Top Fish – Bonus Post – Tidewater

Another day, another fish sandwich.  Oh, the sacrifices I make for this blog.  < sigh>

Overall, I really liked the taste of this fish, I just wish it had been amped up a little.  After all, Tidewater is a SEAFOOD restaurant.  I expected more.  Let’s check out their Scorecard:

As you can see from the photo, there was an offensive pickle on my plate.  Thank goodness it was resting on top of the tomatoes and not making contact with any bread or fish.  Sorry tomatoes, but you’ve got to go now that you have been tainted with pickly pickle juice. 

The appearance of the sandwich was average.  By serving it open as they did, it makes it look like you are getting more than you are.  It consists of one medium-sized breaded fish fillet, lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce and a dadgum pickle.

The bun was, again, simply average.  It was lightly toasted but there was absolutely nothing interesting about it whatsoever.  By this time, I am yawning.

The fish appears to be freshly breaded.  Upon tasting, the fish is flaky and seemingly fresh.  Things are looking up!  The breading is very tasty and fried to perfect crispness.  Even with the boring bread, the overall taste of this sandwich is very good.  

For your $8.95, you receive the sandwich and one side.  In my opinion, that is a little steep for one average-sized fish fillet.  Add another fillet, and I leave a satisfied customer.  It’s impossible not to compare one fish sandwich to another and when I do that, I find that this particular offering is a below-average value.  On the bright side – you do receive a basket of delicious poppyseed rolls with your meal.  Like I needed any more bread, huh?  But you know I had to eat one!

If you go:

Tidewater Grill
1060 Charleston Town Ctr
Charleston, WV 25389
(304) 345-2620

6 responses to “Top Fish – Bonus Post – Tidewater

  1. If I found the presence of french fries on my plate offensive, would you find that a little weird?

  2. I have been reading & enjoying your fish sandwich reviews.

    Alas, the best fish sandwich I ever had in the Kanawha Valley is long gone- Shoney’s orginal Kingfish sandwich. I have lived out of state for 35 years, but I still remember how good the Kingfish sandwich was. Going to Shoney’s & getting curbside food was a rite of passage in the 1050’s & 60’s. Carloads of girls would park next to carloads of boys & flirting would ensue.
    When my husband(44 years in July) & I were dating we always ended our date at Shoney’s

  3. HK-

    I am so quirky about food that I have no right to judge others’ preferences.

    Do the fries offend you because you expect slaw instead?

  4. I had this last week and it came without the tartar sauce and the fries tasted like they were leftovers from a couple days before.

  5. Lawbot,
    I was not impressed with my fries, either. Maybe that’s why they offended HK???

  6. Is this Tidewater at all related to the Tidewater in Havre de Grace, Maryland?

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