Vote For “Best in the Valley 2009”

Susan says…

Our pals over at WV Gourmet are running an interesting campaign involving the Best in the Valley poll at the Charleston Gazette.  Click on the link to read their post.


Scrolling down through the categories for Food and Fun on the Gazette’s site, you will note some rather strange ones.  How can you have a competition when you’re the only one in the running? 

For example, how many amusement parks are there in the valley?  Maybe Rock Lake Putt Putt counts, or the Grand Prix place at Southridge.  Cafeterias?  I guess CAMC is hoping to pull out a win in that category.  What about chocolate shops?  yep, we have a whole bunch of those, too.  I can think of Holl’s and the Godiva stand at the Town Center. 

And that’s just reviewing the first page of the ballot.

Mike and Chris had a thought: could they influence the vote in one of these “monopoly” categories and cause the winner to be a business that is perhaps totally unrelated?

Best French Restaurant would be the perfect target.  There is only one French Restaurant in the valley and it it seems to be closed for who-knows-how-long.  Why is this even a category to begin with???  WV Gourmet is asking folks to type “Bennigan’s” in that blank.

Some other notions:  how many people do you think will put “Husson’s” for Best GOURMET Pizza?  Best Root Beer?  Do they mean A&W versus Barq’s versus BigK? 

Hurry, though – voting ends on Wednesday, June 24 at 5:00 pm.

Personally, I think they should have a category for favorite female redhead food blogger.

26 responses to “Vote For “Best in the Valley 2009”

  1. I heard that the Godiva stand is closing, so the choices for chocolate shop are really Holl’s and the place inside Capitol Roasters.

  2. I voted Mama Rosa’s for best Gourmet Pizza.

  3. Chris-

    I have not experienced a Mama Rosa’s pizza, but I liked Lola’s so well, could Mama really be better?

    I was amused at the thought of people determining for themselves what “gourmet” means with a pizza and figuring a bunch of folks will just put Husson’s.

    For pizza, I noticed: Gourmet Pizza, Pizza, and Pizza (delivery).

  4. CAFE CREPERIE for best French! The Greek crepemaker needs your support and I want this restaurant to stay in my ‘hood (can I Fork it with you guys sometime??)

  5. Bethie-

    I guess Cafe Crepari could be considered a French restaurant, after all.

    It is sort of confusing, though – French crepes, Greek restaurateur.

    I’ll bet it would qualify under Greek restaurant, too. Is there a category for that?

    It’s on our wish-list of places to Fork. I’ll let you know when we plan to go and we can meet there.

  6. Susan, better go search Raging Red’s archives to make sure she’s never talked about food. Otherwise, red-headed-food-blogger-throwdown rating will be AWESOME.

    I expect I will fill in “Impulse” for best meat market.

  7. What a joke the “Best Of” vote is. I’ve always wondered how many completed ballots the newpapers actually get.

    One year, my employer won for best lawyer. First of all, our firm isn’t a household name. Secondly, that lawyer isn’t a social butterfly who is known all over town. Thirdly, a large number of our clients reside in Kentucky and Ohio and don’t even get Charleston newspapers. Lastly, a co-worker’s mom sent in three ballots.

    For this reason and for the reasons stated in Susan’s post, when I see a business proudly displaying their award for being “the best”, it’s a joke to me. The owner and his mom could have been the only one who sent in ballots or they could have just not have had any competition.

  8. You are forgetting about The Peanut Shoppe on Capitol Street in the chocolate shop category!

  9. Susan, you’ve got my vote for best redheaded female food blogger in the valley! 🙂

  10. Thank you Mountain Laurel! But I would definitely have a run for my money against Raging Red. My red headed daughter loves Red’s avatar.

  11. Not really, but that’s a category pretty much carved out for Lola’s so I had to vote for something else just on principle.

  12. For a truly amazing pizza, go to Dellazona in Athens, Ohio.

  13. I’m with Workman: Bennigan’s does indeed have my (3 so far) votes for best french restaurant.

    Also: Best Amusement Park=Camden Park.

    Of course, the whole thing is a horrible, horrible farce.

  14. Don’t forget to vote Impulse for best meat market.

  15. BOV is a farce….. I am the only custom tailor left in the state and the place that has won it doesn’t even have a tailor… it is only for ADVERTISERS in Charleston Newspapers (of which I don’t)… I did vote for Impulse as the best meat market though!

  16. So are you telling me that even if Bennigan’s wins the popular vote for Best French Restaurant, they may not be given the title unless they advertise in the paper???

    Do they have to be veteran advertisers? Or will they get a call like: “Hello Bennigans, this is the Charleston Gazette. You have been voted Best French Restaurant but since you don’t advertise with us, you can only have the title if you take out an ad right now.” So they have a last-minute chance to still win???

    Do they simply choose the one with the highest votes that spends ad $$$ with the paper?

    I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this because it sounds like…election fraud.

  17. ok. I just voted.

    Tell me why they have Best Beach when we are a land-locked state and why they DON’T have a category for best Mexican restaurant? I wanted to vote for East Tenampa.

    Did you notice the language on the left side of the screen that says something about your nomination must fit the description or it will not be counted?

  18. Several years ago, when Howard Stern was still on terrestrial radio, People Magazine opened voting for sexiest man alive up to their website for voting. Howard’s fans wrote in Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf. Hank won the online voting, but People didn’t recognize him. Let’s make Bennigan’s our Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf. Let’s do this in Hank’s memory. God rest his tiny soul.

  19. I voted, and yes, I voted for Bennigan’s for best French restaurant. I left some of the more rediculous ones blank, but I made sure I voted on 50% of them.

  20. Hippie Killer

    Yes. Be sure to fill out 50% of the ballot.

  21. I do indeed have food (& drink)-related posts in my archives, but I wouldn’t call myself a food blogger. I wouldn’t really call myself a blogger at all at this point, since I’ve sort of quit. So I think the field is wide open for Susan to be declared the best redheaded food blogger in the valley.

    And yeah — why no category for best Mexican restaurant? And what about best sushi?

  22. Oh, and there was that food blogging stint I did at the Gazz, but for unknown reasons, they deleted that entire blog (There’s a Blog in My Soup) so it’s not preserved for posterity.

  23. I went with Kaifu for sushi. I can’t abide in Ichiban’s overuse of cream cheese.

  24. While paying the cashier at the Five-Fork China Buffet yesterday, we noticed they had been voted Best Sushi Bar in 2005. I love this place, but I would hardly call the 3-5 different types of sushi they offer a “sushi bar”.

    I did, however, vote for them for Best Chinese and Best Chinese Buffet.

    What did you put for Best Root Beer?

  25. If you enjoy sushi check out Sushi Atlantic on Shrewsbury street, hands down, the best!

  26. Wait, there is a sushi category? I guess I missed it. I’d go with Kaifu too. Of course, Fuji’s still selling his delicious sushi too, but it’s not a restaurant. Both are better than Sushi Atlantic, IMHO.

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