@UrBaconMeCrazy Contest – go check it out.

Ron Says ~

Ok, I’ve been asked to post this.   It concerns a Wendy’s promotion, and because Fork You was fortunate enough to receive some gift cards to try out their new Bacon Deluxe Burger.  I thought I would spread the love…  (yes… if you’re a chainfood snob, you are still allowed to participate)


For a chance to win $2000, go on Twitter and follow @UrBaconMeCrazy… the contest ends Friday ( 11.20.09  ) at some point.  You can also win one of two daily gift card give-a-ways.

Now, that being said, as I mentioned over I have been dragging my heels as I promised to review that Bacon Deluxe Burger and I haven’t done so.  I will very soon.   I want to give them credit as they were warned about my last burger review… remember the Mildly Upset Whopper?  Yet they still climbed in the ring..  So I’ll try to get that up next week sometime.

Also, to win another bottle of Country Bob’s look below or just click here as that contest ends on Friday I think!!  You people are lazy.

2 responses to “@UrBaconMeCrazy Contest – go check it out.

  1. Way to get people to participate, Ron – insult them by calling them lazy.

    Well….you’re a bad speller. So there.

  2. I scrolled down and clicked on the original post myself, Susan. It was very tiring though and now I need a nap. *yawn*

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