Have a Happy Hour at South Hills Market and Cafe

South Hills Market and Cafe - Charleston WV
South Hills Market and Cafe – Charleston WV

One of Fork You’s favorite restaurants is now a Happy Hour destination!

From 4:30-6 pm Thursday through Saturday, you can enjoy a beer for $2 or a glass of wine for $5.  To go along with that, Chef Arbaugh is introducing some special appetizers that are only available during those hours.  (See menu below.)

Shmc tells Fork You the Happy Hour may be extended to Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the future.  In addition, there are a couple other appetizers that may appear on future menu printings including fresh cut fries and an Asian-influenced “taco”.

shmc happy hour menu 7-1-09_1


17 responses to “Have a Happy Hour at South Hills Market and Cafe

  1. SagaciousHillbilly

    Passé, way overpriced and blah.

  2. Hippie Killer

    Does SH ever have anything positive to say?

  3. Sagacious said this in his comment to our post about the Prix Fixe menu at shmc:

    “All looks very good at a very reasonable price.”

    I wonder what has happened since then to make him believe it is now “way overpriced”.

    He’s the one who also said this about Bridge Road Bistro:

    “BRB is the closest thing Charleston has to a really gourmet restaurant. Their food is excellent and their presentation is superb. They have excellent wait staff.
    For what one gets it is not over priced. ”

    I would like to know, specifically, what Mr. Hillbilly feels is overpriced and blah about shmc, especially if he, in good conscious, can make such glowing statements about Bridge Road Bust-ro.

  4. Emo McSourpuss

    Sounds decent to me and beats rummaging through the fridge for piece of celery and some peanut butter.

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  6. Happy Hour–a $5.00 glass of wine! What is it at regular price?

  7. Ron and I met another couple at SHMC for dinner last night. We arrived early enough to sample the happy hour offerings.

    We ordered the spanikopita dip for $4. That dish consisted of warm, grilled pitas, a bowl of creamy dip, and a smoked tomato relish/salsa. Each component was yummy and combined in one bite created a real hit for our tastebuds.

    We also ordered the $5 pizza which was an upscale Hawaiian pizza topped with pancetta, carmelized onions, gouda and pineapple. There must have been garlic butter or something slathered on the crust because it was extra-good.

    Ron ordered a $2 Sam Adams (regularly priced at $3) and I had a $5 glass of Peter Lehmann Shiraz (regularly priced at $8).

    Believe it or not, we managed to save half the food for our friends.

    I must continue on and tell you about my meal. The Prix Fixe menu is history. Now the menu consists of soup/salad, appetizers, and entrees. Some of the choices were familiar and some were new. Some of the Happy Hour items are available at dinner at a higher price. I don’t know if the portion size would be different.

    I chose the shrimp potstickers for my appetizer (I guess that would really be appetizer #3, but who’s counting?) and the Mixed Seafood for my entree.

    I received a half-dozen potstickers filled with shrimp and I don’t know what else ‘cept it tasted really good whatever it was. The plate had a lime sauce (tasty) and a slightly spicy apricot dipping sauce was provided (also tasty). I loved them. Ron wasn’t as thrilled, but I much more a fan of Asian food than Ron is.

    The entree was FAN freakin’ TASTIC. Probably my all-time favorite thing I have ever eaten at SHMC. There were two pieces of sea bass, two jumbo shrimp and two large scallops positioned in and around a pool of rich, creamy tomato-based sauce and garnished with fennel, basil, and something else. The seafood was ever-so-slightly breaded and perfectly cooked. The scallop… (Ron was able to talk me out of one before I realized how unbelievably good they were or I would have stabbed him with my fork and ate them both myself) …was the sweetest, butteriest (English majors: keep it to yourself, I am emphasizing) tenderest scallop ever.


    I think that entree was $27. or thereabouts. My appetizer was around $8 or $9.

    A glass of viognier went well with the seafood.

    The breads from Charleston Bread Company, served with a honey-Meyer lemon infused butter were really good, too.

    Service again was top-notch.

  8. Susan, have you read Anthony Bourdain’s book, Kitchen Confidential? If not, I highly recommend it. There’s one chapter on cooking like the pro’s and it’s downright entertaining!

  9. I have an autographed copy.

  10. I am jealous!

  11. I beg to differ with everyone except SH. The food is way overpriced and a glass of the Peter Lehmans Shriaz should be retail no more than 3.50, and you think that 5.00 is a great price…please. Also, the wait staff at BRB is way more friendly than SHMC, and their turnover rate for waitstaff is nothing compared to SHMC. I mean every week they have new waitstaff. You can go to Shoneys and find wait staff that last longer there, and they do not look as rough as the waitstaff do at SHMC.
    I honestly think that if Chef Arbaugh would put as much time in his food as he does worrying about what Robert Wong is doing or peering out his resturants’ window over at the BRB, his food would be 20 times better. Besides BRB will never go out of business or at least not anytime in the near future because unlike Chef Arbaugh, Chef Wong is a business man, and need I mention that Chef Wong does not mix business with family(I think that you understand what I am talking about),I mean when have you ever saw Chef Wong in such a pit that he has to have his wife waiting tables or hosting?…..I think that has never happened.

  12. Gabrielle….

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree…

    Personally, I think BRB sucks. That’s my opinion. Everytime I’ve eaten there I’ve felt ripped off and jacked up.

    I won’t eat there again. Period.

    Again, these are my opinions.. but everytime I’ve eaten at BRB, I’ve had a small portions for a ridiculus price. Maybe I’m cursed and just have a bad experiences, but I’ve eaten there enough to feel that it’s not coincidence.

    Also as for service – BRB – does not stand for Be Right Back. So I can’t see how your waite staff comments are relavent.

    What does a glass of wine cost at BRB? I personally think $5 is a little steep myself, but when the Outback charges like $4 for a glass, well I don’t feel it’s outrageous.

    I don’t know Chef Wong, and I cannot say anything about him.

    But because he is a business man, maybe part of that mentality (or apathy towards the customer) comes across in his dishes.

    Again at least to me… I don’t get that from South Hills.. Will that change in time? Who knows, it may, I’m very finicky, and it doesn’t take much to piss me off.

    But so far, SHMC is on a roll.

    I like it, and most of the people I’ve suggested to try it, have not had anything bad to say.

    BRB, cannot make that claim.

    That being said, keep the comments coming we love em.

  13. It does my heart good to see Ron defending an upscale establishment. And we thought all Ron cared about was huge quantities of food for dirt cheap prices. Apparantly he has tastebuds after all.

    I think Gabrielle is crazy if she thinks she’s getting a glass of wine in a restaurant for less then $5 a glass, let alone $3.50. And just in case she’s not crazy, please tell me where this piece of heaven is located so I can go there and enjoy some fruit of the vine.

    I can’t speak for the Arbaughs but it appears to me that it is a family business. If so, working the restaurant would be expected for both of them. That’s something I like – Deli Fresh is the same way. Husband and wife TEAM.

  14. Gabrielle hit the nail on the head!

  15. he has a serious case of “Wong Envy”‘

  16. I am still waiting for Gabrielle to tell me where to get $3.50/glass wine. This would be good to know prior to Saturday evening.

  17. A $3.50 glass of wine? That’s called “drinking it at home”… Seriously, these places have to make a profit. (some, more than others…)

    The beer price is what is more notable. For two bucks you can drink a very solid beer like Starr Hill’s Jomo Lager.

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