Best Bar Idea Ever – Kaminsky’s


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Part of my reports from the Charleston, SC / Folly Beach area

This has to be the best bar idea ever.  Located adjacent to T Bonz restaurant on Market Street in historic Charleston SC, Kaminsky’s satisfies both your thirst and your sweet tooth.

kaminskys inside

The interior ambiance is romantic and intimate.  A large bar stretches across one side of the space.  Brick walls, dark woods and low-lighting complete the stage.  It’s a small space, holding about a dozen tables.  We were seated immediately when we arrived but as we lingered, the place became packed with tourists and locals.

Not only does Kaminsky’s offer a variety of beer, wine and liquor, but they also shake and serve specialty martinis and alcoholic milkshakes!  A selection of homemade desserts, varying daily, is the first thing you’ll see in the glass case to your right as you walk through the door. 

Service was impeccable: prompt, professional and friendly with a side of humor. 

Ron went with the liquid menu, a Highland Gaelic Ale for $4.75, but the girls and I were geared up for some chocolate!  Hope chose the brownie ice cream sundae for $4.75 – a traditional dish of a warm brownie (with or without nuts) topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge and whipped cream.  Hannah went with the Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake, also priced at $4.75.  I decided to steal from my children.

The brownie was rich and decadent… moist and fudgy.  The contrast of the warm brownie with the cold ice cream makes a winning combination.  I couldn’t really get my spoon in there, though – Hope was defending her turf well.  Moving on to Hannah’s plate, she willingly gave me a bite of her cheesecake.  One. Little. Bite.  The bite I got was creamy and dense with the flavor of Bailey’s running through it. 

Realizing that my plan had been foiled, our server, Damon, asked me if I liked peanut butter.  Of course!  He returned with a glass a little bit bigger than a shot glass, but same style, filled with layers of chocolate cake and a peanut butter whip.  I don’t know how much that cost, because it was on the house.  And it was absolutely delicious.  It reminded me of my favorite candy bar – the Resee Cup.  Two great tastes that taste great together.

The drink prices were what I expected but the desserts were a bargain.  With the great service and atmosphere, we stayed longer than we intended so I also sampled one of the specialty martinis for $7.50.

This was one of our favorite dining experiences of the trip.  Kaminsky’s is now on our must-visit list any time we come to Charleston, SC.  FOUR FORKS.

Kaminsky’s Most Excellent Cafe
78 North Market Street
Charleston, SC 

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3 responses to “Best Bar Idea Ever – Kaminsky’s

  1. Yea, the best bar ever is usually the one someone is drunk in at the time.
    “oh mmmman, this ish dthe beshtest bar ever. I love you guys.”

  2. I didn’t say it was the best bar ever…it is the best bar IDEA ever.

    I would rank Mario’s Fishbowl as the best bar ever IMO.

    (A review of Mario’s Fishbowl is coming soon.)

  3. Unless the new owners have changed it since the last time I was there, I wouldn’t call Mario’s a “bar.” Bars serve liquor. Mario’s is (was?) more of a beer joint.

    I also think it was way cooler when it was and Mario and missus and the genuine article, but I do give the new owners credit for not going too far too make it modern.

    It’s sort of like the Mystery Hole in that regard. Sometimes , it’s the personality of the originator that makes a place really special more than the place itself and try as they might successors can’t recapture that.

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