Boy, oh Boy…What a Delicious Taco! – Taco Boy

taco boy outside

Susan says…

I am going to get to it straight away: these are, by far, the best tacos I have ever wrapped my lips around.  E-vah.

Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that the best taco ever could be had in little, touristy Folly Beach.  But indeed, that’s where the best tacos reside.  At Taco Boy.  Our first meal in Folly Beach was so good, I am certain it cannot be topped.  Before departing the restaurant, I was already making plans to return before the end of our week.  The kids said they were going to scream if I said “My food was SO good” one more time.

taco boy chicken taco

Grilled Chicken Taco $3.95

Taco Boy serves: tacos.  And not much else.  A few quesadillas, some traditional sides, chips and cheese.  You can get a lot of different ingredients in the tacos, though: chorizo, grilled fish, breaded fried fish, steak, chicken, grilled shrimp, breaded fried shrimp, etc.  And each taco has certain toppings, including a sauce.  I am usually condiment-averse, but decided to roll with it, since I was on vacation and relaxing this week.  I am gald I did.

The combination of ingredients in each of my tacos worked together to create a perfect combination of flavors.  The grilled shrimp taco came with finely shredded red cabbage and some sort of orange sauce which was, in a word, delicious.  The taco contained three large shrimp.  The tender grilled chicken taco was served with a fresh salsa and some sort of green sauce that, if you can believe it (and I barely could) was even more delicious than the orange sauce on the shrimp taco.  OMG.  The green sauce had cilantro and heat.  And I can’t stop thinking about it.   Each combination of fillings was presented in a double soft corn tortilla shell.   Soft corn tortillas are my absolute favorite vessel for Mexican fillings to travel to my tummy.

Each of these flavorful masterpieces set me back a bit under $4.  It was worth every penny.  Sure you can get a TBell taco for a buck-something, but these are a culinary work of art.

taco boy margarita

Frozen Strawberry Margarita $7

I also enjoyed a house specialty maragarita: pineapple, cinnamon, vanilla, orange juice, tequila and ice.  I could pick out each flavor as I sipped this refreshing beverage.  For my second course, I chose a fresh frozen strawberry maragarita.  Hey, when in Rome….  These drinks cost $6. 

Our table also ordered the nachos and cheese for the kids and the salsa trio for the adults.  The cheese was generously heaped and then melted atop a pile of thin and salty tortilla chips for $3.95.  The salsa trio consisted of a chunky fresh salsa reminiscent of pico de gallo, a roasted jalapeno salsa that boasted sweet and just a little heat, and a salsa verde with visible onion bits.  All three were fresh and scrumptious for $2.95.

taco boy empty galss

Susan's empty margarita glass

The atmosphere inside the space is fun.  It feels like a beach joint.  (Ha!  It actually IS a beach joint!)  It’s everything Tricky Fish wishes it was.  You enter through a set of giant wooden double doors.  There is a bar, lots of high-top tables, another long communal table, and two patios.  Lively music plays and several televisions hang around the restaurant. 

Then there’s the restroom.  There really should be a warning sign.  When I walked in, I saw a guy washing his hands and immediately feared I had entered through the wrong door.  But not so – each door leads to the same restroom which houses several separate small restrooms.  Two large concrete sinks with black smooth stones covering the bottom surface facilitate clean up. 

As sure as the tide is coming in and out, I will return to Taco Boy for another round of totally rockin’ tacos.  Very highly recommended at FOUR FORKS.

Ron says…


“I’m a taco boy, taco boy…. I’m a taco boy…..”

 Is what I sang (and I use the term “sang” loosely, I also intended to use the word “s-a-n-g” to promote my Appalachian heritage)…every thirty seconds, simply to annoy the kids.  Annoying accomplished, I began to enjoy this place.

First off, I have to say in regards to Susan’s opening line, that these may be the best taco’s she’s wrapped her lips around, but not…. ( the rest of this sentence if typed would have been quickly deleted by the  editor in chief  Susan here at Fork You)

 Having a lounging day and being at the beach for a couple hours, we decided to walk down the street to downtown Folly.  (I’m using the term loosely)…. for some local grub.

taco boy nachos

Nachos and Cheese Kids' Appetizer $3.95

So Taco Boy after a few recommendations was where we decided to tempt our taste buds.

The eatery is on the main street leading to Folly Beach, its entrance is through two large wooden doors that open to an open area of high top tables and upon entering you notice the porch out front, but once inside you also notice that there is an outside dining area in the rear of the place.

We are seated fairly promptly at a high top table.  These are typical – you know, too small to really do much but eat and drink as me and the oldest were constantly bumping elbows.  (yes we eat with elbows on the table).

The menu in all honesty doesn’t have a lot of variety outside of tacos, but the variety of tacos is astounding.  I say that even though there probably wasn’t more than twenty different tacos, but the combinations of tacos I would have never dreamed of.  Let’s put it this way, I could not get a chicken soft taco if I had wanted one, nor a beef taco.  Yes chicken and beef were on the menu, but not as lone items.  You can view the menu here.

Fish, chorizo, chicken, and beef – were the items of the day.  Tacos averaged $3.95 each (please note that is not a mathmatical average taken the actual prices and dividing them by the number of different tacos available, it is simply a WAG*). 

taco boy salsa trio

Salsa Trio Appetizer $3.95

Tacos were not the only thing on the menu, just the focus, the mainstay, etc.. hence the name “Taco Boy”, but there were appetizers – you know… chips and salsa, chips, cheese and salsa, etc.  They also had Quesadillas…   (I don’t care if I spelled that wrong as I don’t like them all that much).

We chose the Chips and Salsa menu item for our appetizer and a chips and cheese for the kids.  Susan ordered a margarita, and I a Bud Light.   Margarita $6, Bud Light $3…. It was the cost of this Bud Light that prompted me to inform the oldest child what a lap dance is, and why it is required when beers cost this much. 

I’ll just tell you right now that on this day, Susan out spent me on drinks.  Put that on your all important Fork You Calendar.

So, as we wait for our appetizer, I decide to have a Baja Fish Taco, and the Chorizo and Potato Taco ($3.95 and $3.25 respectively).  Also another Bud Light.

While this is in the hopper, I have to go to the little taco boy’s room.  Here I was amazed.

First you enter a door where you see a line of four maybe five doors.  (one’s marked baby changing station)… no other markings, not “MENS”, nor “WOMENS”, or  “Senorita” and “Senors”  nothing.   So push on one, doesn’t budge, move to the next – push, doesn’t budge..  I’m assuming the non budging doors imply “Occupied”, finally I enter one, and it’s simply a room with a toilet.   I am amazed at this set up and I love it. 

So after returning and conveying my amazment to Susan and the girls, our appetizers have arrived.  Mine and Susan’s Salsa Trio reminded me of the TGIF’s tower dish, you know some fancy contraption with three small bowls of salsa, and bowl of chips.  Personally I don’t think this fancy display is warranted as due to the small table I definitely now have no elbow room.  The girls had some Cheese Nachos.  Covered in thick cheese, this was definitely a highlight.

Our dish had three different Salsas… they each were good, but to be honest, my hilljack ass was not overly impressed.  Saying that, they were good, just not great.  The chips were thick and good.  The salsas were probably made fresh.  So I give that a plus.

taco boy rons tacos

Fish Taco, Chorizo & Potato Taco

Well my tacos arrive….

I don’t like soft corn shells and that is what they arrived in.  But how did they taste?  The fish taco had one huge slab of fish, about 4 inches long, 3 inches wide, and an inch thick.  (again not measured just guessed, but it was big).   Each taco was wrapped in two corn shells just slightly offset enough to contain the entire meal.   The fish taco had some crazy lettuce – you know the un-romaine or the un-iceberg type…. some people call it leaf lettuce.   Probably the kind Sagacious Hillbilly would like.

The Chorizo Potato Taco – was my favorite, I felt the fish was overcooked somewhat, not disgustingly so, but just overcooked enough where it made the other taco better.  But not to be outdone, I don’t think my Potato Taco had a potato in it anywhere.   But it was still good, but I like Chorizo.  

Both Tacos were better than any taco I’ve had before.  But my Taco experience is somewhat limited to Taco Bell, and homemade, the Tricky Fish, and Cilantro’s in Charleston WV.

Good and borderline great is how I would describe my meal.  First I thought I would hate the corn shells, but they flavors actually all worked for me.

I highly recommend Taco Boy if in the area…. actually if your within a thirty mile radius I’d still recommend it.

The only problem I have is the overpriced beers..  I know $3 is quickly becoming the norm for a Bud Light, but this need not be the case and everyone knows it.   I mean shit, just across the street there’s a bar advertising:   “Home Of The $1 Budweiser 12oz Can”

If I was not on vacation I would only give Taco Boy Three Forks, but I am on Vacation and I’m somewhat expected to depart with my money in an irresponsible manner, so when paying for a $3 Bud Light I’m not as offended as I should be.

The Tacos were very flavorful and the combinations of ingredients were all original as far as I’m concerned.

FOUR hesitant FORKS.

Taco Boy
15 Center St
Folly Beach, SC 29439
(843) 588-9761
Taco Boy on Urbanspoon
 * WAG – wild assed guess

4 responses to “Boy, oh Boy…What a Delicious Taco! – Taco Boy

  1. SagaciousHillbilly would probably prefer an “assortment of organically-grown miniature greens”. Douchebag!

  2. “Local Restaurant Reviews in Charleston, WV …”

    Note: WV not SC.

    OK Susan, I know that you have completely lost touch with your mission (I gave up long ago on that) but now you are adding to that age old identity crisis.

  3. Stanton always forgets about the “Future Reviews” page where we say:

    “We do reviews primarily in West Virginia, but will post reviews from our various travels across the Mid-Atlantic and the United States.”

    Besides, it’s our blog and we’ll do whatever we want with it. waaaah waaaaaah

  4. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen your “Future Reviews” page. I must check it out.

    Or maybe you could put that on the main page so people would better understand your blog’s mission.

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