News Nugget – Barge to Open for the Season

Susan says…

If you’re like me, that warm weather we had a couple weeks ago made me long for a cold beverage beside a body of water.   Here in Charleston, that body of water has to be the Kanawha River, so I thought of The Barge.  Unfortunately, they were not open.

Rest easy, though, friends- The Barge is set to open for the season this Saturday, May 15.

Hours are:

Monday – Thursday  11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Friday – Saturday  11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sunday  noon – 8:00 pm

If you go:

The Barge Bar & Grill
1414 MacCorkle Ave SW
Charleston, WV  25303

3 responses to “News Nugget – Barge to Open for the Season

  1. Any info on the menu, ownership, history of the other restaurants that used to be situated in that location? I remember a seafood restaurant (general seafood?) being located there at one point.

  2. Nick-

    As far as I know the ownership has not changed, they were simply closed for the cold weather. We reviewed the Barge in another post –
    and the fine dining establishment located on the second level –
    The Barge is located near Sport Mart off MacCorkle Avenue.

    I definitely recommend it for relaxing with an adult beverage on a warm day. (It’s breezy on the deck.) The grilled mahi sandwich is excellent.

    General Seafood was located on a boat docked at Riverwalk Plaza in South Charleston for a while.

  3. It’s actually the same boat that was used for General Seafood. They just refurbished it and moved it up the river!

    I wonder if they are going to stick with the upstairs finer dining part of the restaurant?

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