Awwww, Come On…I Dare You

Susan says…

Tomorrow, Tuesday, July 14, until 2:30 pm, Long John Silvers is giving a FREE Baja Fish taco to anyone willing to try one.

That’s right folks – free food!

Long John Silver's, baja fish taco

The Baja Fish Taco is comprised of a soft flour tortilla, a piece of batter-dipped fried fish, lettuce, Baja sauce, and crunchies.  Even those those crunchies, little bits of deep-fried batter, are really yummy, they just don’t sound good to me when included as a taco topping. 

In an article appearing on, Long John Silver’s top man Ben Butler claims that some of the most skeptical customers turn into fanatics after just one bite of the Baja Fish Tacos.

Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town with my work tomorrow, too far from a LJS to take advantage of this offer.  If you can make it to a location to try this new item, please leave a comment with your review.


8 responses to “Awwww, Come On…I Dare You

  1. Just trying to picture Charlie The Tuna wearing a sombrero.

  2. Sounds pretty good to me. I’d get it just for the fish itself. If it sucks with the baja sauce and tortilla, I’ll take the fish out of the shell and eat it by itself.

  3. Not in a box, not with a fox…

  4. Mmm mmm. I’m there. Love fish tacos and LJS!

  5. I’m with SagaciousHillbilly on both points!

  6. Mr. Hillbilly and Icequeen22:

    Did you try it? What are your impressions? Will it be a successful addition to the LJS menu or will it be short-lived?

  7. Susan, I haven’t tried it yet but have read some good reviews on a message board I read every day. I’m thinking that, at 99¢, LJS is trying to compete with other chains value menus.

  8. Long John Silvers? Captain Ds’ kicks it a** up and down the street!

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