True or False?

You always get screwed

at the Drive-Thru



(compare and contrast)


12 responses to “True or False?

  1. Always? No. But it’s happened to me several times.

    The east end Wendy’s during the noon hour is the worst. It’s happened so many times with my co-workers and me. (“There’s chicken on my burger!” is a quote from a co-worker several years ago we’ve never forgotten.) Now I always check my order before I drive off. And I taste my drink because too many times I’ve gotten a sweet tea when it’s supposed to be unsweet. There’s nothing worse than adding sweetner to an already-sweetened tea.

    And the Arby’s on the west side has been guilty on more than one occasion. It really sucks when you drive clear over there from the east end and back on your lunch hour to discover they forgot to put something in the bag or gave you the wrong sandwich. Then it’s too late and too far to go back.

  2. I got screwed at Chick Fil A at the Town Center on a pick-up…there is no drive-thru there so that would have to be the equivalent. I got all the way back to work and realized the order was wrong. When I called, they told me I could pick up a coupon for a free chicken sandwich next time I was at the mall and I did. That was a nice way for them to try to make it up to me, although there wasn’t anything that could be done to “fix” the messed up lunch. My lunch hour was over.

    Another good recovery happened at McDonalds. I ordered an iced coffee at the Hurricane McD’s and when I poured the cream into my cup as Ron was pulling onto the interstate, I realized it had spoiled. Gross! Well, like any man, he wasn’t turning around. But he did stop off at the Teays Valley McD’s ’cause he was sick of my whining about how badly I wanted a vanilla iced coffee. I was fully expecting to pay for this second cup but when the nice lady at the window found out what happened when I asked her to throw the first one out, she said it was “on the house”. I don’t know if they are owned by the same person, but either way, I thought that was great customer service.

    I think the mistakes happen frequently at Drive Thrus because they are trying to get you in and out as quickly as possible, but it does make you wonder: are some places less careful purposefully because they know you’ll drive off and not come back to resolve the mistake?

    You really have to take the time to check everything before you pull away from the window.

  3. I’m with Susan, the Hurricane and Teays Valley McDonald’s rock! The food is always hot and fresh and they’re just plain pleasant which is hard to come by in fast food joints.

    I often get screwed by drive-thrus but I partially blame myself because I don’t always check my order.

  4. Anybody excited about Sonic in St. Albans???

  5. Captain D’s in Teays Valley is notorious for screwing up our orders. Every….single….time.

    While First Watch isn’t exactly Fast Food, I frequently order and then pick up. The meals are always piping hot, they include tons of condiments, always have silverware, and they always get the order right! I love me some First Watch. Yummmm

  6. Meaghan-
    I have to agree about First Watch. When I worked downtown, I frequently ordered and picked up food there- it was always fresh and correct…and I am notorious for substituting items.

    Now…if I could only get Susan there more often.

  7. I once went through the drive through at the St Albans Wendy’s , ordered a kid’s burger and when I got home I had a bun with condiments on it.
    What kind of hamburger has no meat?

  8. The same happened to me when I ordered the veggie burger at Burger King. We got to the park and I took a bite of my cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion sandwich with mayo, mustard and ketchup. Friends tell me you have to specify that you want the Morning Star burger or you get the glorified cheese sammich.

  9. For the record – I have not been jacked up at a White Castle.


    However I have once been asked by a Taco Bell Drive Through Operator – “Is this to Go?”

  10. I was just there!!! Susan is stalking me 🙂

  11. I’ve had way too much experience with drive-thru and the best by far is Chick-fil-A. It definitely depends on how many orders you’re dealing with…and if you have special orders. For me…I think the accuracy is at around 95% and it’s usually something minor.

  12. Hippie Killer

    Fork You reviewers notorious for substituting items? No way!


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