Top Fish – Bonus Post – Applebee’s

I felt it was my civic duty to post this Top Fish review as soon as possible to prevent any of you, dear readers, from ordering this travesty of a fish sandwich.

Sure, it doesn’t look that bad, but let’s see how it fared on the Scorecard:

The Battered Fish Sandwich and the Hand-Battered Fish & Chips dinner (for $9.99) are new items on the menu.  I am guessing that after Easter they will quickly disappear off the menu as fast as they appeared. 
Applebee’s menu describes this sandwich as follows:
Our hand-battered fish filet, golden fried and placed on a toasted bakery bun with tartar sauce and lettuce. Served with fries.

Hand battered???  C’mon, people.  I might believe that some hands, somewhere, assisted with the application of the breading on an assembly line.  But I do not believe that there are hands back in the Teays Valley Applebee’s kitchen putting batter on these filets before dropping them in the fryer.

The sandwich, overall, is average.  Nothing about the fish seems fresh or freshly battered.  The bun, however, was of the lightly toasted multi-grain varitey.  The bun was the best part of this sandwich.

For $7.99, I expected more, especially after enjoying the Big Fish at Capitol Market which is available in a combo with fries and slaw for $7.50.  The Big Fish has a lot more fish, tasted fresh and was freshly breaded.  All for a cheaper price.  Although both places offer frozen fries, Capitol Market has Applebee’s beat there, too. 

If you are considering hitting the local Applebee’s for the new fish sandwich, I would recommend going somewhere else instead.


One response to “Top Fish – Bonus Post – Applebee’s

  1. EWWWW! I knew when I saw the picture the entire thing came out of a bag. So gross!

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