Top Fish – Week One: Fresh Seafood Company

Week One of our quest to for the best fish sandwich in Charleston finds us at Capitol Market.  Word on the street is, the Big Fish Sandwich at the Fresh Seafood Company is one of the biggest and freshest available around these parts. 

The results of our tests are as follows:

The Big Fish is two large, thin fillets of snow cod, coated with a peppery breading, fried crisp.  Snow cod is an Alaskan whitefish that may also be called Alaska pollock or walleye pollock.  The fish is served on a large croissant.  You are asked if you want tartar sauce when ordering.  The sandwich alone is $5.50 and is available in a combo for $7.25 which includes fries and slaw.

As you can see, the Big Fish was a big hit.  A combined score of 4.53 out of 5 seems high enough to put them in contention for the top honor. 

Misty’s Comments:

It was interesting to see how each of us tried to eat the big, fish sandwich at the Fresh Seafood Company.  We each had a different approach.  My approach…cut this big boy in half.

The first bite I took, I almost burnt the roof of my mouth.  This fish was piping hot and was straight out of the fryer.  It was so crispy and delicious.  I loved the peppery coating.  I loved the croissant (the only thing that would have made it better is if it was slighly toasted).

I even ate this sandwich without mayo…which rarely happens.  But this sandwich had enough moisture and taste, that I didn’t need to add condiments!

My only complaint…if this is really one…is that there was a little too much fish on the bun for me.  So, I had to take a lesson from Phil.  I pulled some of the fish apart and ate the fish plain- without the bun.

I was stuffed after I ate this sandwich…I am glad I didn’t order fries!

Phil’s Comments:

Obviously, according to his scoring, Phil was not as impressed with the overall appearance of the sandwich as the ladies were.  Size matters, dude.  Perhaps it was the fish hanging past the bun.  He carefully tore bites off the exposed fillets until the fillets conformed to the shape of the croissant.  Then he picked it up and ate it like a sandwich.

Phil also enjoyed the hot sauce served alongside.

Susan’s Comments:

I have eaten here several times but never ordered the sandwich, even at Ron’s recommendation, because I just knew I wouldn’t like fried fish on a croissant.  It didn’t seem to go together in my mind and I prefer toasted buns anyway.  I can’t believe I have been missing out on this fabulous sandwich all those years!  The breading on the fish was so crispy, I didn’t miss the toasted bun.  The croissant was soft and buttery.  So buttery, in fact, that I had butter fingers. 

Indeed this is a large sandwich.  I could have split one with Misty and in the interest of our waistlines we probably should have done just that.  But it was so delicious, it was tough to feel too guilty about eating the whole thing.  The large size, overhanging fillets (due to their large size) and the softness of the bun results in difficulty getting it from the styrofoam container to your mouth.  Being the clever gal I am, I decided to resize and rearrange the fillets to more closely resemble the shape of the bun – see Figure A below.

Figure A

The thin fillets turned out to be a bonus: layering two thin fillets instead of one thick one means you get four layers of that golden brown crispy breading in every bite! 

I will definitely be back for another Big Fish and I recommend you do the same.

Fresh Seafood Company at Capitol Market
800 Smith Street
Charleston, WV 25301-1213
(304) 343-3134

4 responses to “Top Fish – Week One: Fresh Seafood Company

  1. Love this place! Good food, good value. I drive 20 minutes to go there vs. 5 minutes to a Long John Silver’s or Captain D.

  2. I’m not a big fish or seafood fan in general, but like this sandwich.

    Off topic, I really like their (very similar) chicken strips sandwich, which also hangs way off the croissant, is always hot straight from the fryer, cooked to order, and has the same great breading.

    Decent hot dogs here too.

  3. Had one yesterday, as always fantastic… plus the Clam Chowder was tasty too!

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