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Comment #2 from specialed5000

Comment #12 from demosthenes.or.locke

Comment #6 from sohofan


(Ron was ineligible to win both times he commented, btw.)

If you are one of the winners, please email us at the blog with your address and we will mail your bottle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce and idea booklet.



Ron Says…

Recently we have been asked to try some Country Bob’s  All Purpose Sauce and tell you what we thought.

The other day (08.03.09), Susan and I grilled some chicken at the Fork You mansion, with the intent of trying a bottle of this out. 

Thawing out some of what I’m sure are grain fed hormone injected chicken breasts from Sam’s Club, I decided to marinate them for a bit while I went for a bike ride.  Besides I marinate about everything, especially if I’m going to grill it.

The main ingredient for this concoction was, of course, the star ingredient for the meal: none other than Country Bob’s sauce.  First though I had to pour a dab on my finger and taste this magical stuff. 

ummmm… quite tasty, tangy and sweet.  I think I will like this stuff.

So I put the chicken in a bowl and placed about a 1/2 cup of the sauce on it.  Now if you know me I like to mix and match marinades and my first default ingredient is …

You guessed it …. beer.  Choosing a Sam Adams Black Lager, I poured about 1/2 the bottle into my bowl and added some pepper.  Cutting back on added salt, I left that out.  Then I grabbed a fork and poked holes all throughout the chicken breasts, then mixed it all around and shoved it back in the fridge to set for an hour or two away from the prying snout of our largest canine.

Firing up the grill, I placed these on the soon heated surface.  Naturally I dribble some more Country Bob’s Sauce on them between flips.  Susan also prepared some vegetable packets of zuchinni and yellow squash and home grown cherry tomatoes.  Once the chicken was underway, I tossed these on also.

I leisurely cooked these, not keeping track of the time.  Luckily today this resulted in perfectly cooked chicken and veggies.

After plating, I liberally doused my chicken breast with more of Country Bob’s sauce.

As I said, the sauce is tangy and sweet, it’s got a creamy feel.  It’s very good.  So good that you could call it A2.  Saying that may ensure that I never recieve another bottle of Country Bob’s, which I will truly miss.  But A1 is my favorite sauce.  I wouldn’t use A1 on chicken, but Country Bob’s tasted really good.  I’m interested in seeing how it tastes with pork and, of course, a nice grilled T-bone steak.  (Confined range, grain fed, and hormonally injected of course!)

All joking aside, Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is very good, and I’m looking forward to trying it on a few more things.  I’ll keep you posted.

country bob close up

Susan says…

Ron is definitely the grilling expert and he did a good job describing his carefree approach to marinading and cooking.

Country Bob put together a nice blend of ingredients to create a sauce that is both sweet and tangy.  We used it in a way similar to a barbeque sauce, adding beer because…well…he adds beer to everything he cooks.  The meal turned out great.  Discussing the coulda, shoulda, wouldas we decided some crushed red pepper flake would have made it even better.  Add some heat.  We like spicy!

You’ll note on Country Bob’s website that a spicy version of the sauce is available, along with barbeque sauce and seasoning salt.  A recipe page on the website includes dishes such as party mix, meatballs, and grilled onions. 

Here’s where the winning comes into the story:  simply submit a comment describing how you might use Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce and you can win a bottle!  That’s right, Country Bob has provided us with several extra bottles to share with our readers.  Using random.org we will select three winners from the comments submitted and announce them as an update to this post on Friday morning.


17 responses to “Enter to Win – Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

  1. I’m the first commentor, do I win??? Or am I even allowed to win? Is asking this just wrong?

  2. I’d use it the same way you guys did, on grilled chicken.

  3. sounds like something that would be good on pork chops…

  4. I’ve used Country Bob’s in the past and our family really likes it. The kids use it to dip chicken nuggets. My fav is in a big pot of chili. I add about a cup to homemade chili to give it a little sweet smokey flavor.

  5. You should try WV grown organic, free range pasture fed chicken. You won’t want to cover it with anything.

  6. This would be great on grilled ribs and chicken.

  7. But Sag…

    I would have to eat 3 of those free range chickens to be full, where as I can eat one hulked up hen.

    jk… Free Range and Pasture fed is best.. But I’d still cover it.

    variety is the spice of life.

  8. Who can afford $15.00 for a douchebag chicken?

  9. I’d use it on my husband’s monster BBQ jalapeño hamburgers. It’s hard to find a good sauce! 🙂

  10. I think I would try it on a burger with cheddar and bacon. Mmmm, bacon….

  11. I’t try it to cook meatballs in in the crock pot.

  12. want want want! plz?

  13. I’d mix the BBQ sauce in lean burger along with finely diced red onion, fresh bacon and a bit of stout beer – grilling small sliders (temp – medium, of course) and covered in an extra sharp cheddar. Then, mix a bit of the BBQ sauce with fresh mayo and fresh ground red pepper, then top with fresh green onions. Perhaps on an onion roll…and a nice Stout Beer to accompany….Oh and PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!

  14. “I would have to eat 3 of those free range chickens to be full, where as I can eat one hulked up hen.”

    HA! A six week old store bought chicken vs. a 12-16 week old organic fed pasture raised chicken?!
    2+X the size and 100X the flavor.
    Once you’ve had a famr raised organic pasture fed chicken flowing with juice (NOT the 15% injected brine solution in store bought) and incredibly delicious, you WON’T want to cover it with anything but a little salt and pepper.

  15. demosthenes.or.locke

    I would use Country Bob’s to drown smug food snobs who try to push organic food on people who aren’t interested in it. (it does say ALL purpose, right?)

    Then if I had any left, I would use it on some grilled pork chops or in/on a meatloaf. We sometimes use a squirt of a-1 or bbq sauce on beef roasts to add some flavor and this would work too.

  16. For such an original post I would have bought demo a bottle.

    congrats on those who won.

  17. SagaciousHillbilly

    demo, Why don’t you e-mail me or stop over at my blog and we can discuss this obsession you have with me. Maybe I’ll even give you a chance to try that bbq sauce trick. Come on buddy, let’s talk.

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