Poll – Do you tip at buffets?

Susan says:
I am curious do you tip at buffets?


17 responses to “Poll – Do you tip at buffets?

  1. It depends. Some buffet places have servers (or employees anyway) who bring you drinks, clear plates and the like. If so, I’ll leave a little for them (not a 20% tip though, just a few bucks on the table). Otherwise I do not tip at a buffet.

  2. If the server keeps my drink glass filled and maybe bring me certain sauces not on the buffet, I might leave a dollar or so. If I fill my own drinks at a dispenser, I don’t leave anything.

  3. I tip the service… If it sucks.. no tip. If it’s good, I tip.

    If it’s average I think about not tipping, and sometimes I don’t.

    If 12oz beers are $3 or more, I assume the gratuity is built into the cost of the beer. (unless I’m at a strip bar)

    If the Pizza place charges for delivery – NO TIP. (that means you Papa Johns)

    I do not tip buffets… it’s the law that you need a clean plate. If they don’t put it out by the table, then they are required to bring it to you.

    I don’t believe in a mandatory tip. If the servers don’t like the wages they are offered then don’t take the job. I don’t have to subsidize your freaking income. If you want a stinking tip, then work for it.

  4. The problem with not tipping if a pizza place charges for delivery or if the beer costs $3 is that you are punishing the server/delivery person for something that is beyond their control.

    They don’t set the prices, the owners do. And by not tipping for delivery of pizza, that driver just paid (in the form of gasoline) to bring that pizza to you.

    I always tip something to a delivery driver. My usual tip is about $5, but if there is a delivery fee, I will deduct that amount from the tip, but at least the driver is not being forced to pay to bring my pizza to me.

    Sometimes, the people working at buffets work harder and do more than servers at a traditional restaurant. I realize that it is the law that you have to have a clean plate, but again, it is not the servers fault so why should they be the one who is punished.

    And your argument about not taking the job, well, that just says a lot about you as a person.

    It is not my intention to flame you or to try to convince you to change your ways, but sometimes you should take a moment to look at things from a different perspective.

    I have worked as a server and a pizza delivery person, and am a frequent customer, so I guess I look at both sides of the story. However having the experience of being a server, I do have very high expectations for service, and bad customer service, in any situation is unacceptable. Oh, and bad service = no tip for me too.

    I apologize for butchering the laws of grammar.

  5. I always leave something even if the service is bad. Call it catholic guilt but I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If service was bad I try to chalk it up to that person having a bad day or being new. That’s not to say I don’t get irritated with bad service, I do but I know waiting tables isn’t always easy and the $2 an hour salary sucks so I could never not leave anything, even if it is at a buffet. The servers there are still bringing drinks, napkins and clearing plates

  6. I just want to state for the record that Ron’s opinion is not necessarily shared by me. We have had a number of heated conversations concerning what our tip should be.

    I don’t like the “system”, but feel forced to tip as long as restaurant owners are permitted to pay below minimum wage, even if the service is bad. I would rather pay more for the food and not have to deal with the stress of tipping.

    I agree with David P about buffet tipping.

  7. I will leave a tip even if the service is “bad” but it might on occasion be less. The only time I have ever not left a tip was when the server was personally rude.

    I don’t think anyone should be stressed by tipping, at least not when one is familiar with the local custom.

    I generally just tip 20% of the total bill (including tax) and think everyone should tip 15-20% unless there is a problem with the service. You know in advance that’s the accepted custom and if you can’t afford the customary tip then you can always just eat someplace less expensive.

    I think adjusting a tip for bad service is acceptable but I don’t if the server is polite and appears to be trying. It’s not an easy way to make a living and no one is getting wealthy doing it.

  8. My wife and I almost always tip regardless.
    Actually the only time I have a problem with leaving a tip is at Shoney’s on the nights they have the all you can eat crab legs/lobster or whatever…..they always have someone at the buffet giving you what they want you to have….come on! It’s all I can eat so let me get it myself!

  9. whaaaahhhh whaaaaahahhhh WHAAAAHHHH

    There is no problem with not tipping. There is NO LAW THAT SAYS YOU HAVE TO TIP.

    But THERE IS A LAW that says companies have to provide the services and goods they advertise.

    and btw, the servers, waitstaff bar tenders etc… may not set the prices, but they DO CHOOSE to work at a place that pays them a wage less than minimum (assuming they are being paid less than minimum – after all, companies are free to pay more ). No body says they have to take the job… Additionally by taking the job they are taking on the role of that establishment’s representative. Thus they are my contact person for praise and frustration because said owner set’s prices I deem outrageous. Again it is a choice for said employee to take said job.

    again I have no problem tipping, and if the service is good I do tip usually pretty well. If it’s average I pretty much always tip. But if it’s bad or whatever.

    Obviously, this is a subject that me and the rest of the “universe that expects to be subsidized” will just have to agree to disagree on.

    And to all you dining establishment owners and managers…. YOUR the ones to blame… Just because you are allowed to pay your employees less, doesn’t mean you have to. Most work hard, and should be paid a prevailing and at least a competitive wage.

    ….but some are just there putting in a days work.

    Those that choose to mail their job in, shouldn’t get a tip, and they shouldn’t be tipped from a “pooled” set of tips.

    I’m not done yet, if any of you idiots actually do tip bad service well I hope you keep getting bad service.

    Now, do you tip the guy that buses the table? He does a lot more work at a buffet bar?

    Do you tip the helpers that bring the extra trays out when there’s a large order?

    Hell why not tip the owner for just letting me in the damn joint.

    Again, we’ll just have to disagree, but to me a tip is for service that is above and beyond what is called for. When someone decides to make things right when they didn’t have to. Going the extra mile, not the status quo.

    flame away…..

  10. Actually you do tip the bussers and food runners, a certain percentage of a servers food sales comes out of their tips and is split amongst these people.

    Ron, I can only assume that you have never worked as a waiter before, because I am sure that if you had, you would have a different perspective of this issue.

    Some folks don’t necessarily have a choice. Waiting tables may be the only job that accommodates the schedule of a single parent, or there may be other circumstances that does not allow them to “choose” another job. I don’t know you, but as I said before, using the argument of people “choosing” to wait tables and if they don’t like it then they should get another job kinda says a lot about you as a person. It is like saying that people who don’t have health insurance should “choose” to get another job.

    I am sure if you asked most people who wait tables if this is their dream job, I am sure they would say no and that if they could they would have another job, but that is not always possible. So they do what they do to get by.

    Of course, none of this excuses bad service, but if you stiff the people waiting on you because of policies out of their control, well, in my opinion that just makes you an ……..

  11. I’ve been reading this blog for a while now, and I’ve noticed Ron invests a lot of energy into making readers think that he’s HARDCORE. Which isn’t so HARDCORE, if you think about it.

  12. Yup…you’ve got someone bringing your drinks so you’ve got to tip something.

  13. I don’t even live in WV but I randomly stumbled upon this blog a few days ago while wasting time at work and I have to say I just found my ultimate pet peeve. Tip your pizza delivery folks! They just made your food and are bringing it to you at their own cost, rarely do chains help with gas (regardless of the price), these people are forking out their own money for tires and basic wear and tear on their vehicles. Do you know how much rush hour sucks? Maybe thats why you ordered a pizza instead of getting out in traffic…these folks get to try to beat the traffic and get the food to you before you get pissed off and revoke their tip. Not to mention, maybe the weather is shitty and you don’t want to get out. Just order a pizza…and make someone else drive around in the dark or rain or snow to bring you your food. And then don’t tip them because the company charges 2 dollars for a delivery charge. 24 cents of which MIGHT go to the driver. If you don’t want to tip then go pick your pizza up yourself.

  14. Ron seems like an ass. Just my opinion.

  15. If I pay the bill before entering the buffet, I’ve never left a tip. More recently I’ve left tips if the buffet as at a place that also serves separate meals and the bill is given after service. I don’t like messing with cash or change and prefer leaving a tip on the credit card.

  16. I’ve started tipping a dollar for every trip the waiter has to make for me. if my waiter never have to refill my drink not even once and I never need anything from them like a buffet or if I get my own drinks there’s no way in hell I’m leaving a tip just for sitting at a table. I’m like some people on here that chip depending on service not depending on a percentage. just because the steak on your menu cost 50 bucks does not mean that you inherently deserve more money for bringing it to me.

  17. I don’t tip at certain buffets cuz other than taking away my dirty plates, the waiters do nothing. I fill up my own drinks, and if I decided to just get water (and given a different colored glass), they never come by my table and refill it. I just don’t see the point of giving them extra dollar when I’m the one who have to work for everything.

    Though I do give tips at specialty buffets like AYCE Korean BBQ buffets.. because they serve you drinks, change your grill, etc. Like in restaurants, I usually start at 15%.. and if service is bad I lower it down to 10%. Likewise, if the service is good, I’d give out 20%.

    FYI pizza delivery charge is NOT tip, and don’t blame the delivery people if your pizza chain place is being an arse and charge you for delivery. My suggestion if you don’t like the delivery charge is: move yo arse and pick up your own pizza.
    So yeah, always, ALWAYS tip pizza delivery guy. starts at $3 if the place is closed by, traffic-free, and you only order one pizza or something. other than that, starts at $5. These people don’t make much and often times they really depend on tips to make a living. I know some of you probably don’t care, but start thinking “how you’d feel” if you’re in their position and they’re in your position right now. That’ll make you feel better about tipping (really). 🙂

    I haven’t worked as waitress or pizza deliverer, nor do I know anyone who’s been in those jobs, but sometimes you just have to apply some common sense.

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