Day 3 – sprechen Sie Englisch, Holzwurm – Ramstein, Germany

Dan says…

What happened to Day 2? In two words, jet lag. After we got to my sisters we got settled and she went to work for a few hours. I promptly fell asleep for a few hours. We ate in and then headed to the PX/BX to return a GPS unit. We shopped around for a few minutes and I came to this conclusion – the PX/BX is designed to separate young service personnel from their limited disposable income on overpriced crap.

Today we attempted to drive along the Rhine river to look at castles and vineyards, but after our car stalled every time we slowed to a stop we decided to go car shopping. Unlike the US you can’t walk in the dealership at 4PM and walk out at 5PM with a car. So my sister reserved a Volvo C30 that she get a week or so. I quizzed the Volvo representative about a good place to eat and he recommended a Thai place. WTF!

After a long day we parked in the village of Ramstein and started looking for a place to eat. A short walk down the brick and cobblestone streets brought us to Holzwurm.

Holzurm is a small watering hole in the main shopping district. It is a cozy little place and was decorated for the holidays. We reviewed the German menu and decided on one of the two items we recognized. The owner came over and my sister asked if he spoke English. He told us not very well, but his wife did and she would be back soon. My sister went ahead and ordered with her broken German. She hit a homerun!

I was very thirsty and the Bitburger pilsner for about 2 euros. It had a golden hue and a large foamy head. It hit the spot. Our salads arrived and they were delicious. The most tender bib lettuce was accompanied by tomatoes, cucumbers, green bean relish, shredded radish and onions. Then it was topped with a sweet vinaigrette.

Our Jägerschnitzel with pommes was next. It was a thin cullet of pork breads and fried. It was cover with a rich brown gravy and garnished with fresh parsley and mushrooms. The fries were of the frozen variety, but were yummy dipped in gravy. This meal was 8 euros.

The English-speaking wife packed our leftovers and collected our tab. My sis rounded up to the next whole euro for gratuity. This place was smoky, but you’ll have that in a bar. Three forks.

I appolizefor bad grammar and misspellings.  I’m trying to post this before we get on the train for Paris.

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