Top Fish – Week Five: Captain D’s

Since Captain D’s is supposedly just as good as those high-priced seafood restaurants, Fork You needed to check out their fish sandwich.

Here’s how it scored:

Misty says:

This sandwich looked pathetic when we unwrapped it.  Captain D’s depicted this sandwich as a nice sized, corn dusted Kaiser bun with 2 pieces of fried fish fillets topped with lettuce and tarter sauce.  Since this sandwich looked like it was going to be so large, Susan and I decided we would split it.  Let’s face it, the fried fish sandwich has not been good to our waist lines lately! 

However, the sandwich was pretty small compared to the other fish sandwiches we have been eating.

The bun was smashed and small.  I just didn’t like it.  My best description for it…it was like a plain Heiner’s hamburger bun I could get at Kroger.

True to the pictures, there was 2 pieces of batter fried fish on the sandwich.  The same fish you would normally get at Captain D’s.  And, I was fine with that because, I love Captain D’s fish…just not on a sandwich.  The normally really crispy batter, was soft and mushy.  The only part that was crispy was the fish that was sticking out of the bun.

As I was eating the sandwich, the grease from the fish was getting absorbed into the bun, making it mushy, too.

I will never order the Captain D’s fish sandwich again…I will just order the fish & fries!

Susan says…

I completely agree with Misty.  This sandwich was the worst one I have tried during our Top Fish reviews.   It was a huge disappointment because I love Captain D’s fish.

It seemed to me the sandwich was made, wrapped, and sat for a while.  The bun was completely smushed to about 1/8″ thickness.  Or thinness, as in this case.  It also had absorbed some of the oil from the fish.  The bun was so bad, I didn’t eat any more of it past the first bite.  The batter on the fish was not crispy as it usually is, another reason I think the sandwich sat for a while all wrapped up, causing all the components to get soft.

In a word, Captain D’s Fish Sandwich = FAIL.

Daniel says…

Love the fish, hate the bun.

3 responses to “Top Fish – Week Five: Captain D’s

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  2. i had one of these today and it was disturbing. i gotta say tho, that the one i got did have the kaiser bun and the fish was crispy so it must have been cooked to order. but the taste…
    i will be haunted for days.

    (im thinkin it was the cheese that ruined it)

    sticking to the fish n chips.

  3. i work at a captain d’s in ashland ky. and i have never seen a fish sandwich like that. the ones we make always fresh and i can promise you that the bun isnt womething you can buy at a store. and the reason the fish was greasy was because it is FRIED! thats the only way to cook something. and if its not good for your waist maybe you should try the baked fish….

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