Good Food in Winfield – Riverside Cafe

Ashley says…

The old Silky’s? Yep, sure is.  But way better.  Not that I had ever been to Silky’s, but my husband had and he said it wasn’t pretty.  Silky’s was a bar…and that was it.  Silky’s was sold, and in 2008 it was remodeled and Riverside Café was opened.  Radio advertisements and fliers brought us in for the first time about a year ago.    

 Putnam County still has not adopted the smoking ban, much to my disappointment.  So upon entry into Riverside Café, you’re immediately hit by cigarette smoke.   You walk right into the main bar area.  Tables, booths and a stage are in the back of the building, as is the patio.  We always walk straight to one of those areas where either we’re the only ones there or there are very few other people and if they’re smoking we can’t smell it.  This visit was on a low-humidity Saturday afternoon, so it was the patio for us.  We ordered a couple of frosty draughts while passing through the bar to save our server a trip out back. 


Riverside Café has a nice patio area with part of it covered.  There’s even corn hole!   It’s all surrounded by a high privacy fence, which is a shame because it’d be nice to be able to look out at the river when we’re out there.  Oh well, we’ll live by sacrificing the view to avoid inhaling any secondhand smoke.

The menu contains typical bar food:  wings, potato skins (fresh-made), nachos, sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizza (fresh-made crust), etc.  We’ve had the wings on numerous occasions and they are very meaty and are pretty good wings.  We always get them with hot sauce, but one time when we called in an order, we were notified they had a new hot hot sauce that was really good.  The person on the phone didn’t lie.  The sauce had good flavor that the heat didn’t cover up.   Also, on previous visits we’ve gotten the chef, grilled chicken and taco salads.  All three are HUGE.  On our first visit, we were greeted by the owner and we had a nice little chat with him.  He informed us that the turkey on the chef salad was roasted in-house every couple of days.  And we could tell from the huge chunks on the salad.  All three salads were very fresh and had ample amounts of meat, cheese and veggies.

This visit, though, was my diet cheat meal of the week.  I was craving grease.  I ordered the Slim Jim, described on the menu as basically the same as the one at Shoney’s with ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and “special sauce”, and it came with my choice of chips or fries.  I opted for the chips, assuming I’d get some from a bag, but I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived that they were fresh-made chips.  They were crispy, but not burnt, and seasoned just right with seasoned salt.  My sandwich, however, was NOT a Slim Jim.  I think I got just a hot ham and cheese because there was no “special sauce”, just mayo.  The sandwich had a good amount of ham and cheese, but the sub roll was what made this sandwich.  It’s not that the bun was so great by itself.  It was because both sides of both parts of the bun had been grilled on the flat top.  It was warm and chewy and made my Hot Ham Jim pretty darn good.    

 My husband ordered the Philly cheese steak and fries.  It was our first time getting fries here and we were curious as to whether or not they were frozen or fresh made.  We still don’t know.  He received chips with his sandwich.  We didn’t say anything because we didn’t have a lot of time to wait. We were pretty certain they weren’t already made since the place wasn’t crowded and it was between lunch and dinner time when we were there.  The Philly cheese steak came with lots of steak, melted provolone, green peppers, onions, mushrooms and banana peppers on the same grilled sub bun as my Hot Ham Jim.   We both ate half of each sandwich and tried to decide which we liked better.  My answer was whichever one I’m eating at the time.   Our bill ended up being $19 and some change for two $5.99 sandwiches and chips or fries and two large draft beers. 

 Riverside Café has live music and sometimes karaoke on the weekends as well as several tv’s showing sports.  We live about a mile from the place and decided one evening after we had dinner to brave the cigarette smoke and stick around a while for a few more adult beverages and some music.  The place turns into more of a bar/club the later it gets and they stop serving food at 8:00 pm.   

 Good wings, good sandwiches,  good salads and cold beer make Riverside Café a good place for good bar food.  But if you’re a non-smoker, sit outside or go between the busiest times of day to avoid the smoke.  THREE FORKS.

Riverside Café’
3680 Winfield Rd.
Winfield, WV 25213
(304) 586-2869
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3 responses to “Good Food in Winfield – Riverside Cafe

  1. Wow, grilled sandwiches, chips and cigarette smoke. Can’t wait to try this place!

  2. Again, it’s a bar serving bar food. One can’t go there expecting anything more. It just happens to be pretty decent bar food.

  3. Hippie Killer

    SG can’t help himself.

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