True or False?

There is no such thing as




(talk amongst yourselves)

7 responses to “True or False?

  1. TRUE !!!!!

  2. I have never personally seen any.

  3. True. It’s right up there with the Loch Ness Monster.

  4. Both my girls say “TRUE!” We never have leftover bacon at our house.

    I make these little bacon appetizer things for parties – I have made as many as 4 pounds of bacon which yields about 160 appetizers for a single party (no more than 30 guests) and I never have any left.

  5. Probably true..

    But have you noticed how Subway’s bacon is so awful looking, but still tastes sooooo good?

    Maybe there just isn’t such thing as bad tasting bacon

  6. Leftover bacon is like leftover wine: it doesn’t exist.

  7. No, but if you did wind up with some extra bacon, you can use it and it’s grease in some bacon hummus.

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