Welcome, New Readers!

Fork You granted their first ever television interview today.  OK, ok…so it was the only interview ever requested.  Like Ron says, let’s not get bogged down in details.



Brad Myers from WSAZ put together a fine piece of journalism and we appreciate his interest in our endeavors.

 If you found us via WSAZ, welcome! 

Our goal here at Fork You is to become a resource for restaurant reviews and information in West Virginia, concentrating primarily in the Kanawha Valley area.  Occasionally you’ll see an out-of-state restaurant review, a recipe, a discussion topic or dining news on our site as well.  We are just regular people going out to eat and reporting on our experiences.

We have over 100 West Virginia restaurant reviews and you can search them by name by clicking on the “Our Reviews” page.  If you are wondering “Who are these Yahoos?” then click on “The Reviewers” to read a little bit about each of the regular writers.  “The Forks” explains our five-fork rating system.  (Since we’re just regular people with opinions, the five-fork system can only be a guideline.)  Finally, if you know of a restaurant you’d like to see reviewed on Fork You, submit a comment on the “Future Reviews” page.  We can’t guarantee we’ll get to it, but we’ll certainly try.

Fork You wouldn’t be what it is today without the commenters – please give us your feedback, whether you agree with us or not.  (Just keep it relatively clean.)

You can also find us on your iPhone (or computer) at Urban Spoon.  And we Tweet on Twitter as forkyoublog. 

13 responses to “Welcome, New Readers!

  1. Love your website, love food too! Live in Cabell county and was wondering if you will be expanding to this area?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement Laglab-

    Some of our writers are in the Hurricane area so we make our way to Barboursville and Huntington every so often.

    Personally, I would really like to try some of the establishments in Cabell County. Ron has promised to take me to Hillbilly Hot Dogs for starters.

    We had a wonderful meal at Rocco’s 21 Club on New Year’s Eve a couple years ago and enjoyed live music to boot. That’s another place I’d like to fork.

  3. Oh, then you must get to Ceredo and try Rocco’s (the original). You are in for a real treat. I highly recommend it.

    I haven’t made it to Melini Cusini in Huntington, (between 3rd and 4th avenue and 10th street, right around the corner from Pullman Hotel) but I hear it is tasty Italian.

  4. I am a sucker for pasta, cheese, and a cream sauce. I am putting both those restaurants on the Future Reviews list immediately. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. We are posting a review of Best of Crete (at the Charleston Town Center) tomorrow. Other Mediterranean food we like: Sinbad’s and Aladdin in Kanawha City.

  6. Speaking of Dining News, today’s Daily Mail mentioned a new restaurant opening this coming Monday. I don’t have the paper in front of me, but I think it said Happy Days Cafe, D Street in South Charleston, next to Beau-Tea-Full Tea Room. Happy Days Cafe is a 50’s themed ice cream and sandwich shop.

  7. The part of the story I liked the best was when they finished talking about Fork You and told everyone about WVHotDogs.com.

  8. Hi! I saw the interview on WSAZ TV, and thought that what you all are doing is awesome! You’re actually the first people in WV that I’ve saw do anything like this! I love your blog, and keep up the great work! You’ve got another loyal reader on your hands 😉

  9. Thanks Chris!

    We hope you’ll continue to share your opinions in the comments, too.

  10. Comment for David, There is a Happy Days Cafe on D Street in new Haven WV, that is a 50’s themed ice cream and sandwich shop, is that the same one you are talking about? If so, I have eaten there a lot, the food is fantastic and the prices can’t be beat. They also have the best pizza around. If you’re in the area, stop in, you won’t regret it. By the way, they’re opened till 3 a.m. Fri & Sat nights

  11. My mistake, the Happy days Cafe in New Haven WV. is on 5th street, not D street, sorry for the mix up, and I also did some searching and found that there is a Happy days Cafe in S. Charleston as well, different ownership tho

  12. Also if you get down to Huntington, and go not far past Rocco’s (I also highly recommend that place, as most native Cabell or Wayne Countians will!) … you must stop by the Griffith & Feil soda fountain in Kenova. Great place! Excellent, old-style fountain goodness and you can get a prescription filled or buy aspirin and toothpaste while you’re there.

    Best reuben sandwich I’ve had in a long time. Best malts, too. Don’t order those in the same sitting, though, as it’s a bad mix.

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