News Nugget From the Redneck Riviera – Filling Station Changes Name

Photo from their website

Susan says…

If you are a regular at Myrtle Beach, you are probably familiar with The Filling Station.  Serving up a pizza buffet at almost ridiculously low prices has been their recipe for success for three decades.  Their location on Kings Highway and 16th Avenue North was a popular destination for poor college kids and families alike.  If you look for The Filling Station now, however, you may run into the same problems we did.

As an iPhone addict, I don’t worry about getting directions or planning in too much detail for trips.  I can google whatever I need and use the GPS feature to find it.  We googled “The Filling Station” and clicked on “Directions”.  My phone was telling me to go in a different direction than I expected.  More googling ensued and we determined they had moved.  The new location is 1913 Mr. Joe White Ave (10th & 11th Ave. North).  No problem – my GPS will take us straight there.

So we’re on Mr. Joe White Avenue (strange name for a street, I thought) and we’re looking for our destination…don’t see it.  We decide to handle it the old fashioned way: stop at a gas station and ask someone.  Our second snafu is that we were looking for the wrong name.  Not only did they move, they changed names, too.  Are they trying to get rid of the annual vacationers or what?

Home Plate Sports Grill has a sign out front saying “same place, different name” to provide assurance to the persistent folks who eventually find them.

I could see right away why people come back to this place.  We enjoyed personable friendly service from the moment we walked in.  The man at the counter (I assumed he was the owner) answered our questions about the name change.  He said they changed the name to enable them to be associated with the Ripken Experience and that was bringing in a lot of additional business.  I inquired about non-meat pizzas on the buffet and he immediately offered to make any type of veggie pizza I wanted. 

In addition to 8-10 different pizzas on the buffet, there is a salad bar, pasta with a delicious marinara or meat sauce and their “famous chocolate chip pizza”.  The buffet will cost you only $5.75 per person, $3.99 for kids ages 4-12 and kids under 4 are free.  Soft drinks are only $1.49 – a real bargain these days – with free refills.  Beer and wine is also available.  There is a grill menu, also reasonably priced, if you aren’t in the mood for the buffet.

One of the most unique and memorable aspects of this eatery is Isaac.  He’ll bus the tables with a song and dance if you make a request.  Check him out on You Tube.

If you want to feed some hungry people with satisfying food on the cheap from a locally owned business, visit Home Plate Sports Grill.

1913 Mr. Joe White Avenue
Myrtle Beach, SC  29577
Halfway between Bypass 17 and Robert Grissom Pkwy; Across from Toys R Us
Home Plate Sports Grill  on Urbanspoon

4 responses to “News Nugget From the Redneck Riviera – Filling Station Changes Name

  1. As often as I’ve been to MB, I’ve never been to this place, but it kind of sounds like a Cici’s. Is it better quality pizza than that or is that roughly equivalent? We can’t get beer or wine at our local Cici’s, though, so that might be enough to make it worth a go. 😉

  2. It’s roughly equivalent to Cici’s IMO. The pasta sauce was better though. Plus they have other menu items available in case you don’t want pizza.

  3. I was so happy to read this today and immediately forwarded it to my husband. He is a huge fan of the Filling Station and an even bigger fan of Isaac, and we thought the Filling Station was gone forever. We just returned from our summer vacation at Myrtle, but we will be sure to visit Home Plate Sports Grill during our Thanksgiving or Christmas trips. We definitely want our children to experience the fun of Isaac, not to mention the fantastic pizza! Thanks again!

  4. I strapped on a feed bag there about three years ago when it was still called the Filling Station. Yes, it’s a buffet, and I’m not a big fan of buffets, but it’s pizza so that makes it ok. I remember it was decent pizza, but I haven’t been back so it must not have made much of an impression on me.

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