Top Fish – Week Three: Arby’s

The Fork You Crew had to check out the amazingly low priced Fish Sandwich combo at Arby’s as a part of our Top Fish research.  And it comes with curly fries – score!

Check out Arby’s scores on the Top Fish rubric:

Daniel’s Comments:

Arby’s has never been one of my go to fast food chains.  I remember really enjoying their chicken tenders and curly fries, but the tenders have been replaced by popcorn chicken at our normal location.  On to the fish sandwich – This will do in a pinch.  It is a thicker piece of fish, which I like but appears to be pieces and parts formed into a frozen fillet.  My bun was falling apart.  I liked the shredded lettuce and the tangy tarter sauce.

If you are tired of beef, the fish will do.

Misty’s Comments:

I liked this fish sandwich…I’m not sure you can beat the value.

It’s not a huge fish sandwich.   It was just an ordinary Arby’s sesame seed bun (which I like- I’m not intimidated by a non-toasted bun!) with an average size piece of fish.  I was impressed that the fish was bigger than the bun and was hanging over the edge.  I liked the taste of the fish and shredded lettuce is always a plus.

On the downside, I had to do a lot of re-assembling when I got it.  Not a big deal because I usually have to perform re-allocation at a fast food joint to make sure everything is evenly distributed.  The real bummer was the crispiness of the fish.  There wasn’t any.  It was kinda rubbery.  I know the fryer was working…I could see it and my fries were hot and crispy.

This sandwich would have been great if the fish was crispy…especially if you factor in the curly fries. 

Susan’s Comments:

The fish fillet was shaped like real fish, but in a fast food restaurant and for the price, I wonder if it is indeed a fillet or pressed-together fishness.  Seemed like a fillet to me.

Size was average and what I expected for the price.  The bun was a soft sesame seed bun, not even toasted.  It was the low-point of the meal.

The breading has great potential.  However my breading was soft, as if it had been made ahead and parked under the red warming lamps, waiting on me to order it for the past 10 minutes.  I know they have a frying mechanism in that kithcen.  Toss that baby in the hot oil and crisp up the breading.   Oh, and toast the bun or get multi-grain or something.  Then this sandwich would be great.

For the price, though….it’s a great deal.  Sandwich, fries (curly!) and a drink for $3.99.

11 responses to “Top Fish – Week Three: Arby’s

  1. Hey there.

    I write for the dining guide at the Herald-Dispatch newspaper in Huntington and I’m a big fan of your wesbsite. I was just wondering if I could recommend Jewel City Seafood as a possible future contender in your Top Fish project. They make a really good fish sandwich.

    Paul S.

  2. Hi Paul-

    We’d love to try Jewel City Seafood. The problem is that the whole crew works in downtown Charleston and the majority of the Top Fish reviews are being conducted on our lunch hour. If I can get myself to Huntington (since I live in the Valley), I will check it out.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I really like Wendy’s and captian d’s fish sandwiches. captain d’s really rocks

  4. And omigod-the fish sandwich at clo’s

  5. Ever try the fish sandwich at Coleman’s Fish Market in Wheeling? Unless they’ve changed it in the 20 years or so since I’ve had one (doubtful) it’s just breaded fried fish on soft Wonder Bread-like white bread. I loved it as a kid when Dad would give me $5 to walk down and get us each a fish sandwich for lunch (probably twice that or more now).

    Unfortunately, the last few times I’ve been in Wheeling it’s been late, or I was just driving through in a hurry.

  6. I’ve had Clo’s fish I’m sure her fish sandwich would also be very good. . . but finding the best fish sandwich in Charleston is like trying to find the best bbq in Charleston. Mediocre at best.
    Now, a few years back, there was a bbq joint up in Ripley that made some good q AND they made a killer fresh fish sandwich from walleye fillets they got from up around Toledo OH (where they were from).
    Best fish sandwich in WV: Coleman’s in Wheeling (Ontario white fish). Really, the only one I know of worth mentioning.

  7. Is that fish sandwich at Clo’s on white bread? I thought someplace on the west side had one on white bread.

  8. An overlooked place for a fish sandwich is Leonards. It’s in the same building as Sushi Atlantic on Shrewsbury but it’s in the back. (You may also have seen them at some of the summer events where they set up booths)

    It’s takeout only and very old school. Lightly battered fillets on plain white bread. Nothing fancy but quite good.

  9. This is actually one of the best fast food fish sandwiches I’ve come across. I reviewed it last year and haven’t had it since, but it was pretty good.

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  11. We have A

    rby in wooster Ohio on Cleveland Rd.
    I loved those fish sandwiches but now they dont have them anymore why? Please put them back on the menu

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