News Nugget: Blossom Reopens for Dinner

Susan says…

The Blossom is now open for dinner again, but a bit differently than before.

First of all, they are only open for dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday beginning at 5:00 pm.  

Secondly, there is a new, scaled-down menu.   

If you go, write in and tell us about your experience.  This seems like a great excuse for me to get some Thai Beef and Shrimp.  Sounds delicious!

22 responses to “News Nugget: Blossom Reopens for Dinner

  1. Looks a lot more Asian than before. I count at least eight terms on this menu that I can’t pronounce, much less define. But I would like to try some of them anyway.

    Btw…what does “Barely Touched” mean in reference to the small plates?

  2. I wondered the same thing. “Barely Touched” might imply that after you taste it, you won’t want to finish it. lol

    Seriously, it might mean that the ingredients aren’t manipulated much to create the dish. Let’s go there and find out!

  3. Phil I. Stein

    My first question too. I’d rethink that “barely touched.” I assume Suasan is correct about the intent, but vague preciousness is off-putting even when it isn’t amenable to a negative interpretation.

    I’m also not sure what the last entree is. Do we assume it’s filet mignon?

    Finally, are Korean short ribs beef or pork? The Korean BBQ helpfully specifies it is pork but the ribs description doesn’t specify.

  4. yaaaawn. Looks like Bill and Tony having been watching too much TopChef and FoodNet.
    Come on guys, how about something less pretentious and more original.

  5. Hippie Killer

    Another positive comment from Sagacious Hillbilly, as always.

  6. And more snide, sarcastic stone throwing from “hippie killer.”

  7. Hippie Killer

    We get it, dude. Nothing is good enough for you. Ever. Except for that Rocco’s place. Everything else is beneath your sensibilities, which are somehow faux-common-man and incredibly snobbish and prissy all at the same time. Jose frickin’ Andres could open a restaurant on the West Side and you’d be all like “Oh gawd, more pretentious expensive food from an uninspired hack. How about something more original?” As if you even know what that means. I’m starting to think you’re not a real person and just a comment bot.

  8. HK, You seem angry and full of resentment. Sorry life treats you so badly. Hope you do better soon.

  9. Phil I. Stein

    I doubt it’s only angry and bitter people who find you a complete schmuck. I’d bet dollars to donuts (even pedestrian high fructose corn syrup ones) that opinion is held close to universally.

  10. Phil, I’ll take that bet, but leave out the high fructose corn syrup. Cheap and sweet is not part of my repertoire.
    So wassup? You guys invested in the new Blossom?

  11. Phil I. Stein

    OK name three people who don’t think you are a schmuck. Otherwise, I want my donuts.

  12. Phil, Come on dude. I like to go all snarky and punkish on message boards as much as anyone, but this is really lame and jr. hi.
    Why don’t you tell me why you disagree with the premise of my original post.
    To refresh your memory, I basically said that the new dinner menu at the Blossom was pretentious and uninspiring. I will also add that it’s over priced for the market.

  13. Phil I. Stein

    So, you’re welshing?

    The reason everyone thinks you are a schmuck isn’t what you said about the Blossom menu. The reason is that everthing you say about everything is boorish drivel which serves no purpose beyond feeding your fantasy that you are a sophisiticated bon vivant enlightening the plebes about culture.

  14. OK, now you’re making racial slurs about my people.
    Enough of your pretentious drivel.
    If you can’t be nice and talk about the topic of Charleston cuisine you really shouldn’t be here.

  15. I don’t have a dog in this Phil/Hillbilly fight, but Hillbilly, you stated that the Blossom menu needed to be “less pretentious and more original”. I’ve not been to the Blossom since they re-opened, but the menu contains, in my opinion, some very original dishes. I don’t know of any other restaurant in Charleston that serves similar appetizers or entrees.

  16. Phil I. Stein

    First, Welsh isn’t a race.

    Second, whatever remote connection the word might have to the ancient English disdain for the people of Wales is irrelevant.

    Third, I’m sure the Welsh have no desire to claim you.

  17. Au contraire Philly, there is a large group of very well connected Welsh nationalists in SW Wales (Swansea, Carmarthen) who love me and have celebrated my presence in Wales. They come stay with me, I stay with them.

    No, according to biological science, the Welsh are not a race; neither are the Africans, Native Americans or any indigenous or otherwise group of Homo sapiens on the Earth.
    The Welsh are a unique group of indigenous people native to the western part of Great Britain with a distinct language, culture, geneology, etc. By the definition of social science, that makes them a “race.”

    Having spent a considerable amount of time in England and Wales, I can tell you that the disdain the English exhibit toward the Welsh is not ancient.

    All that aside, why don’t you comment with some substance on what I said in my original post instead of venting all your internal anger and resentment at every opportunity. . . but that’s sorta what you do in cyberspace, isn’t it?

  18. Ashley, Perhaps you’re right. I may have been to reactionary in my initial assessment of their menu. . . it just all looked so pretentious and like something from a TopChef episode.
    Bill and his man Tony at the Blossom are excellent chefs (real chefs) and have always provided wonderful dishes in what sometimes seems like a culinary wasteland here in WV.
    I suspect every dish on the menu is well thought out and tested and meticulously prepared.

  19. showed bill sohovich the menu that you have posted,he replyed,that it was something to get open with this summer.he told me that he has spent alot of time with two other chefs,thomas keller & eric ripet & has come with new ideas that soho calls ,open & clean.he also reviewed with me the new fish he is going to be bringing in from the “honolulu fish company”WOW,goodbye pasta,hello sashimi,(you folks out there should google this site,amazing) he did say that there would be a couple of pasta dishes in the future for his old customers.he also reported a new web sight coming & links to facebook & twitter to keep his clientele up to date & new menu items.if you go to the blossom try the hamachi,you will be happy with the new changes.

  20. Hamachi is delicious. Better than yellow fin by far.
    Has Bill hired a sushi chef?

  21. My wife and I ate there a few weeks ago. We are very happy that dinner is again offered.

    We had been to the Blossom over a dozen times before the menu change.

    We started with the sashimi and pork bun.

    I’m not a sushi connoisseur, I just like the taste of most fish.
    I could not overcome the presentation for the sashimi. The single piece of fish literally overwhelmed the plate. I was expecting the fish to be sliced. The whipped wasabi was awesome.

    The pork bun was our favorite part of the dinner. Very rich.

    Our entres were the Grouper and Ribs.

    The grouper was good – but for me, there was too much going on in the dish. The grouper as indicated on the menu has a lot going on, and my unrefined palate had issues sorting through the individual tastes.

    My wife was overpowered by the lemon polenta with the Ribs.

    All in all we had a good dinner but I overwhelmingly prefer the previous menu. Maybe the sophistication of the new fare is too much for my tastes.

  22. Greg B-
    Thank you for your comments about the new menu. Looks like the new dinner menu needs a good forking.

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