Ketchup Poll

10 responses to “Ketchup Poll

  1. Heinz is the only option for me.

    I used to be a Hellman’s mayo guy but became a Duke’s convert while living in Richmond, VA where CF Sauer who makes it is based. I lived near their spice plant on Broad street which always had really interesting smells coming out of it.

  2. I occasionally think you guys are nitpicky (soda prices), but you’re dead on with the ketchup. The ketchup sends a message. If a place is too cheap to put Heinz on the table, it makes me wonder what other corners they’re cutting in the back.

  3. HK-

    I think we’re nitpicky ’bout all of the time!

  4. Heinz is my favorite. It’s all I buy for home. I don’t believe that all ketchups taste the same, but I will eat the other stuff at restaurants if there is no Heinz.

    I’m with specialed5000 about Duke’s mayo. A friend from N.C. was telling me how it’s the big brand where she lives and they love it. I saw it in Kroger when I was about to buy Hellman’s. A large jar of Hellman’s was $5 at Kroger and Duke’s was a lot less so I tried Duke’s and it’s all I buy now.

  5. I think these mayo comments are funny, because there is no way in hell Susan is going to put Duke’s in her mouth….or any other mayo.

  6. While I do not claim to be an expert on the red stuff, the best tasting ketchup I have found is Kurtz. It is available only at Save a Lot and is mondo cheap (which I confess, might be the reason I like it so much – but I actually liked it before I found out how cheap it is).

  7. Now I can’t even read these comments. Too much talk about disgusting mayonnaise. Where’s Rob when you need him?

    Recently I went to a hen party at a neighbor’s house that I don’t know very well. I scooped up a spoonful of spinach-artichoke dip and was anxious to dig in. oh no! It was mayo-based! (The one I make is cream cheese based.) But I had to go ahead and eat what I had to be polite. Sometimes it sucks to be an adult. If I were 4, I cold have just spit it out and moved onto the Doritos.

  8. I don’t like catsup even on fries let alone on burgers or, God forbid, a hot dog, but isn’t tit true that the restaurant Heinz is a cheaper, watered down product compared to the consumer version?

  9. No, it is not true. It is the exact same product. It is labelled restaurant use only in order to keep it from being resold at retail, as Heinz gives restaurant owners quite the deal in exchange for the advertising value of it sitting on the table.

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