Top Fish – Week Two: Diehl’s

If this wasn’t a Top Fish post it would be titled “It’s All About the Pie”.  Diehl’s is an institution in Nitro,WV and deserves a full review at some point. For this post, I’ll try to keep my thoughts to their flounder fish sandwich.

Diehl’s fish sandwich contains two fillets of lightly breaded flounder. The fish had a mild flavor and the flavor of the crunchy breading didn’t overpower the fish. It was served on a soft sesame seed bun that was slightly crushed. The tarter sauce was tangy sweet and the shredded lettuce was fresh and crisp.

One of Diehl’s best items is the fried potatoes. They were an add-on – the sandwich doesn’t come with any sides. The waxy potatoes are tender and have large pieces of golden brown goodness mixed throughout. They are very lightly seasoned. You’ll need to add a shake of salt.

I’d tell you about the pie, but you’d just go and eat it all, leaving me with none.

If you go:

Diehl’s Restaurant
152 Main Avenue
Nitro, WV 25143-1287
(304) 755-9353

5 responses to “Top Fish – Week Two: Diehl’s

  1. How about I just eat all of their coconut cream pie? That will leave a few other slices left over for you. 😉

  2. Show up early if you want the pie, it sells out quickly. If you want a burger bigger than your head try the “Josh Culbertson” (named for a Nitro High football stand-out).

    • Actually you can show up too early for pie. They are closed Mondays. So if you go for lunch on Tuesday the pies are ready to cut at lunch. Thursday is also a hit or miss day for pie…most likely due to food deliveries. They cut their pie into 1/6th I think. The coconut cream is perfection. I’ve already said too much.

  3. I can’t even look at the fish sandwich…because I can’t get past those yummy fried potatoes! I could eat a whole plate of those. I LOOOOOVE them.

  4. OMG i LOVE their fried potatoes!!

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