Reviews From the Redneck Riviera: Black River Grill

Ashley says…

Dear Black River Grill:

My darling, where have you been all my life?  Ever since the day we first met last spring, you have been on my mind.  You are a rose among thorns, a diamond in the rough and well, just perfect.  I can’t imagine life without you.  Our love affair has been short, but so deep.   I hope to see you many, many times in the future so that we may continue this amazing journey. ..

Oh, excuse me.  I was daydreaming.  What the heck was that, you’re wondering?  Well, it’s just me expressing my love of a recent discovery in Myrtle Beach, Black River Grill.  After I prematurely quit a golf game at Wicked Stick Golf Course (don’t ask!) and was waiting on my husband to finish the last two holes on a balmy spring evening, I was strolling around the clubhouse when I picked up a Xerox copy of a menu for Black River Grill. The pro shop employee casually told me the place was pretty good and that his friend worked there.  It was just across the road, there was a coupon for a free appetizer and I was starving.   So why not?  We love to try new places. 

Located in a small strip mall, Black River Grill is unassuming and mostly undiscovered.  Heck, we’d passed by it about 20 times before and didn’t think twice about going there.  But this particular evening was THE day and am I glad we did!  It was a weekday, I think, and pretty late in the evening so we didn’t expect much of a crowd.  We were the only customers, so we sat at the bar.    The strip mall is fairly new and the restaurant is very clean.  They offer daily specials, an early bird menu, a lunch menu and a children’s menu. 

Crab-Stuffed Jalapenos (minus two we'd eaten already)

On our first visit, for our free appetizer, we ordered the crab-stuffed jalepenos.   The order included four fresh-made large peppers with a crab stuffing, cream cheese and pepper jack cheese, batter-dipped and fried.  Loved them!   For my dinner, I ordered the  Caribbean grouper with mango salsa, wild rice and vegetable medley for $15.95.  My husband got the fresh,  lightly-breaded, fried walleye, which was a special of the day.  Both dishes were so good, we decided to go back again that week.  We’ve been back to Myrtle Beach two times since then and have eaten there three other times. 

BRG Burger

On our next visit, we got the buffalo shrimp appetizer.   This time it was during happy hour when a few of the appetizers are $4.00 each.  We got several shrimp that were freshly battered and fried, dipped in hot sauce and served with blue cheese dressing.  The shrimp were light and fresh and had great flavor.  For my meal, I decided on the Black River Burger for $9.95.  It’s a hand-pattied burger with smoked gouda cheese, applewood smoked bacon and sautéed onions, peppers and portabellas served on a toasted artisan roll rather than a boring old hamburger bun, and is served with fries.  I asked for jalepenos to be added to my burger and the chef  sautéed them with the other veggies.  Mmmmmmm.    This burger was outstanding!  It was juicy and flavorful, and the cheese and bacon stepped it up several notches above any burger I’ve ever had.  I absolutely loved this burger (my mouth is watering as I type this.)  I loved it so much that when we went back the next time, I got the burger again, though my plan was to try something else.  Adam, our waiter/bartender who has served us every time we’ve been there, recommended the ribs to my husband.  A half rack of baby back ribs are slow roasted in beer and slathered with BRG’s own citrus chipotle bbq sauce for $14.95.  Just as the burger, these were wonderful.  They fell off the bone and had great flavor and a little kick from the chipotle.  The fries are the frozen variety with little nuggets of batter on the outside.  Not fully covered, but just a touch. They were real crispy and really good.

Ribs, Coconut Shrimp and Potato Casserole

On another  visit we got the blue crab dip appetizer for $6.95.   As with everything else, we were not disappointed.  For my dinner this time, I had vowed I was going to try the shrimp trio.  For $13.75 you get four each of fried shrimp, grilled shrimp and coconut shrimp and two sides.   But when I saw the combo of ribs and shrimp (fixed your choice of the three ways) on the menu for $16.95, that was my choice.  I chose the coconut shrimp.  The ribs were just as good as the first time I tasted them.  No, actually, they were better-I got to eat them all rather than just a couple of bites.  I also got six hand-breaded coconut shrimp with a plum pineapple sauce for dipping.  Instead of fries, I opted for the smashed potato casserole, a new addition to their new menu.   The casserole is smashed potatoes with cheese, bacon and sour cream.  My husband tried to take a bite of it, but I growled at him to keep his paws off.  My entire meal was amazing.  I loved the ribs.  I loved the shrimp.  I loved the potatoes. 

Ostrich Steak

As I mentioned, BRG had revamped their menu since our first couple of visits and added a few new dishes and one entire new section to the menu, Wild Game.  They offer buffalo prime rib and ribeye, Elk filet and ostrich.  A few years ago my husband got ostrich at Greg Norman’s restaurant in North Myrtle Beach, and absolutely fell in love with it (I was a little jealous that whole evening.)  For those of you who have never eaten or even seen ostrich meat, it’s red meat.  Who’da thunk it????  It’s a bird, so we assumed it would be white meat.  He ordered the ostrich this time at BRG.  His strip loin steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare and was great. 


On two occasions while sitting at the bar, the owner has come out from the kitchen and chatted with us.  We learned from him that most dishes on BRG’s largely varied menu are prepared fresh.  It’s evident when you eat there.  Besides burgers, ribs, seafood and wild game, BRG offers some interesting appetizers, chicken and pasta dishes as well as a several different cuts of steaks.  Entrée prices at BRG made me think, “Seriously, that’s all???”  They are very reasonable.  And kids eat free when an adult entrée is purchased EVERYDAY.  Can’t beat that.

I could go on and on about this place.  Of all the restaurants in Myrtle Beach I’ve tried, this is the absolute best, hands down.   I want to try everything on the menu.  I wish I was a rich person with high metabolism.  I would go there and order one of everything and eat until I was about to burst.  I can’t wait until my next trip in August to get to Black River Grill.  Maybe in the meantime, I’ll win the lottery…

I’d give Black River Grill a thousand forks if I could. But I’m limited, so I give it FIVE FORKS.

Black River Grill
1000 South Commons Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
(843) 750-0296
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11 responses to “Reviews From the Redneck Riviera: Black River Grill

  1. Apparently then person who wrote this review is being paid to do so or is seriously delusional. This place is not only lacking personality their food quality is not the greatest. I wish people would start being honest In the reviews and stop blowing smoke up our asses. We work hard for our money and deserve a good meal when we go out to eat. I’ve eaten here once and the burgers were way over cooked. Almost burnt and the chicken was rubbery. If I didn’t know any better I’d say they are nuking the food. Not worth the a visit.

  2. Sissy-

    I can assure you that none of us are being paid for our reviews. If only we could figure out how to make money off this blog…

    I have never been to Black River Grill so I can’t offer an opinion on their food quality.

  3. Sissy, sounds like you’re having a bad day or you were when you ate there ONE time. I’ve eaten there about six times and I’ve had nothing but great food. I have nothing in this blog except the fun of it. Get over yourself and go eat at Applebee’s and leave the good food to the rest of us.

  4. Ashley,
    Dont get mad because I left a review you don’t like. The point of a reviews is so everyone can give an honest opinion about their experience with a business. My experience wasn’t that magical like you make your blog out to be about this place. I’ve eaten there more than once. I figured I’d give them another try and still I was disappointed with some of their food. My day has nothing to do with a burnt burger. Like i said. No one writes a blog like this unless they have a personal interest in this restaurant. You’re probably the owner. Please you are not fooling anyone.

  5. Sissy-

    I am concerned that the integrity of this blog is being questioned.

    As I said before, no one gets paid to do reviews. None of the writers, including Ashley, own a restaurant. We don’t even live in Myrtle Beach. We are simply a group of opinionated people who like eating out.

    We welcome differing opinions while standing by our own.

  6. Sissy, I’m sorry you don’t believe people can have different opinions of a place. But that is life. Heck, Susan raved about The Filling Station and I thought it was mediocre at best. But that was her opinion and I have mine. I didn’t accuse her of “blowing smoke up our asses.” I am not the owner of Black River Grill. I’m not even a resident of South Carolina. I’m just a frequent visitor who happens to love BRG. As a matter of fact, I’m headed there for dinner tonight.

  7. If Sissy (awesome name, btw) hates the Black River Grill so much, then why doesn’t she start her own food blog and talk about it instead of accusing people who live 8 hours away of owning the place. What a dumbass accusation to make — “I hate the place, you don’t, so obviously, you’re the owner.” That’s some bang-up deductive reasoning there Sissy.

  8. I don’t who owns what but I think everyone has a point. Ive eaten there many times and I’m sorry to say their lunches are horrible!! However, we decided to give them another chance and have been back there for dinner on a weekend. I had the Pork ribs and my wife had the carrabean grouper and it was fantastic!!! The ribs were huge, meaty and they just fell off the bone and the grouper from what my wife said was very moist and very flavorful. We will defiantly return next weekend for dinner to give their wild game a try.

  9. As promised, I had dinner at BRG last night and I was not disappointed. I had the ribs and coconut shrimp and they were just as wonderful as before. My husband had the scallop trio, scampi, grilled and bacon wrapped. He loved them. I’m not a scallop fan (it’s a texture thing) but I tried them. They were tender and very flavorful. Just another great meal at Black River Grill.

  10. HELP…What happened to BRG..its gone! Does anyone know where they went? Do they have a new location.

  11. Eddie, unfortunately BRG closed in the fall last year. I am truly disappointed. It was my absolute favorite place to eat on the Grand Strand.

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