Fast Food Burger: The Sequel – Wendy’s Bacon Deluxe!!

Ron says…

Like James Cameron working for a decade on the movie Avatar, I have been working on my next signature post.  Remember the last one?

Well like a Hollywood blockbuster, I’ll follow the same format for success and keep beating it like a dead horse and see if with this post I can generate the same response.

So, several months ago, you may have recalled seeing the attached video:

It wasn’t long that Fork You was approached to give it a review.  We, who am I kidding?  I gladly obliged and we were sent a couple gift cards.  All the while promising a review.  Over the past months the kind Wendy’s lady probably thought we just swiped her gift cards and sent them out as stocking stuffers for our kids. 

That’s not true, our kids don’t deserve such a treat. 

No we actually put them to use…I even mentioned trying to use the gift card at the Flatwoods Wendy’s in the infamous “you-must-support-a-West-Virginia-establishment-no-matter-how-crappy-they-are” post, aka: The Custard Stand review.

Well finally I tried it, and finally I’ve gotten around to finishing my post:

(please accept my apologies for my crappy iphone photos)

From the video we all know what was promised, a nice big sandwich with fresh applewood bacon.  To that end, I’ve heard about this thing called “Applewood” in ads from various other establishments.  So I asked myself what kind of cuisine credibility could I offer Fork You if I – a person who, when he sees bacon, must eat it and eat it all – did not even know what was meant by “Applewood”?   So I began some research:

wiki – nothing.
the baconbaconbacon blog – too much work to see if I can find any info there.
Finally I stumbled here and realize it’s simply a term for smoking using apple wood.  Supposedly it produces a lighter and sweeter smoke than hickory. 


But that’s what I found out, I’m sure someone will pipe in about cruelity of smoking beef in that it simply takes more dignity away from an already butchered animal.   Oh well…. that’s life on the food chain.

So I order my burger at the Kawawha City Wendy’s.  I get the single, you can also get a double and a calorie busting triple.  I ordered mine as pictured.  Normally I wouldn’t get cheese but I wanted the whole experience of this creation.

Placemat Picture

 Now that’s the picture from my the placemat at my table.  Remember I said as pictured. 

I know you’re waiting for it:

As Is...

My first reaction after the unveiling was – HOLY SMOKE… I see tomato.  I see Onion,  I see lettuce,  I see bacon, I see cheese.  

Remember the Angry Whopper picture….

I have to give Wendy’s an A- or B+ on this.  I think this is an honest effort.  The bun is different than a normal bun, you can tell that also.

But let’s look a little closer as I may be duped in some manner:

Under the hood

 FOUR PICKLES!!!!!  A RING OF ONION!!!!  all of this is miraculously fused to the top portion of my bun.  Ketchup…. looking good.

Under the hood.

 More onion, a couple pieces of Tomato, Lettuce spanning the burger…

Digging Deeper

Three pieces of bacon – ok it’s probably actually three half pieces of or three thirds.  But it’s still three noticeable pieces of bacon on my burger.  Cheese covering the patty?  Makes me wonder… When Wendy’s decided to go with a square pattty did they base the shape and size on the standard American cheese slice?

Side note:  Does anyone know why Wendy’s has a square patty?  Well according to one of those useless trivia books I have beside the Fork You Mansion’s throne, it has to do with the fact a square patty will be bigger than a circular patty with the same volume of meat.  A simple experiment can show you this:  Draw a square with 4″ sides.  Now in the center draw a circle with a 4″ Diameter (that would be a 2″ radius btw).  What happens?  the circle fits inside the square.  So Wendy’s approach offers illusion that you’re getting more meat because their patty is bigger than their bun. 

Ok, back to the task at hand:

So how was the burger?  Well it was good.  Much like any other burger I’ve ever gotten from Wendy’s.     The bacon was more noticable than I had anticipated.  That I did like.  However, other than the stronger bacon presence, the burger was much like this review – something that happens with a lot of movie sequels – all fluff and not much substance.

It’s a burger.  A better than average fast food burger?  Yes.   Yet I still came away feeling slightly less satisfied for the cost.  Like my previous burger review, it seems it has the same issue in that for a couple dollars more I could purchase a burger and fries at a more upscale place and feel much more satisfied.  

That’s really my only gripe…. I think it’s a pretty good burger just a little costly.  This burger alone used the majority of our $5.00 gift card.  It exceeds that for the combo meal.   In my twisted world – I should be able to walk out the door for $5 with this burger, fries and drink.

Just to let you know, I have used the other gift card on another Bacon Deluxe and it was very similiar in size and ingredients.   So kudos for that.

Now remember my placemat?  Look closely at the left hand corner:

 It’s hard to read but it says “Flip over for fun kids’ games!”

Flip Over:


Nothing – guess the kids have to create their own fun games.

It’s this kind of attention to detail that I feel is displayed on the burger as well. 

The burger needs something to make me crave it.   I don’t know what, but something.  Other than that it’s still a pretty good fast food burger if you’re into that sort of stuff and you should check it out.  Then comment in our forum.

Here’s a few other reviews of the Wendy’s Bacon Deluxe to check out:

11 responses to “Fast Food Burger: The Sequel – Wendy’s Bacon Deluxe!!

  1. Huh?

    You lost me on the square burger explanation.

    pi r^2 where r=2 is approx 12.568 sq in area; 4 x 4== 16 sq. in

    So, a square with 4″ sides is larger in area than a circle with with a 4″ diameter(and volume if we assume equal thickness when we move to solid geometry from plane) , then you offer this puzzler:

    “So Wendy’s approach offers illusion that you’re getting more meat because their patty is bigger than their bun. ”

    After just going to the effort to show a 4″ square burger is BIGGER than a 4″ diameter circular one, you then seem to call the reality an illusion.

    If a round burger and a square burger are placed on the same 4″ diameter bun the square burger will not just appear bigger because it sticks out from the bun– it is bigger.

  2. Let’s just assume 1″ thick burgers to keep the math simple:

    4″ box w/ h of 1= volume of 16 sq”

    4″ diameter circle w/ h of 1 = 12.568 sq “approx

    For a cylindrical burger w/ a h of 1 to have a volume of of 16 sq”, its diameter would need to be approx 4.5″ which would, of course stick out from a 4″ bun — all the way around by 1/2 an inch.

  3. A more sensible explanation (if it’s not just to be different) is that you could get more meat cooking on the same space (and thus be more efficient and save energy) with straight sided burgers because you wouldn’t have the wasted space you get laying round items in a grid pattern,

  4. All this math talk is makin’ me hot. If only we could debit and credit something, too.

    Seriously, I thought it was either to cook more efficiently like Phil said or to ship more efficiently.

  5. Susan,

    I hope you remain hot when I correct myself and point out that I should have referred to cubic inches when I shifted from talking about area to volume. If so, how about posting a picture of yourself, preferably in glasses with a studious countenance and maybe a ruler and compass on the desk as you examine the burgers in question?

  6. The Bacon Deluxe is one tasty burger. $3.99 is a little steep though.

  7. demosthenes.or.locke

    Is it just me, or do the vegetables served atop Wendy’s burgers taste more fresh than the vegetables served atop the burgers of their competitors?

  8. I find it disturbing that I agree with Demo.

    Demo, it’s not only you. I feel the same. Their veggies do seem fresher.

  9. demosthenes.or.locke

    1000 monkeys on 1000 typewriters will eventually write the king james bible.

    Even Ron is right once in a while.

    I had this burger last time I was on the road and could not get anything better… I think the bacon is thicker than the bacon on Wendy’s 99 cent bacon burger.

  10. I am a “Big Bacon Classic Burger” (BBCB) at Wendy’s and I found the bacon deluxe to be better. The bacon was thicker cut, crispy unlike the thin, limp almost unnoticeable bacon on the BBCB. I agree with the veggie comments – although, I am not so sure they are fresher – just cut differently than a lot of other fast food chains-sliced instead of diced lettuce/onions. I will confess though, I think Wendy’s gets my business just because of their fries – burger-wise I’d have to go with Whataburger (sans bacon though). Oh, and because Wendy’s is just so darned fast at getting my order out! Amazing!

  11. they are squared because at wendys they dont cut corners so they keep them square… :0

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