I felt like I was roughin’ it.

Speaking of the fountain drink, the carbonation was completely absent. One of the employees brought out a 2-liter and filled our drinks at our table, but that’s not the same as a crispy fountain soda. And the situation wasn’t resolved during our visit, so we did not get refills. Shame on you, Pita Pit. I paid $1.49 for a cup of bottled Diet Coke.

Back to the food: whatever the secret is in that sauce, it’s delicious. I just wish they had squirted it on better quality chicken. The texture was all kinds of wrong. It was soft and rather spongy, as if I was eating chicken fat instead of meat. Daniel theorized that it might be dark meat. It reminded me of the first time I went to First Watch years ago and then immediately wrote them off. Same horrible texture on the chicken. People tell me First Watch chicken isn’t like that anymore but I was too tramautized to ever try it again. Plus I am afraid of all the eggs they serve there and worry someone might force me to eat one. Blech.

There is a plethora of toppings to choose from. It’s as if Penn Station and Subway had a baby and they named it Pita Pit. It all looked okay except the romaine lettuce which appeared to be two weeks old. They have about a million different sauces, but since I like to choke things down dry, I’ll let Daniel tell you more about those.

And then there’s the price. I had 6 little chunks of pretend chicken and some unevenly allocated veggies on a very thin wheat pita along with a pretend fountain soda (no refill) for over $8. You’ve got to be kidding me. I never got full. My stomach was growling loud enough to hear it over the phone calls I was trying to make at work by 3:30 that afternoon.

My overall impression: NOT impressed. I can only muster TWO FORKS for this disappointing addition to the Charleston food scene.

Dan says…

Warning chain review ahead…

Actually I don’t really have too much to add to what Susan wrote. We ordered the same thing and she is right on all accounts. I did try the tzatziki sauce and the baba ganoush – both were only fine. I wasn’t nearly as offended by the chicken as she. I suspect it was thigh meat. I just kinda of close my eyes and power through. Susan has this tendency to pick and dissect her meat. Sometimes I wish she would just put it in her mouth and swallow it for crying out loud.

This place is like a Moe’s except you get half as much food. I’ll admit that I probably eat too much at lunch most days, but today I was tore up hungry before I left work. I hit the vending machine on the way out of work at 6P. Then my oldest spawn was at a girl scout meeting so I had a bowl of oatmeal when I got home. Finally at 7:30P I was able to fill the void that Pita Pit left in my gut.

Why can’t I get a plate? Some bean counter in Canada decided that eliminating paper plates would boost the bottom line by 2K a year. That’s right…the Pita Pit is a Canadian Company. Cool eh.. I wonder if it is run by Bob and Doug McKenzie?

There are plenty of options for vegetarians at the Pit, too. So give the Pita Pit a try to break up the normal routine. Pack an afternoon snack because the hunger pains are a P.I.T.A.

Pita Pit
4222 MacCorkle Ave. SE
Charleston, WV  25304

15 responses to “The Pita Pit Left an Empty Feeling in the Pit of My Stomach

  1. “Sometimes I wish she would just put it in her mouth and swallow it for crying out loud.” – That’s what he said.

  2. I went last week, knew it would be busy and wasnt upset with the short wait (although the line was out the door). I had a Dagwood pita and it was delicious. I was a little miffed by holding the pita the whole time (hard to read e-mail while eating), but the pita was delicious. I was surprised by the $9.94 price and will opt for water and no chips next time as the Dagwood filled me up completely and I didnt even open my chips.

  3. If your pita was only 377 calories, of course you were hungry by the end of the work day. That’s less than a Lean Cuisine, and god knows those things don’t make you full.

  4. Raging Red is right – it’s about the same number of calories as a Lean Cuisine or a Healthy Choice entree.

    I can swallow paying $3.99 for it, but $6.49 is waaaaaaaaaay too much. I can eat a sandwich and a market side (like mediterranean salad with artichokes, or pastina with sun-dried tomatoes and feta) at South Hills Market and Cafe for less than the price of the one measley pita. Plus, you sit in a comfy chair, a server takes care of you, they allow you to use flatware and plates, and their chicken is real honest-to-goodness white meat.

  5. Whatever happened to Ron?

    • Ron decided to take a different path in his life. He is no longer affiliated with the blog. He is missed by some, but not by others. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t miss us at all.

  6. ok… so I went to the Pita Pit in K-city today… and all of you guys are full of crap!!! it was AMAZING!! r u kidding.. new smell??? what do you want it to smell like an old lady’s armpit??? it’s wonderful that it smells new- umm… that means that it’s new.. and had you went to the Schlozkeys (misspelled i know) and saw the buildings shape then.. you’d be eating your words like the delicious Pita that I ate today and everyday since it has been open. I realize that people who write on blogs about this stuff are ultra picky- so kudos on being just that- but come on- new smell? drinks from 2 liters? um.. ok- a new resturaunt that is opening WILL have glitches- and if having to replace a CO2 tank is the worst thing that would happen than that is any resturaunt owners dream- and a veggie pita- if you get veggie anything you might as well go out back with the cows and eat a field full of grass because no matter where you get a “veggie” whatever your gonna be hungry half an hour later-
    POINT BLANK people- get real- the food is freaking amazing!!!!!.. the staff where friendly and prompt.. and the store- being new, yes, smells new but good gosh.. r u kidding me? it was soo clean- the cleanest i’m sure in all of kanawha city- the set up is nice and did i mention- the food is AMAZING!! and while Susan- I admire your subjectiveness in rating resturaunts- you’ve got to be kidding me- dont go back again- that’s cool- more for me and the rest of all the kanawha area who go almost everyday- including all the hospital staff that eat there twice daily 🙂

  7. Sarah, who ordered a veggie pita? I believe Susan and Dan both ordered one with chicken. But according to Susan, there wasnt’ much chicken in it. You are correct, without protein, a person’s hunger won’t be sustained as long. But that’s only if there’s enough of the protein. And apparently there wasn’t enough in Susan and Dan’s sandwiches. I would have been disappointed in the two-liter drinks as well.

    It’s no wonder West Virginia is one of the most obese states in the country. The Pita Pit sounds like another mediocre chain with little to offer in the way of healthy food. People think a pita is a healthy choice as opposed to a bun or hoagie. That’s incorrect. It’s still bread made with processed white flour no matter how it’s shaped. Processed white flour is a simple carbohydrate. Simple carbs are essentially “insulin elevators.” Insulin converts the excess glucose in the blood into triglycerides (blood fat) that are then stored in the fat cells which can cause obesity and diabetes. Simple carbs should be avoided unless you have just finished a strenuous workout and need a 3:1 carb to protein ration for muscle recovery.

  8. Tried the Pita Pit, expecting it to be as good as the one in Huntington. Not so much. First clue: When asked the counter-girl if the item in the container was goat cheese (couldn’t see it), she snidely remarked, “No, it’s feta cheese!” Poor child. The Greek sauce lacked the sting of enough garlic and lemon and, probably for good reason, not nearly enough spread on my pita.
    Kaukab would have thrown 5 bottles of olive oil at this one.
    Kaukab’s daughter


    God sent the Pita Pit to Charleston to punish this blog for doing too many chain reviews and out of state reviews. Nice job getting rid of Ron though, whatever personal sacrifices were required, your blogregation appreciates it. I hope his different path was off a cliff. He was sometimes funny, but more often made me embarassed to be alive.

    I do see what I believe to be a pita pit employee and/or owner and/or shill posting… so this fork you comment section is officially complete.

    • I don’t think God decides where the next Pita Pit is going.

      If Ron made you embarrassed to be alive then there certainly is not much in your life to live for. Ron is a fine person. If you had crawled out of your troll hole and talked to him over a beer (as he suggested) then you would of realized as much. You probably would not dare say to his face what you wrote above.

      Ron provided a particular point of view that I did not always agree with but always respected.

  10. I had a totally different experience. I swear to god the falafel and hummus pita was manna from heaven. And I was full all day long. Stuffed. Even though I must have eaten in like 30 seconds. Yeah pricey but I can order ahead and pick it up and nom nom nom. And heck 6.99? I’ve seen similar prices for lunch all over charleston. If its not fast food you’re lucky to get out of anyway for under 10 bucks these days. BTW 516 cals

  11. My favorite lunch spot. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We’ve eaten there twice. IMHO, the food has been above average and better than the Huntington location. Charleston has a wheat wrap, Huntington won’t even consider adding a wheat wrap option.
    The humus is good; the veggies have been fresh and the portions large. The prices are a little high but if you drink water, avoid the chips and use their loyalty card the cost with discount is about $5.00
    My only issue has been with the cashier’s attitude. On both visits and with different people on the register we were treated rudely. The guys making the food were pleasant and polite.
    We’ll go back; we’ll just walk softly around the cashier.

  13. Sounds like you’re a complainer and set your self up for failure going in. Waste of time reading this.

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