You May be Starstruck by the Stardust Cafe

stardust outside

Susan says…

Part two of my culinary report from Lewisburg involves the Stardust Cafe. 

As I noted in my Julian’s review last week, three names popped up when I was asking around town for a good place to eat.  Since I had chosen Julian’s for our evening meal and Ron was still out on the road somewhere trying to close the gap created when he rode with me “off the back” for the first 21 miles of his 85 mile route, I thought a glass of wine and a snack at Stardust seemed like a stellar idea.

stardust interior bw

The place was full.  And it wasn’t even normal lunch hours.  Luckily, a seat was available at the bar, so I took it.  The cool thing about that seat is the view:  I could watch all the plates come together behind the counter. 

While sipping a glass of pinot grigio, I reviewed the menu.  Stardust reminds me of Bluegrass Kitchen with it’s simple yet upscale menu and organic ingredients.  After all that bike riding, I deserved a snack, right?  Especially if it’s a sort of a healthy snack, like….oh, I don’t know…fish?  Even if that fish just so happened to be served inside a flour tortilla with a cilantro aoili? 

I thought you’d agree.  So I took the liberty of placing my order. 

The glass case at the cashier’s station displayed several decadent desserts including carrot cake, cheesecake and a coconut cream cake resembling a high-rise building.  I picked up a brochure on the counter next to me and proceeded to read all about the creator of these sweet endings, the Crazy Baker.   

At last, my fish tacos arrived.  I received two with tortilla chips for $7.95.  Each soft flour tortilla boasted fish, lettuce, pico, and cilantro aoili.  Each was wrapped in a sheet of aluminum foil to keep them toasty warm.  A lot of juice dripped out from, (I guessed), the fish but overall the taste was good and fresh.  Value and service was also good.  

Not good was the appearance of another pesky pickle on my plate.  Not only did the aluminum foil wrapper help keep my food warm, but it also provided a much needed protective shield from pickle juice.  I know, I know.  I am in the minority here and most people love pickles.  I’m just sayin’…the argument could be made that forcing pickle juice on me is like forcing secondhand cigarette smoke on people.  Sure people have the right to smoke eat pickles, but not if it means I have to inhale ingest the smoke juice.


stardust fish tacos

I finally heard from Lance Ron and he was headed my way so I saved one of my tacos for him to try.  He liked it, no matter what nonsense he writes below.   And I managed to resist all the attractive pastries, cakes, and cookies.

As a bonus, Stardust Cafe was one of the local shops offering 20% off for folks participating in the Wheels of Hope ride.  Awesome!

Stardust is open for lunch and dinner service.   THREE FORKS – another great choice in historic Lewisburg.

Ron says…

 July 18th, 2009.

I can’t really officially review this establishment as I did not officially eat here.  So I’m going to call this a “Shadow Forking” .. and hence everything written here will be typed in this color.

By that I mean, this Forking can accompany Susan’s review in an official capacity, but should not apply as any official Fork You forking.


Because at a later date with more experience I may come back and “Unshadow” it and make it official, or amend it in someway so that it can be.

Let’s get to it…

Susan had been here a while, my 80+ mile bike ride ended much later than hers and she was sitting here having lunch and sipping on wine when I arrived around 3PM ish give or take.

Upon my arrival there is a little note taped to the door in Tricky Fish fashion that says that they are closed until 5PM.  I could still see Susan sitting in there, so I go on in.  Facing scowls from the wait staff {can’t this guy read??}, I proceed to sit with Susan.

Why was I scowled at???  Because I entered this closed joint where people apparently were inside eating and frolicking???  My problem with this foolishness is that, the sign was literally a sheet off a notepad and scotch tape.  If this is a regular thing for the Stardust Cafe, well get a more professional sign stating what your hours are like Soho’s does.  Do this at the minimum.

stardust interior
 Because of that I wasn’t too impressed.

Of course they were closed because they had to “re-tool” the kitchen to prepare for Dinner.   Maybe they do, maybe they don’t,  I don’t know.   I was able to get a beer.  The beer was from Rogue Brewries.  I forget what it was, but they didn’t have Dead Guy Ale ~ probably my favorite from Rogue.

I did ask our server what she could peddle that I could eat (thankfully Susan had saved one of her Fish Tacos for me to eat ~ damn there’s a joke written all over that phrase LOL).  Appearing to not want to address my hunger issues in too much detail or concern, our server informed me that she could only sell deserts but may have some chips if I wanted some.  Wanting neither, I tasted the taco.

A little too much like Fish and Cole Slaw for my taste.  Although it wasn’t bad at all. 

The beer selection was good, with prices on the high side but I’ve seen higher and I was not red-faced ashamed to be paying for it.

The Lunch menu (obviously dinner is going to be a different menu after the re-tooling), was also on the high side for my likes with most meals in the $10 and above range.  But again what little I tasted was pretty good.

I’m going to give the Stardust Cafe Three Forks.

Stardust Cafe
 102 East Washington Street
Lewisburg, WV  24904

 Stardust Cafe on Urbanspoon


8 responses to “You May be Starstruck by the Stardust Cafe

  1. I eat out in many different cities, and don’t hesitate to recommend the Stardust Cafe (no “shadow” on this comment). Likewise, I know and love the confections from The Crazy Baker (, who also sells mail order (for those of us who don’t often get to Lewisburg).

  2. Stardust cafe is a coolest place in town.

  3. Dinner there is awesome. You need to go back.

  4. Curse you! I’ve been meaning to write about this place for months. The food is quite outstanding.

  5. Please come in for dinner anytime, we would love love love to have you! And, we are not usually closed during those hours (hence the sloppy note) but we had been so busy at lunch, that we had to actually close to get ready for dinner. Our dinner menu is TOTALLY different from lunch. Glad you made it in, and thanks for riding in the Wheels of Hope ride. Ciao!

  6. Sparrow-

    Thanks for clarifying about the mid-day close. It was indeed very busy the day I was there.

    You have to overlook Ron, everyone else does. I think he only mentioned the note so he could have a Tricky Fish reference. It’s a long story.

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  8. During my Greenbrier weekend, I left America’s Resort to enjoy another meal at Stardust Cafe. I was thrilled to note during my travel research that they still had the Curreid Chicken on the dinner menu. I ordered that dish a couple years ago, the first time I had dinner at Stardust, and I have never stopped thinking about it. It was just as good this time. The chicken is perfectly cooked, generously seasoned and sliced thin on an angle. It is piled atop a mound of basmati rice, accompanied by (again, nicely seasoned) sauteed squash and zucchini and a lick-the-plate curry sauce. A garnish of chutney and cilantro completes the plate that hits on all cylinders for me. We ordered a delicious Foris Pinot Noir to drink.

    Truly, that dish and the entire Stardust atmosphere created one of the most memorable meals of my life. It knocked the socks off of the much pricier meal in the Main Dining Room of the Greenbrier the night before.

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye! All ye who slumber at the Greenbrier: Call the valet for
    your motorized transport and get ye to the Stardust Cafe!!!!

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