Is the Original Delish Coming Back?

Susan says…

Delish is coming back, baby!  Hopefully not in name only.

The beloved downtown eatery masterminded by Virgil Sadorra is set to reopen on May 17, 2010 according to this recent Daily Mail article…but with a twist: it will be a non-profit restaurant.  I know, I know…seems like an oxymoron, huh?  I don’t understand exactly how it will work either, but all profits will be directed to various local charities.  (The article also confirms what many have suspected: Sadorra is no longer a partner in Vandalia Grille.)

You can check it out for yourself on Facebook at Practically Delish.  The background photo in their promotional flier above looks to me like a plate of, dare I say it? 

I do dare!  Satay! 

Will I once again be able to chow down on the Udon noodles with peanut sauce? Could this reopening be partially due to the Love Letter I sent to Mr. Sadorra almost two years ago?

However this glorious day came to be, you can bet your sweet vanilla non-fat latte that the Fork You Crew will be there.  Will you?

If you go:

110 McFarland St.
Charleston, WV
Hours:  Monday – Friday, 11-3

(photos from the Practically Delish Facebook page)

4 responses to “Is the Original Delish Coming Back?

  1. Hippie Killer

    I heard about this a while back, and I still don’t get it.

    It’s almost like someone got an idea like “you know, we’d actually be able to make some money if we didn’t have to pay these damn taxes,” and thus, a “non-profit” restaurant was born.

  2. This was posted on Delish’s Facebook page last night:

    “For opening day, our menu will consist of: Chicken meatballs stuffed with cream cheese served with a pepper coulis, Chicken and vegetable medley in a blush onion cream sauce served with cous cous, Sweet chili asian infused country style ribs, Spicy garlic satays, Peanut thai satays, Orange BBQ glazed salmon, Marinated portabella caps topped with roasted peppers and feta, Spring mix salad tossed with vegetables,feta and grapes served with a garlic vinaigrette, Chicken Waldorf salad wrap, Tri colored rotini pasta with spinach, onions, zucchini, peppers, and cheese tossed with an Italian dressing.
    All you can fit on a plate $8 plus tax. First Come, First Serve”

    They definitely have the satay I wanted…but will it be served buffet-style? (Since it says “all you can fit on a plate”?) And will the fun be over when they run out of food? Will the menu be different each day?

    I tried calling, but no answer.

  3. and here is another article from the paper today:

  4. Hippie Killer

    Buffet style? For the love of Christ. Why can’t we just have the old Delish back? That place worked.

    I liked Cilantro’s, but the problem is it basically only served 1 thing. Well, 3 things, but still. And that Delish-in-Name-Only place on Washington Street — it seemed cool at first, then I realized it was just another 12 dollar sandwich place. I wasn’t a fan at all, and I’m actually surprised it stayed open so long.

    We obviously don’t know all the details, but Virgil had what at least appeared to be a working business model with the old Delish. They probably could have scaled the menu back a bit (wraps — really?), but still. I can’t for the life of me understand why he seems 1000% committed to not bringing the old frickin’ Delish back.

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