Half-Time Ran Out of Time

Breaking News:

WSAZ is reporting that Half Time Sports Bar and Grill at the Charleston Town Center has turned off its fryers and closed it doors. 


The Point Pleasant location reportedly is doing well and continues to operate.

Ironically, owner Mike Hughes cited “the drive of his staff” as one reason for the closure after several commented on our review in defense of the restaurant.


In other WSAZ news, a new restaurant should be opening on Capitol Street within the next few weeks. 

Scott Carpenter will open “The Grill” at 10 Capitol Street, offering seafood, pizzas, and pasta and late night hours.

11 responses to “Half-Time Ran Out of Time

  1. What kind of a goofy sports bar owner opens the doors to the place the week after the NCAA basketball Tournament ends and then decides to close due to slow business the week before football season? Did he expect a rush of baseball fans all summer long?

    Also, can nothing survive in that location? Chilis is packed at lunch every day and Tidewater generally is. There must be some place that can get good business in that spot.

  2. I’m not surprised at all that this place closed. I tried it once and was not impressed at all. Mediocre overpriced food, barely cold beer, horrible service.

    The thing is that a good sports bar downtown would probably do very well. Shortly after Gratzi closed I wrote to BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) and asked if they were looking at Charleston and mentioned this space. I got an email back from the franchisee with rights to this area saying that they were looking at locations.

    I’m really disappointed that they are building at Southridge not too far from Quaker Steak and Lube. I think that a Buffalo Wild Wings at the mall would have been a good fit.

    Maybe Red Robin or Ruby Tuesday might come to this market at the mall in either this space or the Bennigans space.

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  4. Did anyone notice that the main banner on their website said “Haltime” instead of “Halftime”? Quality from top to bottom. I’m glad I never wasted a dining dollar on this place.

  5. Wait a minute. . . a place with lots of sports on the TVs, beer and cheap fattening bar food didn’t make it in Charleston?! Hard to believe.

    Scott Carpenter?! Really? Opening a restaurant in Charleston? I knew Jim Lovell had a restaurant in Chicago. . . will it have an aerospace theme?

  6. Sagacious,

    you mentioned the word “cheap” in your description.

    I think this is the part that Half-Time didn’t get correct.

  7. demosthenes.or.locke

    Bingo. $5 yuenglings ain’t going to cut it. People will put up with shitty food and bad atmosphere if it is cheap and there are TVs but this place was expensive.

  8. I rarely go to bars in part because of the selection and price of beers. I prefer microbrewss and the bars that carry them tend to charge a lot. in fact, I can sit at home in front of my HDTV and watch without the noise making it hard to hear and i can enjoy good beer for considerably less than cheap macrobrews cost at a bar.

    I do think however, my age and marital status has as much or more to do with my lack of bar patronage. When I was young and single, I was not much deterred by price or quality of food and drink. My primary reason was to find young, single and good looking women. Men will pay a lot and endure less than stellar quality if they can be in the proximity of attractive women.

    I can’t claim enough understanding to suggest why women go to bars or choose the ones they do (or much of anything else about women). I just know that if you get them, the men will follow.

  9. Two visits. Awful food – and not enough of it; seriously, I was shorted a wing both times – terrible service, high prices, and crappy, SD televisions.

    Glad to see it go.

  10. Sag —
    No. It will probably be interesting.

  11. I tried the place once and that was enough.
    The service was terrible and the wait staff disappeared after my food was delivered.
    The food itself was overpriced and not well cooked. Doesn’t surprise me that they closed shop.

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