News Nugget: Capitol Street Grill

Ron Says…

OK, because “the Five” are too busy eating at the same joints they always eat at every week and are too lazy to provide any content.

I’ll have to pick up the slack – albeit just a little because I’m lazy like that.

You may have noticed this article in the Daily Mail today (10.6.09):

Bar, grill opens in downtown Charleston

Let me first say that I have not been there, and I am looking forward to trying it.  I always love it when a new bar opens up.  But after reading the aforementioned article….  I have to wonder about the logic some of our great entrepreneurs….(or at least what they say to the press)

Take this statement (again only from the article and we all know how reporters can be)

“Capitol Street Grill is open noon to 3:00 am Monday through Friday, and 8:00 pm to 3:00 Saturday.”  – Reasonable hours I admit, but wait…

“You can come in with friends, have a conversation and watch a football game without being overwhelmed by noise,” Crowder said. – Ok, I’m a football fan.  One thing I know is that in order to watch a football game, a football game must first be on the television.  When are most football games on?  Saturday day – College – yes there is usually a primetime game on after 8pm that is true.  But most are on Saturday beginning at noon and running into the evening.   The other big Football day is SUNDAY – Capitol Street Grill isn’t even open Sunday.   Yes, I realize there’s Monday Night Football, and a College game typically on Thursdays, but to me if you’re really going for a laid-back crowd that likes to watch games and stuff it seems you’re missing the prime viewing time. 

“The 10 Capitol St. location was opened by friends Scott Carpenter and James Crowder, who turned their prior experience in the restaurant industry into a new lunchtime and nighttime destination for locals.” – glad they mentioned the location, and I am thankful these two entrepreneurs are taking a stab at this and putting themselves on the line for my stupid irrelevant comments…my problem was that I had to go to page two of the article to really see what the detailed qualifications were of these two guys.  One managed the Outback and has opened a few of the stores across the country.   That sounds good to me, I like the Outback.  The other was / is a bartender.

Thankfully the article does mention a specific that’s a favorite of mine:

Happy hour specials run from 5 to 7 p.m. and include $2 domestic bottles and $4 Jagermeister  bombs.  that’s right Happy Hour from five to seven.  That means I have to wait around downtown for an extra hour after getting off of work to enjoy my budget friendly $2 Bud Light Longneck – YES I’M BEING SARCASTIC – doesn’t sound like much of a bargain to me…… Go down the street to Sam’s as the last time I was there they had $5 Pitchers.   Shit you may as well just put a sign on the door that says “Happy Hour – buy as many as you want”.  

Seriously this little joint in Teays Valley called the Creekside – has $1.25  for 16oz or 20 oz drafts (sorry I forget how big they were as I drank too many of them but you get the point)  Is this a good time to mention that the Outbacks Happy Hour is from 4PM – 7PM and offers Two for the price of one drafts and I think well drinks?  Mathmatically it’s a better deal than a $2 Bud Light (trust me I’ve done the math).  I’m starting to wonder about that resume.

The restaurant serves wings, soups, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and salads. They plan to make local deliveries in downtown Charleston by next week – Ok so there’s what’s being served up on the Grill… Personally I like all of those items.  The article goes into some more detail about Scott’s special Pulled Pork Sandwich, and a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich… They say it’s the true way to make one.  I don’t know, but I had a good sandwich last time I was in Reading PA.  Nevertheless, I’ll have to try it out, and next time I have a friend from Philly in, we’ll have to do some investigation.   Unfortunately the Daily Mail left off the one newsworthy and informative nugget – and that’s the menu or any suggested link to the prices of these great items.  You’ll have to ask the Daily Mail why they left that out.

My tone may be cynical, as I was really tore up about the football comment and the hours of operation as I thought those statements were hypocrytical.  It doesn’t sound like it’s a sportsbar, as it mentions that there are only two TV’s.   So don’t go there expecting Murad’s.  

But in all honesty, I look forward to checking the place out, and you should too.  If you’ve been there how was it?

Let the comments begin…

16 responses to “News Nugget: Capitol Street Grill

  1. If they want to catch the lunch crowd, they should open around 11. Folks that come to work early like to eat early and some people want to beat the traffic and crowds at high noon.

    • Susan may ask when exactly you visited the Capitol St. Grill? Because there has been a lot of changes, and I do believe you would change your mind if you gave us another shot. But, if you do, please call ahead of time, because our hours of operation have changed.
      Look forward to meeting you and serving you again hopefully.

  2. demosthenes.or.locke

    They are talking about football but based on their hours they are obviously targeting the business lunch people that fill Sam’s every day. Susan is right on regarding 11.

    Charleston needs a bar downtown that isn’t a dive or a lawyer/finance/yuppie pit. Here’s hoping this place is it.

    They better watch calling themselves “the grill” or they may run into some problems. Capitol St. Grill has a nice ring to it anyway.

  3. SagaciousHillbilly

    yaaaaawn. . . another bar with food joint. Like most, it’ll probably be booze first food a distant second.

    Why don’t you go down Q St. across from the hospital and try “Clo’s.”

  4. If they go to Quarrier St., they won’t find it. You ought to at least learn how to give directions. That street is called WASHINGTON Street.

  5. Had lunch at the CSG. My Philly cheesesteak was a small (maybe 8-9″) and stale store bought bun with a skimpy amount of meat, peppers and onions which cost 7$. I definitely would not recommend it.

    The service was prompt and friendly so I might give it another shot and try a burger, but it would have to be a LOT better than the cheesesteak for me to give it any more tries.

    My initial impression is it’s a lot like Sam’s a few doors down but not as good. I’d think if you aren’t going to be different than an established place that close you better be better or cheaper and I don’t think it is.

  6. I had lunch there today. Hoped to find a hot dog, but alas, none on the menu.

    Had a decent pulled pork sandwich; nothing to write home about. My dining companion had a salad that was small for the price.

    They had exactly four customers during the entire noon hour. If you want to try it I would suggest that you hurry, because I’m betting it’s gone before Thanksgiving.

  7. stanton,
    So sorry you thought our prices at the CSG were big and our food was small. Please keep in mind that we had only been open a month when you visited us. Since then we have made a few changes, our prices are a bit lower and our dishes are larger. We get great comments from atleast 9 out of 10 customers, and we would like to invite you back in to give us another try, (on us of corse). We are making every effort to make our customers very satisfied, and have gotten a whole new crew since your visit. And even though we still dont have hot dogs on our menu, we plan to start serving them by the end of april. And hey, thanksgiving and even christmas, new years eve, and valentines day has came and gone, and we are still open! So it seems that we have made some great changes that are now working well for us.
    So, please come in and give us another try.

  8. Phil I. Stein

    Dee makes a much better case for her establishment than the owners in the infamous Tricky Fish debacle. I can’t speak for Stanton but, due to Dee’s polite tone and responsiveness to constructive criticism, I will give it another try.

  9. Hi Dee-

    Our visit was November 18.

    Could you give us the new hours of operation so all the readers will know when they grab a bite at your place?

    If we have an opportunity to be downtown for lunch or after work, I am game to try it again. Do you have a fish sandwich? We are hot and heavy into those for our Top Fish reviews during lent.

    Thanks for writing in!!

  10. Well, I went to give it another try and it’s dark at 12:30 PM on a weekday and the front glass has been shattered.

  11. i had visit capital street grill. i need to say the wait staff and owner were so nice. the 2 ladies behind the bar were so sweet anbd made me feel so welcomed. they offer me some draft beer specials and wing. i had a bud lite draft and hot wings. yummmy those wings were so good. the owner scott asked me how was everything? i said to him , everything is great. he told me about the events that go on during the week. live music and my fave karaoke night. so i told my friends at the office and we are going next week to karaoke night. i want to say thank you capital street grill for the wonderfull service. i’m looking foward to coming next week with my friends.

  12. hey sis i want to see the picture we took on your b day. love ya. your bar rocks

  13. Thank you marilyn, for your gracious comments! I am so happy you enjoyed your visit with us. And yes, Thursday from 10pm-closing we have Billy Thomas hosting Karaoke for us. And there’s no cover charge, ever! Billy also plays all your favorite tunes on Saturday’s from 10-close.

    Phil so sorry we were closed up that day, the owner, Scott, cooks day shift and he had been having some family matters that he had to attend to. Come back by and tell Scott that Denise said lunch was on her!

    Susan, I sure can.
    Monday-Friday 11am-3pm & 7pm-close
    Saturday 7pm-close
    Business is slow on Sunday’s, so call ahead, 304-347-0069, If you are thinking of heading our way. And if you would like us to start opening on a regular basis on Sunday’s please let us know. Would love to get the businesses on Capitol Street up and running good again!
    Oh and BTW, the shattered front door is fixed, and it happened after we had shut down. Just incase you were wondering.
    Have a pleasent day folks!

  14. Oh, and, Stanton, Hot dogs are on the menu now. Havent tried one myself yet, but have heard they are really good. Come try one!

  15. Tryin this place out on July 30…looking forward to it!

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