Trick or Treat – What Are You Giving Out Tonight?


What and how you hand out treats to the ghouls and goblins on Trick or Treat night says a lot about a person.  Here’s what the Fork You crew will be doing tonight:


Misty is giving out a veritable smorgasborg of Halloween treats: Blow Pops, Pixie Stix, M&Ms, Twix, Snickers (all snack size), Dum Dums, Skittles, Smarties and Starburst.  Oh, and some leftover Easter M&Ms in pastel colors.  No one will know, right?

She considered leaving distribution duties to her husband who employs the “more is better” philosophy, giving out a handful of candies to each child.  After said consideration, Misty will give each child 1-3 pieces, depending on the quality of the candy and adjusts the composition according to each child’s age.  Have we mentioned that Misty is a little bit particular?  No wonder her husband just gives out handfuls.

If a child rings Misty’s doorbell without a costume…well, that’s what the Easter M&Ms are for.


Susan has been trying to buy candy faster than Ron can consume it.  Having amassed an adequate inventory of bubble gum, Skittles, Pixie Stix, gummy spiders and snack bags of pretzels, she is now hoping Ron actually HANDS OUT the goods tonight before he eats the rest of it.

It’s hard to tell what kind of torture Ron will put non-costumed kids through. 

If it were up to her, each kiddie would receive only one item each – after all, there are over 150 homes in her subdivision and what kid needs THAT much candy? 

And I think we all know who the cheapskate is now due to the lack of chocolate in Susan’s candy bowl.


Daniel will be distributing a variety of chocolate snack-size candies including Snickers, Twix and M&Ms.  He hands out one item per child but if you are in Daniel’s neighborhood tonight, keep in mind Bonus Hours are from 7:30 -8:00 when he will be doubling the serving size of the treats. 

He has a stash of leftover candy from previous holidays, as far back as Valentine’s Day, that will be given to those not wearing costumes. 

Daniel has observed that there is an inverse relationship between the slope of your street and the amount of candy you need to buy.


Due to the relatively light child traffic in the neighborhood and the propensity for us to over-purchase, you will likely get a handful of candy at our home.  I believe that the purchased items included Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Snickers, Baby Ruths, Nestle Crunches, Butterfingers, and Starburst, amongst other things.  Basically, we purchase the candies that we like to eat ourselves (again maybe why we overpurchase in the first place.)

Although we may have old candy around the house, only fresh is handed out.  And, if you get an invitation to the costume party this Saturday, the food only gets better!

What About You?

Tell us what you’ll be giving out to the kiddies tonight in a comment below.  We’ll select one commenter at random to receive a free bottle of Country Bob’s All-Purpose Sauce.

Happy Halloween!

9 responses to “Trick or Treat – What Are You Giving Out Tonight?

  1. sour patch kids and swedish fish – we keep the chocolate for ourselves!

  2. We have Tootsie rolls, all flavors and sizes, Tootsie pops, and Dots. We obviously bought the sampler bag at Sam’s. I bought the good stuff, Milky Ways, last week but it was too early and the husband ate every last bar!

  3. In the tricks or treats bowl we have a mixture of the good stuff ie: Twix, Reeses Cups, M&M’s. Then there is the candy I have deemed the second rate from my childhood ie: Dots, Charleston Chews and Jr. Mints.

  4. RON DID –

    Turn three kids away for not wearing costumes.

    informed two kids i thought they were too old to be doing this, and should instead be out toilet papering and egging homes.

    Handed out all the candy, except three butterfingers.

    consumed several beverages while listening to Black Sabbath.

  5. I gave out assorted M&M fun sized packs. We live on a little out of the way one block street that nobody usually realizes is there and we usually don’t get too many kids, so I only got one bag.

    Apparantly some big mouth told them we were open for business so I ran out of candy by 7. I’ll be ready next year!

    I had several teenagers and I would have turned them away but they had costumes on so I gave them a pass. The oddest person I had was some short, older middle aged woman dressed in footie pajamas with her hair in braids. I was so stunned, I gave her candy anyway.

  6. I hand out generous quantities of the good stuff to little kids but just a single Kiss to people in their mid-teens unless thay have a younger sibling with them.

    I’v had that thought, Ron but bite, my tongue because you can T or T early and egg late.

    A sign of the apocalypse: One trick or treater was pregnant!

  7. This year I decided to break with tradition, and instead of handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, I handed out packs of cigarettes. You should’ve seen the faces of those little moppets light up when the “Marlboro Man” gave them their treats!

    I’ll bet I get lots more kids NEXT year!

  8. Apples. . .Road Apples, fresh from the barn.

  9. I have a method to what I buy for the Halooween bowl. Nothing I won’t eat if it’s left over. 😉

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