Meet Ashley – Our New Forker

Ashley  is the newcomer to Fork You.  She was a blog stalker until she got up the nerve to post her first comment about one of the reviews.  Since then she’s become a regular poster and is now a Forker.  Ashley likes all types of foods and will try most things, unless they are super-icky.  Ashley loves to eat out, hates chain restaurants and buffets, and is always looking for new places to try.  If her TV only had one channel and it was the Food Network, she’d be happy.

Ashley spends a lot of time at Myrtle Beach so look for some reviews from the Redneck Riviera in the future.

In an effort to help you get to know her better, we asked Ashley some questions:

1.  If you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only have two foods, what would they be?

Ashley says:  Creme brulee’ and Doritos would probably be my two foods I’d have on a deserted island.  What about drinks?  I’d take a pina colada.

2.  Which would you rather eat: a chocolate covered cockroach, a raw egg, or liver?

Ashley says:  I think I’d rather eat a raw egg because I would probably just drink it down in one gulp.  LIVER?!?!  NEVER!  It has to be the worst tasting thing ever.  Plus, I’m not into animal organs.  And just a flat out “no” to the cockroach.

3.  Which is more important to you: quality or quantity?

Ashley says:  Quality is more important to me as long as the portion is more than just a tablespoon of something.

4.  Do you have any food allergies?

Ashley says:  No food allergies.

5.  Are you on any type of diet plan?  If so, please describe. 

Ashley says:  I’m always dieting.  I watch carbs and calories mostly.  It’s become my “lifestyle” since I started a serious workout regimen in January ’08.  I’m not saying I never eat a cookie or a hamburger, but I stay true to it about 85-90% of the time.  I allow myself a cheat meal or a cheat day once a week (at least) and nibbling isn’t out of the question.  I just don’t buy or keep the bad stuff in my house.  But for the sake of this blog, I’ll probably be cheating more often.  Oh, and I don’t diet when I’m on vacation.

6.  Do you tip on a take-out order? 

Ashley says:  No.  I don’t tip when I pick up a to-go order.  When I dine in, I tip my server for his/her service and the quality of that service.  I’m not getting waited on in the same context so I don’t tip.

Thanks to Ashley for joining the Fork You Crew!

2 responses to “Meet Ashley – Our New Forker

  1. After reading Ashley’s responses to the above questions, my question is- Why would anyone be the least bit interested in anything else she ever said?

  2. Ouch, Elizabeth. Why so mean? Did someone spit in your Cheerios this morning? Believe it or not, there’s been one or two people who have been interested. (Mom counts, doesn’t she????)

    Anyhoo, if you aren’t interested, don’t read it. Easy enough.

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