Top Fish – Bonus Post: Bluegrass Kitchen

We just couldn’t wait for week five to tell you about this great fried trout sandwich from Bluegrass Kitchen.  We completely lucked out this past Friday when our server described the specials, and included a fish sandwich.  She said it is being served each Friday during Lent. 

The scores, please:

Susan’s Comments:

This is an expensive sandwich.  But it’s good. 

Served on ciabatta, deep-fried WV trout is layered with tomato slices and lots of spring greens.  The volume of the lettuce makes for an impressive presentation, increasing the height of the sandwich beyond expectation.  Tartar sauce is served in a ramekin alongside.  For $10, it’s almost double the cost of the Big Fish at Capitol Market, but I would spend that $10 again. 

Because it’s trout, it is not as easy to come by in a restaurant as cod or pollock.  And it’s local.  Trout has a more distinctive fish taste which can be a plus to some fish lovers, but perhaps a negative to others.  I prefer the milder fish, hence I rated “taste” a 3.  In addition, you’ll find skin on this fillet.  That didn’t bother me and, in fact, added more crispiness when fried.  The fish did seem slightly greasy, but hey: it’s fried, right?

I loved, LOVED, the huge pile of spring greens on this sandwich – why can’t all lettuce on all sandwiches be like that?  And the ciabatta was great.  Slightly toasted with a thin slathering of butter would have made it a 5 in my opinion.  The sandwich is served with a bag of chips.  

The fish:bread ratio is a tricky thing.  I thought there was not enough fish for the bread and toppings.  However – if you add more fish, then the sandwich is so thick it won’t fit in your mouth.  If you change the bread to something thinner, then you lose that fantastic ciabatta.  It is a true quandary. 

And I do want to say something about value:  I am scoring the sandwiches based on value for the dollar.  Using premium ingredients and pricing them accordingly, doesn’t make a value as I interpret our rubric.  And I am not saying there is anything wrong with that – it’s just a different measuring stick.  As I said, I am anxious to have another!

Misty’s Comments:

I was hesitant to try the fish sandwich at Bluegrass…it was $10 -a little expensive in my book for a sandwich & chips.  And after all, they do have the best sandwich in town, the asparagus blue cheese.  But since I had that one earlier in the week, I decided to be reckless, take one for the blog and order the fish sandwich.  I’m glad I did.

The sandwich was the prettiest fish sandwich I have ever seen.  The Ciabatta bun, the dark battered fried fish, the huge mounds of deep green lettuce, the red tomato…it was love at first sight.

There were a lot of good things about this sandwich.  But the one that stood out for me was the breading.  Man, I was digging that breading.  It was hot and crispy.  I mean really crispy and a great taste, too.

This has been my favorite fish sandwich so far.

Phil’s Comments:

Phil could not be reached for comment.

If you go-

Bluegrass Kitchen
1600 Washington Street East
Charleston, WV 25311-2127
(304) 346-2871

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