News Nugget – Update on Restaurant Closures

Susan says…

Well folks, Fork You has been in existence for two years now.  We have completed more than 120 reviews of West Virginia eateries in that time.  Unfortunately, many of those establishments have closed their doors.

We have updated our review listing and the individual posts.  Do you know of any others?


4 responses to “News Nugget – Update on Restaurant Closures

  1. Some of those closed twice, like Bennigan’s Town Center and Billy’s. Southern Kitchen closed. The new phone book still lists Chef Dan’s, even though there were about 3 failed restaurants since then before Brunos moved in. New phone book lists Chesterfield House even though they stopped serving dinners about three years ago. Gratzi’s was gone before Half-Baked Sports Bar moved there. Schlotzsky’s closed in Kanawha City and Teays Valley. CiCi’s closed in St Albans. Ponderosa got leveled in Elkview. Not sure if you reviewed all of those but those come to mind.

  2. What about Morocco Mediterranean Cuisine and Pizza? Is it still around?

  3. Jason- it is still open, but under a different name. The food is essentially the same except they have added a rice dish to the pizza buffet. And I heard the price went up a little, but I thought it was underpriced before.

    David P-thanks for all the information. We have not reviewed any of the places on your list so it’s great that you have updated everyone on those.

  4. Power Alley Grill is open before, during and after games.

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