Top Fish – Bonus Post: Buffalo Wild Wings

I am now completely convinced that the only reason to go to Buffalo Wild Wings is to meet friends to cheer on the Mountaineers.  We have done just that five times since the start of the Big East tournament, stretching into the NCAA tourney.  On one such occasion, I was too hungry to wait until after the game for a Taco Bell drive-thru meal so I took advantage of the opportunity to review yet another fish sandwich.

Here’s how the BW3 Fish Sandwich scored:

The menu describes this sandwich as two whitefish fillets on a kaiser roll, blah blah blah.  It comes with fries.  You can substitute potato wedges, buffalo chips or onion rings, but they all involve an upcharge.  So I just went with the fries. 

The sandwich appears large, but it is simply due to the large, bland, untoasted, unbuttered, slightly cool bun.  The bun sucked.  The two fish fillets were smallish but crispy.  It tasted to me like fish bits mashed together to form a fish-like shape, not actual whole fillets.   I don’t like toppings on my fish so I removed the lettuce, red onion and tomato that came with the meal.  Overall, the sandwich was just okay.  It was large enough to be filling (and counteract the beer we were swigging) but not made of high-quality components.  The fries were frozen, of course, but thin, crispy and enjoyable. 

My problem with this sandwich is the problem I have with this entire restaurant:  you pay too much for what you get.  The food is average at best but they charge too much for it. 

However, they do a great job playing the fight song during commercials!

5 responses to “Top Fish – Bonus Post: Buffalo Wild Wings

  1. Way back when, the third W in BW3 stood for “weck” which was short for “kummelweck roll,” a classic Buffalo area baked good. In other words, they used to take the bread seriously.

    Now it’s more-or-less a Sunny Bun. Phooey.

    The only reason to eat at BW3 is the wings, and those are best enjoyed on wing Tuesday.

  2. demosthenes.or.locke

    Their wings aren’t even that good. They are puny and small compared to the wings at Quaker steak. The only reason to eat at BW3 is the asian zing sauce. I’ve been tempted to buy a bottle of it then carry it to Quaker Steak and put it on an order of Q’s crisper, bigger wings.

  3. That fish sandwich looks a little crispy for my tastes. I think their southwest chicken wrap is good but agree with you the whole place is a little pricey for the food you get. I guess you go there not to eat but to socialize.

  4. The Asian Zing sauce is my sauce of choice. The mango-habanero has a great taste, but it’s a little too hot for me. I like that they offer boneless wings, too. (Ron calls them chicken nuggets – so what if they are?) It keeps all that sauce from getting under my fingernails!

  5. My favorite sauce until last Friday was the Mango Habanero. We always get that one and try one of the others. Friday we tried the Azian Zing and loved it! I’m torn as to which I like best, but one thing’s for sure, we now have two must-haves.

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