Top Fish – The Results!

After reviewing nine local fish sandwiches during Lent, we have now compiled the results.

And the Top Fish is:

…the Big Fish Sandwich from the Fresh Seafood Company at Capitol Market.  For $5.50 you receive two large snow cod fillets, coated with a peppery breading and fried crisp, on a large, buttery croissant.   Tartar and hot sauces accompany this satisfying sandwich.  It was the first sandwich we reviewed and couldn’t be beat by any we encountered later on.

Some memorable quotes from the review include:

  • Misty said ” I loved the peppery coating”
  • Phil enjoyed the hot sauce served alongside
  • Susan said “The thin fillets turned out to be a bonus: layering two thin fillets instead of one thick one means you get four layers of that golden brown crispy breading in every bite! “
  • Misty said ” I loved the croissant”
  • Susan said “Indeed this is a large sandwich”

Fresh Seafood Company will be presented with a Certificate to commemorate this honor.

“But how did the other sandwiches stack up?” you ask.  Here’s a Results Chart showing each sandwich’s overall score, fish quality and value ratings:

Coming in a close second, was the WV trout sandwich at Bluegrass Kitchen.  The price ($10) caused the reviewers to downgrade this sandwich on value which yielded a second place finish. 

The lowest scoring sandwich was at Captain D’s due to a pitiful bun, soggy breading and poor presentation.

The Fresh Seafood Company and Bluegrass Kitchen both received a perfect rating for fish quality.

For value, Arby’s was rated the highest with a tasty sandwich, fries and a drink for only $2.99 and tied with our winning sandwich, The Big Fish sandwich for $5.50.

After all this fish talk, that sandwich at Fresh Seafood Company sounds like a good idea for today’s lunch…

14 responses to “Top Fish – The Results!

  1. I thought The Anchor was part of this contest??
    Guess not??

  2. Hi Admiral-

    We got to as many fish sandwiches as we could during the weeks of Lent. I felt like all I ate were fish sandwiches…and I think I gained five pounds!

    Even though we were impressed with your version during our regular review, we only included sandwiches for this post which were rated using the rubric we developed especially for Top Fish. (I did highlight some we had already reviewed in a post introducing Top Fish, and yours was one of them.)

    There were so many to try…we just couldn’t eat them all.

    (I am anxious to try your fresh cut fries alongside that giant fish sandwich!)

  3. Well, if it’s all about the crispy breading. . . what is “snow” cod?

    Too bad your coverage was so limited. Jewel City Seafood in Huntington or Coleman’s in Wheeling are the best fish sandwiches in WV. Walleye at Jewel and Canadian white fish at Coleman’s. All else pales.

  4. Is this blog dead? It hasn’t been updated in nearly a month. No recent blogs or even a heads up that there will be a blogging break.

  5. Stevie-

    You are correct that blogging here at Fork You has been slow.

    I was able to spark some interest in the others during the whole Top Fish thing. Perhaps because I made little charts for them to fill out so they didn’t have to write much. Whatever the reason, at least I got some content out of them.

    We have lost one writer and Phil has always been barely hanging on.

    Misty can’t stop thinking about her upcoming Disney vacay to focus on a post.

    I have nagged Daniel so much about writing in the past year, he tried to file for divorce to get rid of me and then realized we weren’t actually married.

    We will try to do better. Thanks for checking back with us.

  6. demosthenes.or.locke

    Will I have to challenge Ron to a wing eating contest to get this blog back on its feet?

  7. ummmm…….

    Ron is the writer we lost.

  8. demosthenes.or.locke

    I’m sorry to hear all of that. Maintaining content on a blog as well done as this one is a lot of work, and you guys brought a true service to the Kanawha County foodie scene. Good luck.

  9. Thanks Demo – we aren’t quitting yet, we are simply in a bit of a slump.

    Thanks for your support!

  10. Misty will have a lot of amazing Disney restaurants to blog about when she gets back! Mama Melrose (Hollywood Studios), the luau at the Polynesian Village, and Tusker House(Animal Kingdom) are amazing! I go to Disney twice a year just for the food!

    Its time to light a fire under Fork You’s ass! I miss reading your blog, and I live in Chattanooga, TN!

  11. Casey- Thanks for the restaurant suggestions. Every time I go to Disney, I have the best intentions in reviewing a few. But this next time, I will try to follow through. Sadly, my trip is not until October. I obsess about my vacations for a while before I go…plus, I had to figure out the restaurants for the 180 day ADRs.

    BTW- Tusker House is on the ADR for October. It is one of our must-do’s!

  12. If you’re going in October you MUST get tickets to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party! My mom and I (60 and 24) went for the first time last year and it was a blast for adults and children! We’ve managed to get tickets for Halloween night this year. On the food note however, Disney World has the most AMAZING restaurants!

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