Dining News – A new option on Snowshoe Mountain

Dan says…village

There is one more dining option on Snowshoe Mountain and this time it is a Fork You favorite.  I was enjoying a Almost Heaven Amber in the pub at Mountain State Brewing Co. last Thursday and got the scoop the Taste of Asia is opening a location in the Snowshoe Village.  MSB owner, Willie Lehmann, reported that they delivered a keg of Seneca Indian Pale Ale to their new location. You might of seen Willie on the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods chowing on some of his grandmother’s Swiss treats with Andrew Zimmern.  He siad he has gotten exactly three perks from that TV appearance.  The day affter the show aired he was able to the skip the line and got a free burger at Ray’s Hell Burger the day after Obama’s visit.  He got a warning instead of a ticket from one of West Virginia’s finest.  And in Morgantown he was treated to a drink. It seems you need to take advantage of that 15 minutes before it dries up.

Picture from from mountaingetaway.com


3 responses to “Dining News – A new option on Snowshoe Mountain

  1. A woman i work with ate at the Snow Shoe TOA on Saturday and she said it was on the pricey side. Of course that’s not a big surprise coming from snow shoe.

  2. Keep in mind that the restaurant owners (who are not Snowshoe, btw) are the ones who set the pricing. Taste of Aisa is not owned or run by Snowshoe Mountain. The food is great and should be a big hit this winter… My favorite so far is the Thai yellow curry and all the sushi! Yum.

  3. I ate at TOA in Snowshoe just last weekend. They may be a little more expensive than what you’re used to but you need to keep in mind that there are no easy delivery routes to the top of the mountain… Not to mention that I highly doubt it’s easy for them to get Asian specialty items delivered there either.

    Nevertheless, the food was awesome – especially the sushi!

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