The Charm City Food Tour

Susan says…

In the coming weeks, I will be posting a series of reviews from my recent visit to Baltimore, Maryland.    

My tour began on a Thursday evening with a visit to The Dogwood in Hampden and then out for a drink at Brewer’s Art.  Friday saw lunch at The Ambassador Dining Room, wine tasting at Boordy and DeJon vineyards, dinner at Pazo, a special snack at the Capitol Grille (which most certainly deserves its own blog post) and drinks with friends at Tapas Teatro and Club Charles.  Volunteering and sightseeing on Saturday was fueled by lunch at Red Star in Fell’s Point and concluded with dinner at Woodberry Kitchen.  Mr. Rain’s Fun House served my brunch on Sunday and after being caught in a surprise summer rainstorm at the Inner Harbor that afternoon, I ended the day with dinner at Mi Viejo Pueblito. 

I ate about all a gal could possibly eat in those three and a half days.  Whew!  What a great trip.  I came home with a few bottles of Maryland wine, 300+ photographs, and some extra pounds. 

Do you know why they call it “Charm City”, by the way?  Visitors found the neighborhoods and friendly residents…well, charming. 

I agree.


One response to “The Charm City Food Tour

  1. Charm City my @$$. City towed my car last weekend when I was up there for the Inter/Man City match. $297. I did have a pretty good burger at the Pratt Street Alehouse. Wasn’t worth three hundred bucks but it was tasty.

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