Day 1 – Guten Appetit, Lufthansa Flight 419

Dan says…

Dinner at 37000 feet. You should know that this review might be written by Misty, Phil, Tracey and maybe by Ron, but it will never be written by Susan. She doesn’t like flying. Period. There are a few things she would like about Lufftansa, more on that in a moment.

Food on domestic flight with a coach ticket is long gone. Sure you can fork over eight bucks for a cold sandwich or salad, but it’s a good chance that they’ll be out of the southwest chicken salad by the time they get back to the unwashed masses behind the wing. It is a whole another story on an international flight.

Luftansa hooks you up on this B747-400. On the jet way you have an opportunity to grab various newspapers and magazines. Most where in German so I passed. At your seat you are greeted with the basics of an overnight flight – pillow, blanket and headphones. After quick taxi we were in the air flying towards 37,000 feet at 599 mph. Once at cruising altitude we were quickly served a snack of crackers and a beverage. I asked for a ginger-ale, but they didn’t have any so I settled for Sprite. What I didn’t realize and what Susan would love is than beer and wine was available at no additional charge.

After a hot towel it was time for dinner. The crew was efficient. They first dispatched the kosher and vegan meals with ease. Chicken or pasta? We were asked. Fearing an over cooked chicken I opted for pasta. The tray included cold roasted vegetable salad, a cibata roll, dark chocolate brownie, cheese and the pasta main course. The pasta were seasoned ricotta filled tubes in a marinara sauce. The pasta was tender and the cheese filling was flavorful, but the marinara was blah. The star was the roasted vegetable salad. Perfectly blanched broccoli is paired with red and yellow roasted red peppers then served with a ginger sesame dressing.

The roll was cold. The brownie was moist with a strong dark chocolate flavor. It was garnished with a strawberry and whipped cream. It was delicious. I ended the meal with a sliced of montery jack cheese. Trying to act French I guess.

I washed all this down with a Warsteiner. The next treat was coffee or tea with (wait for it Susan) your choice of Bailey’s or cognac. I went for Bailey’s on the rocks It is apparent that the are trying to mellow us out so we will sleep. I’ll blame my many misspellings on the generosity of Germany’s national airline.

After five more hours of flight time and my second inflight viewing of the Time Travelers Wife in five days a breakfast snack was served. A cup of fresh fruit made up of tiny cubes of watermelon, kiwi, pineapple and blueberries was presented with sharp cheddar cheese, a multigrain roll, a granola bar and your choice of beverage. I opted for some OJ.

Now if this was a sit down restaurant I would be awarding Luftansa with three forks, but for service above 37,000 feet it deserves four forks.

2 responses to “Day 1 – Guten Appetit, Lufthansa Flight 419

  1. Those pictures remind me of the “good old days” of flying. Nothing like eating every couple of hours to break up the monotony! The after-dinner liqueurs are a nice touch.

  2. I have found that foreign airlines do EVERYTHING better than we do, from customer service to food to the condition of the planes. I refuse to ever fly to Europe again on that Greyhound bus with wings called U.S. Air. It’s dirty, the female stewards are old and fat enough to be my grandma, and the planes “smell”. I have been flying SAS Airlines ever since I discovered the opposite: GREAT food! GREAT service! YOUNG Stewards! GREAT airplanes.

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