Early Morning Quicky – Pizza Closings!!!


The Charleston Daily Mail’s very own George Hohmann is reporting that two Bellacino’s pizza joints are closing.


The paper article tells us the official story, now all you fabulous commentors feel free to tell us all the rumors, propaganda,  unfactual reasoning, and inuendo for the unfortunate demise of these two fine places.


13 responses to “Early Morning Quicky – Pizza Closings!!!

  1. I have a review of Bellacino’s to post this week. I had a most unfortunate run-in with a turkey grinder.

    Daniel refuses to write anything, citing his “principles” against chain reviews. I want to point out, however, that one commenter recently said they were “waiting for a review of BW3” on this site. Take that, Dan!

  2. SUSAN sitting on a blog post… now would be a perfect time to post it.. have to keep up with current events…

    Dan still writes for us?? I thought he was starting a Photo of Every-other-day Blog?

  3. When I was there a couple of months ago, employees were coming in angry. Either they weren’t getting their checks or the checks were bouncing. I just know it was not pretty

  4. Per the sign on the window, they are sorting out an ownership issue or some such thing.

  5. Crap. I actually liked Bellacino’s. Right on Cap. St., quick and relatively tasty. It always seemed quite crowded at lunch.

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  7. They, like many other small businesses are having IRS issues. They are attempting to open under new management.

  8. WVJay-
    What do you mean by that? IRS issues? We all have IRS issues – it’s called taxes. But we also know they have to be calculated and paid so I don’t see how that can be the cause of a business failure.

  9. They HAVE to be paid?? Hahaha!…. yea.. eventually.

  10. I’ve always said that if all Americans had do pay their taxes the way small business owners do — that is, hang on to the money and send it in in quarterly lump sums — that there would be a revolution. A revolution, I say!

    Not that I’m one of those anti-tax zealots. Freedom isn’t free, and neither are roads.

  11. the IRS is acually pretty accomodating about small business people being tardy with THEIR tax payments. interest and penalties will likely be assessed but as long as honrst returns are filed , the IRS will be patient.

    Now, when a business fails to remit the trust fund (payroll) taxes due from their employees that are required to be deducted from employee’s pay and are then only held in trust by the business for remittance to the the treasury, the IRs takes a much less tolerant view about failure to pay on time. because if the money was in fact in a trust account as mandated by law there could be no problem with timely remittance.

  12. demosthenes.or.locke

    Someone screwed something up royally if the bellacinos on capitol st. is going under- I ate lunch there probably once a month and always had to wait, even if I came in at 1130 or 1….. The sandwiches were decent and so was the pizza. hard to see it going under with worse holes all over downtown.

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